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Benchmarking Assurance: Why Our UKCA Accreditation Sets Your Mezzanine Project Apart

For the ninth consecutive year, WSL has completed a thorough evaluation process, leading to the successful renewal of our UKCA certification. As a manufacturer specialising in mezzanine floors, we look to stress the importance of this accreditation, which can often be overlooked despite its significance……

What is UKCA?

UKCA, short for UK Conformity Assessed, validates that products intended for the UK market meet stringent safety and quality standards. As such, manufacturers of mezzanine floor structures for premises in England, Scotland, and Wales must ensure their production processes and component choices align with UKCA regulations. Specific to the UK market, UKCA was introduced to ensure that products placed on the UK market would continue to meet applicable standards and regulations once the CE Marking ceased recognition in the UK, following Brexit.



When did WSL first obtain the UKCA Accreditation?

WSL acquired our initial CE Marking certification on May 6th, 2015, coinciding with its mandatory implementation. Through conformity assessments under CE Marking until 2021 and then UKCA to present, our initial certification date remains effective. We sustain this validation by undergoing an equally rigorous assessment every twelve months to secure our UKCA certification.

This continuity, despite the significant regulatory changes along the way, reflects our commitment to upholding the highest safety and quality standards, regardless of their evolution.

See our current UKCA certificate for more details: Download here.

WSL Engineer pressing the steps for mezzanine staircase into shape

WSL Engineer pressing the steps for mezzanine staircase into shape

Should all UK mezzanine floor manufacturers comply with UKCA regulations?

It’s imperative they should, as steel fabricators are required to undergo this assessment. Nevertheless, the process of obtaining and maintaining this certification is challenging due to the associated time, cost, and complexity. Furthermore, the certification expires after twelve months, necessitating a renewal process involving further investment of time and money which must be repeated yearly. Given the stringent requirements, there’s also a risk of failing the assessment.

Steps which form of the staircase associated with the mezzanine floor have been pressed into shape and are now ready for the next stage

Steps which form of the staircase associated with the mezzanine floor have been pressed into shape and are now ready for the next stage

Any mezzanine floor provider who state they manufacture mezzanine floors should be able to produce an official, in-date UKCA certificate containing the following details:

Approved Body – This refers to the conformity assessment body which has verified compliance with the relevant UKCA requirements and standards. Conformity assessment bodies are organisations designated by the UK government to assess whether products meet specific requirements and standards. These bodies may conduct testing, inspection, certification, or other forms of assessment to determine compliance.

Conformity Details – The Conformity Details section of a UKCA certificate outlines the standards or regulations to which the product adheres, whilst listing the products being assessed. On WSL’s UKCA Certificate the listed assessed products consist of: Structures and structural components including – design and manufacture of structural steel components such as mezzanine floors, staircases, cantilever racking, barriers and bespoke steel fabrications.

Designated Standard – Here, the specific standards against which the product has been assessed for conformity are stated. Designated Standard EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 is specific to the manufacturing and construction industry. It outlines requirements for the fabrication and assembly of steel structures including mezzanine floors, staircases and edge protection ensuring they meet specified safety and quality standards.

Execution Class – The product is categorised based on factors such as the complexity of the structure, the intended use, and the potential consequences of failure. This classification helps ensure that the manufacturing process and the final product meet the necessary quality and safety standards. “Execution Class Up to and including EXC 2” as shown on WSL’s UKCA certificate covers fabrication processes and quality control in relation to the structural integrity of the mezzanine floor structures being produced in our factory.

Declaration Method – The declaration method confirms the relevant sections within specific standards to which conformity is assessed, as some sections may not be relevant to every product. On WSL’s certificate the declaration method “As applicable 1, 2, 3a & 3b table A1 of EN 1090-1” refers to the specific sections of EN 1090-1 which gives focus on requirements related to design, fabrication, and quality management systems that are relevant to mezzanine floor production.

Company Name and Address & Factory Address – This should match the details of the company you believe to be manufacturing your mezzanine floor.

Initial Certification Date – This is the date of the initial certification which reflects how long the manufacturer has been certified for.

Issue Date – This refers to the specific date on which the individual certificate was officially issued.

Expiry date – This refers to the specific date on which the individual certificate will officially expire.

Again, you can view the above on WSL’s UKCA certification, just click here.

WSL Fabricator welding mezzanine floor components

WSL Fabricator welding mezzanine floor components

The general impact of UKCA on Mezzanine Floor Production

Regulatory Compliance Challenges – Since the implementation of the UKCA, mezzanine floor production has encountered the challenge of ensuring regulatory compliance on a regular basis. Consequently, some manufacturers have had to adjust the materials utilised or their manufacturing processes to ensure the necessary standards are met.

Certificate and Testing Requirements – The components used in mezzanine floor production must demonstrate compliance with UKCA regulations and this will often involve additional certification and testing. The mezzanine floor manufacturer must produce accurate documentation and labelling to ensure traceability.

Collaborations and Supplier Evaluation – To confirm full traceability, it falls on the mezzanine floor manufacturer to verify the UKCA compliance of components and materials used, and at times, this could necessitate the conclusion of existing partnerships and the establishment of fresh ones.

Transition from CE Marking: Previously, CE marking was used to indicate compliance with EU regulations. The shift to UKCA marking required companies to update their processes and documentation, accordingly, ensuring continued access to the UK market for mezzanine floor products.

Legal Implications of Non-Compliance: Failure to comply with UKCA regulations can have legal consequences, including fines and restrictions on market access. It is essential for companies to understand and adhere to the relevant requirements to avoid potential legal issues.

Collaboration and Adaptation: Successful navigation of the impact of UKCA on mezzanine floor projects requires collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and construction companies. Adaptation to new regulations and requirements is essential for continued success in the UK market.

mezzanine fabrication welding

Mezzanine fabrication welding in the WSL Factory

How WSL’s UKCA Certification Can Benefit Your Mezzanine Floor Project

Quality Assurance: Our UKCA accreditation ensures that the mezzanine is manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, providing you with confidence in the durability and reliability of the structure.

Compliance with Regulations: As a UKCA accredited designer and manufacturer, you can be assured that the mezzanine meets all relevant regulatory requirements, minimising the risk of non-compliance issues during installation and use.

Reliable Supply Chain: Being an accredited designer and manufacturer, WSL has established relationships with reputable suppliers, ensuring the availability of high-quality materials and components for your mezzanine floor project. We guarantee full traceability by ensuring documented UKCA compliance across our supplier network.

Expertise and Experience:  Our team possess extensive expertise and experience in mezzanine design and manufacturing, allowing us to deliver solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the project without constraints, and without compromising on quality and safety.

Cost-Effectiveness: Choosing WSL as your mezzanine floor designer and manufacturer with UKCA certification could prove to be cost-effective due to higher quality, reliability, and durability.

Peace of Mind: Ultimately, sourcing your mezzanine from WSL who is a UKCA accredited designer and manufacturer will provide peace of mind, knowing that you are investing in a high-quality, compliant, and reliable solution for your workspace needs.

Mezzanine floor

This mezzanine floor was designed, manufactured and installed by the WSL team

Our Commitment to High Quality Standards

WSL have been specialising in mezzanine floor design and installations since our establishment in 1989. In 2008, we expanded our operations to include in-house manufacturing of the bespoke solutions we design. This strategic approach has empowered us to boost flexibility, improve our capacity to fulfil diverse requirements, and avoid common issues linked to third-party suppliers. Moreover, it unlocked fresh avenues for pursuing vital accreditations. These certifications would further guarantee our customers the highest standards of quality and safety. Our unwavering commitment to preserving our UKCA certification alongside our Full SEMA Membership emphasises our enduring dedication to this objective.


UKCA and SEMA Accreditation’s together demonstrates our commitment to ensuring only the highest standards

Feel free to access our downloadable Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer brochure for more information! And explore our other accreditations including UKCA by downloading the certifications here:

This multi tiered mezzanine floor was designed, manufactured and installed by the WSL team

This multi tiered mezzanine floor was designed, manufactured and installed by the WSL team

Legitimacy matters……….

At WSL, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and service in every aspect of our mezzanine floor projects. Unlike many of our competitors who simply claim to design and manufacture mezzanine floors, we go the extra mile to ensure that every step of the process is managed in-house by our expert team. This includes both the design and manufacturing stages, allowing us to maintain complete control over the quality and precision of every mezzanine floor we create.

Retail Mezzanine designed, manufactured and installed by WSL

Retail Mezzanine designed, manufactured and installed by WSL

If you’re looking for a high quality, bespoke mezzanine floor solution designed and manufactured by a genuine accredited professional, call us today on 0113 2045350 or email and lest discuss your potential project!!

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