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Cantilever racking solution with a hint individuality delivered by WSL

WSL has recently delivered a very distinct cantilever racking solution, finely structured through creative design and in-house talented engineering.

This singular solution was produced for our client who specialises in products of a particularly delicate fabric. Over the course of the last ten years, WSL has been supporting the client’s inventory storage needs through bespoke solutions however for this particular requirement, a new concept was imperative.

Initially the client anticipated a pallet racking solution however consideration needed to be given to the fabrics delicacy and rolled configuration. A pallet racking solution meant that extracting fabric from a single roll would involve picking the entire unit using a fork lift truck boom attachment, taking the amount needed from the roll and then placing it back onto the rack.

On evaluating the clients need for optimised picking whilst storing the delicate fabric securely, WSL Design Technician David began to explore other possibilities and owing to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, was able to suggest a very unique solution formatted using the cantilever racking framework.

David’s design is based on the cantilever structure but rather than laying the rolled fabric across flat cantilevered arms, the arms are rounded and dimensioned to perfectly fit within the central tube of the roll. As the tubular arms are encircled by a roll of fabric, a turning motion is enabled allowing the fabric required to be reeled from the roll.

The diagram bellow illustrates David’s design:

Digram Tubular Cantilever Racking System

Exceeding all expectations of our client, this solution was to allow the delicate fabric to be securely stored whilst providing immediate access and visibility. Furthermore, the system could be designed to the exact specifications of the fabric dimensions and anticipated quantities before being manufactured accordingly at our in-house factory where our talented engineers use their extensive skill and experience to produce any unique solution.

Offering cost-effectiveness, uniqueness and like any other cantilever racking system, adaptability the client was pleased with the design and was eager to for installation.

With the design approved, it was sent through to our factory where engineering manager Steve and his team set to work on fabricating the unique structure. The vigorous structural components consisted of a steel base, cross sections and tubular arms all of which were fabricated over the course of just a few weeks and on completion the framework components were painted black in our factory paint booth whilst the tubular arms were powder coated in yellow giving the distinct structure an eye catching look.

The components were then transported to site where WSL’s Project Manager, Peter was waiting with his installation team. Peter oversaw the installation process which involved the parts being offloaded, organised and assembled. The whole process was complete within hours and the structure was fully operational by late afternoon on the same day.

Yellow tubular cantilever arms

The leading factors of this very different cantilever racking design

For this particular project the inventory’s cylindrical shape and hollow core has been used to an advantage enabling a solution that provides secure storage without risk of the items rolling from the structure. Considering the sensitive nature of the fabric, this solution is also instrumental to protecting the fabric from over handling by enabling reeled extraction with no need to handle the entire roll.

Could WSL create a new cantilever racking concept you?

Cantilever racking is a solution designed and manufactured in-house by the WSL team and this enables the flexibility needed to meet the exact requirements of our clients, however complex or uncommon.  Our accomplished engineers are able to produce bespoke cantilever arms to match any unique requirement which means they can be sized and shaped for any purpose.

The primary feature of a cantilever racking system is the arms which protrude horizontally from the structure’s main frame, and this particular project is a perfect example of how the arms can be designed to accommodate varying needs.  Whatever the characteristics of your inventory, WSL has the design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure a system that provides essential support to both your inventory and operation.  The arms can be sized, shaped and positioned to accommodate a wide range of inventory including white goods, pipe, steel and timber as well as goods of very specific nature.

The very innovative cantilever racking system

Contact WSL on 0113 2045350 or email to discuss your potential cantilever racking system. The process will begin with a free site survey, giving you an opportunity to discuss your inventory needs and concerns with our Technical Designer who whilst there will gain a real understanding of your operation, assess the space and talk you through the options available to you.

With the use of computer-assisted software, our designer will create your virtual cantilever racking solution designed to match your specific needs whilst making best use of your space. You will receive this with along with a non-obligatory quotation.

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