Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are an ideal solution if you want to increase the capacity of a warehouse or retail unit without the cost and inconvenience of relocation.  A mezzanine floor allows you to optimise your existing space, in certain cases it can at least double (or greater) available floor space, without the need to extend your building or relocate your business to a larger facility.

For over 30 years, WSL has been at the forefront of Mezzanine Floor Design, Manufacture & Installation and have successfully implemented mezzanine floors in buildings across a number of sectors.

A mezzanine floor in warehouse environment

What Is The Purpose Of a Mezzanine Floor?

Accrued from the Italian word “mezzanino” and irrespective of the original building structure the mezzanine floor is an upper level floor area which can be added either immediately or long after the building infrastructure is complete. It’s a semi permanent structure which is fitted within the internal space of a building often described as an open fronted floor positioned between floor and ceiling. Recruiting unoccupied overhead space and converting into usable floor space, the mezzanine can extend out covering the entire footprint of the room and where there’s enough vertical space a mezzanine can be multi levelled. The concept behind the mezzanine floor is to use all available space within your business premises intelligently which leads to the creation of additional workspace without the cost or disruption of extending the building or relocating.

Is a Mezzanine Floor sustainable?

When we say the mezzanine is a “semi-permanent” structure, you many question durability and longevity however there is no need for concern. Mezzanine floors are specifically designed to suit the intended space and use and as one of the UK’s leading mezzanine floor designers and manufacturers we can assure you of endurance and stability. Whether you require additional office space or storage areas, with the right design you can rely on your mezzanine floor to provide a long term sustainable solution. With a long lasting lifespan, the sustained mezzanine floor is made up of structural steel parts with weight bearing requirements designed in to support any intended use. WSL has always been CE Marking BS EN 1090 accredited and although this has now changed to the UKCA accreditation for UK manufacturers it still upholds the same level of stringency in safety regulations. This alongside our full SEMA membership (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) reflects our ability to ensure continual safety and quality.

A mezzanine floor in warehouse environment
Mezzanine floor recently installed in warehouse

Mezzanine Floor Components


Generally, a mezzanine floor structure is constructed of four main components:

  • Columns – reaching from the floor to the base of the mezzanine. The number and type of the columns will have been stipulated in the planning and design stages.
  • Primary steels or beams – the primary beams are usually made from UB Sections on a standard warehouse floor, though this will depend on the weight bearing requirements of the floor.
  • Secondary steels or purlins – purlins are fixed to the primary steels, bearing the weight of the mezzanine flooring. The number and type of purlins will again depend on the decisions made in the planning stage, including the amount of deflection expected for the floor.
  • Decking – Decking is placed on top of the purlins. 38mm P6 chipboard is standard flooring, though there are a wide variety of different options including moisture resistant.

Alongside the mezzanine floor, we work closely with you to understand the range of ancillaries required to support the efficient & safe use of your mezzanine floor – including staircases, pallet gates, hand rails and many more.

Does a mezzanine floor add value?

Making sense financially for those looking to increase usable space at a relatively low cost, a mezzanine floor enables you to achieve this quickly and effectively whilst adding value. When comparing two empty properties of the same dimensions yet Property A has a mezzanine whilst Property B doesn’t, although both are the same in terms of height space and footprint area property A offers more capacity therefore more value. 

Mezzanine floor recently installed in warehouse

Will a mezzanine floor be suitable for my particular businesses premises?

The mezzanine floor has many great advantages and because every mezzanine is a bespoke solution, suitability is one of them. Whatever your environment, if your floor space is becoming scarce whilst unused height space is plentiful then a mezzanine floor is certainly an option to be examined. Not only because it’s a cost effective way to create additional workspace, but because a mezzanine floor can support any operation and is a great way to improve your business:

Mezzanine floor recently installed in warehouse

Industrial Premises – An increase in productivity is just one of the multiple ways in which a mezzanine floor can benefit warehouse facilities or manufacturing hubs. This highly economical option allows you to use the raised platform in a way which will be most beneficial to your business. An increase in productivity induced by a mezzanine floor installation will soon see a return on your investment and because a mezzanine floor can provide a future proof solution, further growth can be accommodated quickly and easily. The mezzanine floor can be designed to incorporate storage systems, heavy machinery, production lines, offices, staff facilities or automation with a choice of access staircases, pallet gates, chutes and lifts incorporated as part of the design.

Mezzanine floor recently installed in warehouse

Commercial and Retail Premises – Give your office or retail unit an uplifting boost by transforming the area with a mezzanine floor which not only increases practical floor space, but can bring character to the premises. Beyond the basic steel structure, a retail or office mezzanine floor can be designed and accessorised to match your business brand and colours as well as creating a light, airy and comfortable workplace or environment for visitors. From staircase style to floor type and everything in between you can choose many aspects of your mezzanine floor to match your desired look and interior preferences.  For offices, studios, restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres and retailers, this is an inexpensive solution which allows the business to operate from the same premises without the need to extend the building. 

Does a mezzanine floor require fire-rating? 

In many cases yes, however there are some circumstances that exempt this requirement such as the mezzanine of less than 10m2 which is used for storage purposes only. A larger storage only mezzanine up to 20m2 will require smoke detectors and any mezzanine accessed by people regularly will require fire rating. This includes office, retail, warehouse, manufacturing and hospitality settings. Mezzanine fire rating barricades the structure itself protecting it from heat, smoke and flames for an extended period of time. This allows a time-delayed effect giving you a longer period of time to evacuate and have the fire distinguished before the flames reach the structure underneath. Fire rating entails:

Underside – Fissured tiles are fitted across the entire span of the underside delaying the time for fire and heat to reach the structural floor.

Columns – Moulded around the columns fire resistant castings work to protect the columns which hold the deck from extreme heat. These can be either galvanised or colour coded for visibility.

Edges – Coated fascia is placed around the edges including stairway and open loading areas.

Cavity Barriers – Where the space between the floor and ceiling is over 20m vertical cavity barriers are fitted within the mezzanine ceiling, concealing any pocket openings to prevent smoke seeping through.

All of the above allow up to one hour of protection. Trying to understand the regulations and requirements around mezzanine floor fire safety can often seem very complicated. This is why WSL take care of all aspects of fire safety and building regulations on your behalf. We work closely with regulating bodies and officers so you don’t have too, before passing all approved safety documentation to you.

Mezzanine Floor Design


The key element for a mezzanine floor design will be to understand the loads going onto it; how many people will be working on the floor, whether there will be any pallet racking or shelving and what Material Handling Equipment (MHE) will be used to move materials around. These will be the factors in calculating the standard deflection for the floor, impacting decisions on what the floor will be made of and whether the load needs to be dispersed with spreading plates on the floor below. Generally, office and retail mezzanines will need to have less deflection than is allowable in a standard loadings storage floor.

Mezzanine Floor Manufacture


As a semi-permanent steel structure a mezzanine floor should be manufactured in compliance with CE marking regulations. As a manufacturer of mezzanine floors ourselves, WSL constantly maintain our CE marking BS EN 1090 accreditation, which was changed to the UKCA Marking accreditation in January 2021. This alongside our Full SEMA membership we can guarantee quality assurance and the highest levels of safety. We follow the stringent standards of BS5950-1:2000 for steel sections and BS EN 1993-1-3 and UK National Annexes for cold roll sections. There are many benefits of sourcing your mezzanine floor directly from a manufacturer including the elimination of mark-up costs, customisation, flexibility, and shorter lead times.

Building Regulations, Health & Safety


Building regulations will dictate a number of issues, particularly the access routes. In order to comply with building regulations, designers and engineers will be considering the escape distance and types of access that are required. They will look at who is intended to be on the floor and how many people may require access at a time. The safety regulations for your mezzanine will be dependent on numerous factors, including the size of the mezzanine floor, its use, and intended users. You will need expert help to clarify the exact specifications that you need to follow for your project – more information can be found in our article “Mezzanine Floor Safety – What You Need To Know About The Law

Mezzanine Floor installation 


Your mezzanine floor installation by WSL will be overseen by your assigned Project Manager and carried out by our professional installation team who will work around your ongoing business activities to minimise disruption.  You will be informed of progress throughout the installation process through regular updated from your project manager.

Mezzanine Floors


Warehouse Mezzanines

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Office Mezzanines


The benefits

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanines can serve a variety different purposes and our experience covers them all. Our in house capabilities, from manufacturing to design and installation means that we have complete flexibility in delivering the right solution.

Increase Space

A mezzanine floor can increase your space without the need to relocate from your existing facility.

Custom & Bespoke

A mezzanine can be designed to be entirely bespoke for your own requirements. WSL have produced everything from simple steel platforms, to attractive, soundproofed offices.


A mezzanine can be a solution for lots of industries; it can be a packing area above a storage and distribution facility, an office above a factory, or extra floor space in a retail unit.

SMEs & Large Corporations

We work with companies of all sizes with requirements ranging from a small Mezzanine to those requesting thousands of square feet. Whatever your requirements – we are the experts

Why use WSL to design and build your mezzanine?


Experienced designers and no up-front costs

Initially our qualified and experienced sales team will meet you for a consultation to assess your requirements and survey the current facility.Primarily we will need to work out the space that is available and assess the impact on the area underneath the mezzanine. Utilising the information taken during the planning stage, our designers will produce a PDF plan of the design and give you a no obligation quotation, discussing the mezzanine costs with you at that point.

Experts in the industry

WSL has a complete knowledge of all building regulations, updating ourselves on any new requirements, so we are able to incorporate building regulations into all designs and production. All our mezzanine floors are manufactured in WSL’s state-of –the-art Leeds factory, ready for on-site installation.WSL is CE certified and purchases steel from companies with the same CE certification ensuring that every part of the mezzanine construction process is CE certified. Unfortunately, not all UK companies can make this claim, but at WSL we believe it is vital to a robust, high quality manufacturing process.

Stress-free installation

Our highly skilled mezzanine floor installation team will construct your mezzanine floor on site. WSL use subcontractors at the top of their fields to install the lighting, electrics and access, as well as suspended ceilings when required for office or retail mezzanines. A site manager will be on location at all times to co-ordinate closely with your own management to ensure as little disruption to your day to day activity as possible. We are fully compliant with all CDM regulations which determine the general health and safety of construction projects. Generally, work can be completed rapidly; at around 60 square metres per day, but this will be heavily dependent on the type of floor and the requirements of your company
Why choose wsl?

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design, to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We manufacture a number of storage solution components in our 37,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Leeds, West Yorkshire and are accredited to CE Marking BS EN 1090. We aim to fit our storage systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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