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Why should I buy Pallet Racking through WSL?
Our service is completely client-centric. We provide all manufacturer types, as well as fitters, engineers and inspectors; which means that not only can we deliver your entire project from start to finish, but also that we can provide a fully bespoke solution for your individual needs, rather than only offering “out of the box” products. We ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our service; from small startup companies to massive international businesses. We understand the importance of a speedy turnaround time, limited downtime and constant communication. Our packages include the electrical works, fire safety requirements and all building works; which means that your project is as efficient as possible.
How much weight can my Pallet Racking take?
There is a huge range of pallet racking available, that take varying weights. Specially engineered structural steel racking can be built for storage of product with extreme weights. However, designers will need to take into account the flooring in your warehouse, to see what weight it can bear. WSL specialists can assess your storage area and discuss your needs with you, to provide the racking that will best suit your requirements.
I want to use the whole height of my warehouse. How high can Pallet Racking go?
Pallet racking can be constructed at almost any height – pending the load that your warehouse floor can take. The key point to consider is how you are going to access the top locations. For very high racks you can use a crane system and the lower you go you can use wire-guided VNA trucks, reach trucks and counter balance trucks. It is generally true that higher the storage in the warehouse, the higher your costs for accessing it. Cranes are the most expensive to install and VNAs require additional infrastructure like wire guidance to work, whereas reach trucks and counter balances are easy to implement and maintain and have low training costs for your staff. The payoff for higher storage is that you can use all the space that you have purchased or rented in your warehouse. It’s all about striking a balance and WSL can advise you what will work for your operation.
Are you able to help us design the optimum layout for our Pallet Racking?
Yes, we have experienced technical staff who specialise in designing practical and efficient storage layouts to make the most out of your space. They can also advise you on the operational requirements for your aisle widths, how any new design will affect your fire plan and how to best incorporate new storage into your existing warehouse or production process. Read More
Do you provide non-standard depths of Pallet Racking?
Yes! We provide all depths of racking, including non-standard widths and are confident that we can cater to your individual requirements.
How experience are your Pallet Racking fitters?
We have a number of extremely experienced, highly qualified racking fitters in our operations department and offer full training to all of our personnel. All sub-contract staff undergo a strict vetting procedure with previous work history, qualifications and licenses checked and kept on file. All major sites have an experienced site foreman, with health and safety qualifications and NVQ’s specific to the industry, checking work as it is carried out. All teams have a first aid qualified installer and possess a ‘SEIRS’ qualification (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme). We also have NVQ qualified rack inspection specialists who ensure that your racking is fitted to the highest standard and within all regulations.
Can old Pallet Racking be combined with new Pallet Racking?

This is possible, particularly if you wish to add to recently installed racking that is still in production. However, if your warehouse is made up of obsolete racking and matching parts are no longer manufactured, it is often most cost effective and efficient to buy new pallet racking. This means that the pallet racking can be guaranteed, can be fitted exactly to take into account the specifications of your particular warehouse (so take more product), and it can also reduce down time. Items can be put straight from old racking to new, rather than having to find a place to put stock in the interim, while the old and new racking is rearranged. Second hand racking can also be sold, off-setting some of the costs of the new racking. Read More

What is your turnaround time?
We understand that downtime is very detrimental for storage companies, and so we strive for a swift turnaround time. Lead time is usually anything from 2-6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, our site foremen are experienced at working together with warehouse management, to ensure that there is as little downtime as possible- closing off small areas of warehouse at a time to fit racking, allowing normal processes to carry on while the fitting is taking place.
What is the cost of your Pallet Racking?
We have a huge variety of different types of pallet racking, so please call for a free quote.
How easy is it to alter Racking after it has been installed?
Racking is designed to be adjustable, though care must be taken. An increase of distance between beams can affect their loading, meaning that they may not be able to take the load they were originally designed for. Always consult the original manufacturers or qualified racking specialists before altering the beams.
What safety checks do you complete once the Racking is installed?
Pallet racking should be checked every six months. WSL have qualified racking inspectors who are onsite both during and after your install to ensure that all safety requirements are being met. We can also advise on fire safety and other Health and Safety issues. Once the installation is complete we can issue CAD drawings of the racking layout, which will be updated after every safety inspection.

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Our service is completely client-centric. We provide all manufacturer types, as well as fitters, engineers and inspectors; which means that not only can we deliver your entire project from start to finish, but that we can provide a fully bespoke solution for your individual needs. Get in touch to find out more.