Storage Mezzanine Floors

Storage mezzanine floors are a smart and effective way to increase storage opportunities in your warehouse. If limited floor space means that relocating or a building extension is being considered, then the mezzanine floor solution would certainly alleviate you from the costs and disruption that would entail.

What is a Storage Mezzanine Floor

A storage mezzanine floor is an upper floor level which is constructed within the four walls of your existing warehouse space. Whilst the ground floor remains unaffected, the new platform creates a completely new level or levels of usable floor space, so if you’re currently struggling to find appropriate areas for your inventory, the storage mezzanine floor solves this problem.

Structurally the mezzanine floor is made up of steel components which are assembled on-site making this a semi-permanent, but sustainable solution. The components used to create the steel skeletal structure consist of:

Steel columns – These stand vertically whilst being supported by steel base plates.

Steel beams – Laid horizontally across the top of the steel columns, the steel beams give the structure its outer framework.

Steel purlins – Giving the floor surface its foundation, the purlins replace the complete hollowness of the space between the beams creating a base on which decking can then be fitted to form a solid floor surface.

As a designer with in-house fabrication certified to UKCA, WSL will produce all steel component parts of the structure to match your individual needs, before assembling the components on site. As a storage mezzanine floor, the structure will be designed and produced to the safe weight load bearing required for your operation whilst the internal corridor of communication between our design and engineering teams means we can offer more flexibility and limit constraints often associated with third party suppliers.

Single tier storage mezzanine floor
Mezz Detail Inset Beam
Storage mezzanine staircase
Storage mezzanine goods lift
Storage mezzanine floor chute

Storage Mezzanine Floor Access

The mezzanine floor structure is totally impractical without any means of access. As far as storage mezzanine floors go, there may be some requirement for specific access solutions that other types of mezzanines don’t require. Let’s begin with the most standard means of access:

Mezzanine staircase – This is the most familiar form of access for any type of mezzanine floor, what does differ however, is the type of staircase grip, nosing railing and balustrade. A storage mezzanine floor staircase is likely to be used by employees who may be carrying goods as they travel. For this reason, the nosing of each step should be highly visible with bright colouring such as yellow, whilst a good grip is also required in order to prevent slips. Balustrades should also be created using a robust material type such as steel rails, wired mesh or panels.

Depending on the size of your mezzanine floor and number of levels, more than one staircase may be required whilst their location and positioning will be reliant on the surrounding area and emergency exit locations.

Mezzanine floor staircases are part of our manufactured product range and this enables our team to design and fabricate your bespoke matching staircase to your bespoke mezzanine floor structure without the reliance on external manufactures and whilst ensuring the staircase meets UK standards.

Personal lift – The requirement for a passenger lift for a storage mezzanine floor is more likely if the structure consist of multiple levels, is particularly large or to enable disabled access.

To store goods on the mezzanine floor level, there needs to be a way to transport the goods to and from the platform. Common solutions include: 

Goods Lift – The easy transportation of anything from fully loaded pallets, trolleys or singular units, the goods lift is a highly effective solution for aiding the movement of goods between levels. Whilst not suitable for people to travel inside, the most effective method is teamwork involving an operator on each level to load and empty the lift.

Pallet Gate – Carefully located and position at the edge of the platform, the pallet gate creates a safe space in which pallets can be placed and removed from the platform. The pallets are loaded and off-loaded from below using a fork lift truck, whilst handling equipment is used to manoeuvre the pallets whilst on the platform. The robust steel gate is designed to secure exposed edges at all times, even when the gate is in operation. Whatever the size of your pallets, WSL can manufacture a pallet gate to suit as part of the mezzanine floor design and manufacturing process.

Conveyor – The belt on a conveyor moves continuously, allowing it to carry individual boxes or items to the required location. The system can be designed to carry goods to upper and lower levels with minimal effort from operators who simply place the item onto the moving belt so it can be collected when it reaches the floor level and destination intended.

Goods Chute – A very quick way to enable good to move from upper to lower levels thanks to the smooth surface of this slide-like apparatus mixed with the natural force of gravity. This is an ideal solution for individual goods or boxes with the need to travel downwards at speed.

Storage Structures

Storage structures can be incorporated on and below the mezzanine floor level with solutions designed and implemented by the WSL team to ensure your new space is maximised and operates profitably. The additional space provided by the mezzanine floor level increases the capacity to store more goods than the space without the mezzanine floor. Whatever type of storage you require, it could be pallet racking, shelving or both; WSL can design your storage solutions and implement them as part of the overall project.

Safety and Your Storage Mezzanine Floor

As a steel structure implemented in a space in which employees and visitors are likely to be present, there is a legal and moral obligation to ensure their safety. The following will help to minimise the risks posed by the activities carried out on and around the structure:

Obtain safety assurance – As a UK manufactured steel structure it should be certified UKCA (was CE Marking) which indicates that essential requirements have been met under UK legislation. As a UKCA certified manufacturer of mezzanine floors, WSL undergoes periodic rigorous assessments to ensure high safety and quality standards remain continuous. On the completion of your project, we will hand you the official documentation for your records detailing that your structure is UKCA certified and completely traceable. Our quality and safety assurances don’t stop there. Since 2017, WSL has been a full Member of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturing Association), reflecting our commitment to ensuring the very highest standards of quality and safety in all that we do.

Appropriate edge protection – A mezzanine floor is an open fronted platform, with the exposed edge often described as being balcony-like as from this location, the floor below can be viewed. Exposed edges require edge protection and as the platform is used for storage, material such as glass is unsuitable. A robust material such as steel rails or mesh panels would stand well against knocks and bumps from moving equipment on the floor level.

Column guards – The columns of a storage mezzanine floor are particularly vulnerable, particularly because moving fork lift trucks are often present on the ground floor. Despite the robustness of the steel structure, repeated bumps and knock can cause the columns to weaken over time and as the columns support the floor level, an eventual collapse is likely to be disastrous. Manufactured by WSL, the brightly coloured robust steel column guards are placed around the base of the columns to prevent the columns from any impact.

Fire safety – A storage mezzanine floor spanning between 10m-20m will require either fire detection or rating. Any mezzanine floor exceeding these dimensions or which covers 50% or more of your original ground floor footprint will require fire rating and detection whilst all mezzanine floors require emergency lighting.

Mezzanine floor safety inspections – An annual inspection carried our professionally by a WSL safety inspector will provide assurance that the safety of your mezzanine structure is maintained. It is advisable that a mezzanine floor safety inspection is carried out annually or every eighteen months at the most. These inspections can detect damage or weaknesses that may otherwise be difficult to spot giving you the opportunity to take early, preventative action. The outcome of your mezzanine floor inspection will be sent too you in a detailed report, however if any urgent issues are detected, you will of course, be notified immediately.

Compliance with UK Binding Regulations – Don’t let this deter you because at WSL, we will take care of this side of things for you by ensuring all UK Regulations have been complied with, making arrangements for an official UK Building Regulations inspection and passing all related documentation on to yourself for safe keeping.

Mezzanine floor with two lifts supporting a multi tier picking system inclusive of mezzanine levels, pallet racking and shelving
Storage mezzanine with steel handrail and kickplates
Storage mezzanine floor column guard
Fire Rated Storage mezzanine with column guards
multi tier storage mezzanine floor
mezzanine being installed

The Benefits Of A Storage Mezzanine Floor

The benefits of a storage mezzanine floor are both huge and plentiful. Here’s how you could benefit from a storage mezzanine floor structure in your warehouse or storage facility:

You could buy or lease a smaller space

If you’re on the hunt for new premises, you probably have a good idea of how much floor space you will need in order to support your inventory and operational requirements. With the mezzanine floor solution in mind, you could actually include premises of a smaller footprint area in your search. The cost of the space would be much less whilst still meeting your needs providing the height space makes it possible for a mezzanine floor installation.

No need for planning permission

Waiting for planning permission, particularly if the project is time-sensitive can be frustrating. The good news is that a mezzanine floor being a semi-permanent structure with no effect on the external elevations of the building means you can go ahead with the project without going through the planning process.

The cost is far less than relocating or an expansion

The storage mezzanine floor solution provides you with the much needed floor space required for your operation without the huge costs you would likely incur through a relocation or expansion

Disruption is Minimal

If your space is operational, this can continue as the mezzanine floor is being installed. Your WSL installation team can work to ensure minimal disruption, whether that means constructing the structure during quiet hours such as evenings, weekends or through the night. The mezzanine is built section by section which means that only the areas which are under construction will be sectioned off, allowing your operation to continue safely around the build.

So maybe you dont need to relocate afterall

Just as you were contemplating the idea of relocation or expansion with concerns over the cost and disruption this would generate, you realize that it may not even be necessary if you consider possibility of the storage mezzanine floor solution instead. If your inventory levels are growing and your need more space, just look up! If the space looks generous enough to comfortably fit in a mezzanine floor level, then it probably is! To be sure though, you can always send the dimensions of your space to and a member of our team can advise you. The cost of a mezzanine floor compared to the cost of relocating is far less and the structure can be constructed whilst your operation continues, making it the less disruptive option too.

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