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Cantilever Racking

When your inventory is too long, bulky or heavy for palletised storage, cantilever racking offers a viable, cost effective solution which offers great space utilisation. Whether you’re looking to store long lengths of timber or heavy white goods the versatile cantilever racking system is completely bespoke and can be configured to support your specific needs. Cantilever racking can evolve, grow and develop as you do to accommodate different products and meet your changing storage requirements. It provides not only an instant solution but a long-term storage investment.

what is cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is a storage solution designed to support loads which are beyond the physical scope of a typical pallet. Whilst pallet racking will incorporate multiple bays, separated by beams and frames, the cantilever racking system is open faced allowing long or particularly large loads to be placed directly onto the supporting arms without the obstruction of frames and beams.

How does it work?

Consisting of a heavy duty central base that supports a set of cantilevered arms, these arms can be altered and adapted once fitted to accommodate your specific load bearing requirements. Cantilever racking ensures products are safe, secure, easily accessible and well presented. This bespoke, heavy duty, steel racking can be built up to 10 meters high. When double sided it provides maximum storage capacity and single sided saves floor space when placed flat against a wall. For heavy items a fork lift truck can be used to load and unload with ease and there are no uprights so you have full visibility and direct access.

Cantilever racking system
External cantilever racking with shelter
cantilever racking positioned back to back
Very different cantielever racking design

Who Uses Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is strong, durable and reliable making it very useful for storing items of varying lengths such as pipes, timber, structural steel and metal sheets, and is often used by builders merchants, timber merchants and steel stockists. It is also useful for storing Items of varying size and weight such as furniture, white goods, crates or boxes and also irregular or mixed loads. Is cantilever racking your ideal solution? To help you decide WSL offer a free site survey where our experienced Design Technician will assess your space, get to know your operation and understand your inventory. Our bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities mean you can be sure that your solution will meet your exact needs.

External Storage Durability?

You can store your long loads out in the yard on cantilever racking, freeing up your internal warehouse space. Galvanising the structure adds more strength against even the most damaging weather conditions. Shelters can be fitted to protect your items whilst being stored outside.

Manufactured by WSL

WSL can guarantee a bespoke cantilever racking solution to meet your exact needs through our design and manufacturing capabilities. Our in house fabrication services will significantly increase the speed and decrease the cost of designing and fitting your new cantilever racking system. We are certified to UKCA whilst being a full member of the Storage Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) so quality and safety assurance is guaranteed. The entire project is handled by the same team based at our Leeds office and factory from where we serve all corners of the UK

Innovative Cantilever Racking Design

As a designer and fabricator WSL has the ability to develop innovative solutions originating from the cantilever racking structure but with the additional capacity to support very distinct inventory requirements. 

An example of this is the very unique cantilever racking solution WSL completed for a client whose rolls of delicate fabric required secure storage with optimised picking. The solution produced by our design and fabrication team resembled a cantilever racking system; however the arms were tubular rather than the traditional squared shape. The rolled fabric could then slot around the arms rather than rest over them, and the circular shape enabled the unit to reel as the cloth this picked.

Inclined arms are perfect for storing items that may be at risk of rolling and falling over the edge. Like the crook of an elbow, the inclined arms are purposefully angled to keep the goods in position and secure.

Another option would be to place stoppers onto the end of the none-inclined arm to prevent items from falling over the edge.

Even rails can be fitted to run the length of the cantilever bay to allow clothing items to be hung whilst in storage!


The benefits

Why Choose Cantilever Racking?


Cantilever racking can be built up to 10 metres high allowing you to maximise the height of your building. Items are made accessible but the use of standard forklifts which are used to load or unload the racks. If you want to minimise aisle sizes, you can use a side-loading vehicle rather than a conventional forklift. When minimising aisle sizes the additional space created can be used to add more aisles or release valuable floor space. The cantilever bases have also been specifically designed to double up as an additional further storage space.


Bespoke Systems

Our cantilever racking solutions are designed with you in mind, to give you maximum storage capacity whilst minimising on space and cost. Our highly adaptable systems can be designed to encompass fixed, adjustable or removable arms and if applicable a weather protection canopy.

Cost Effective & Economical

If you desire a storage system that will maximise the height or reduce the storage footprint of your current storage facility then our Cantilever racking systems are ideal. Maximising the footprint of your building can save on the costly downtime and inconvenience of relocation in addition to speeding up your current operations. Particularly large items can be stored off the ground utilising any available ground floor space.

Safe Storage

When it comes to the storage of large and heavy items safety is of paramount importance. Cantilever racking ensures only the safest storage practises. Cantilever racking protects both the goods themselves from damage as well as avoiding staff injury and strain. Our qualified surveyors and Nebosh trained projects managers ensure all of our projects run smoothly and that all of our storage systems comply with current health and safety standards, including UK fire regulations

Increased Handling Efficiency

Cantilever racking has no front uprights, making it more accessible and enabling you to place and retrieve your items more easily. Cantilever racking allows you to organise products efficiently whilst presenting them well. This very accessible system is ideal for those with a high turn over of stock where speed and ease is essential for example self- service warehouses.At Warehouse Systems Limited we don’t just want your system to work well but to work for you. We strive to provide you with the maximum economy of layout possible combined with the highest quality of workmanship. From boardroom design to installation our experienced and innovative design team will work together with you to create a unique and tailored solution.

Why choose wsl?

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We aim to fit our pallet rack systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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