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Double Deep Racking

Maximise Floor space, reduce damage & achieve high levels of productivity

Double deep pallet racking is an efficient way of using your storage space. Pallets can be stored two deep, but still accessed from one aisle. This reduction in the number of aisles significantly boosts the amount of floor space available for storage.

What Is Double Deep Racking?


Double deep racking isn’t really a type of racking in itself. Not in the sense of drive in racking or powered mobile which have very specific components that they don’t have in common with other types of racking. Double Deep refers more to a configuration in which standard pallet racking is arranged.

Double deep comprises two runs of standard APR place back to back (like a normal, selective, double run) but is accessed on only one face: The front pallet accessed like any pallet racking system and the back accessed using fork extensions or a forklift with telescopic forks (see diagram below).

When used right this makes pallet racking system that has a higher density than standard pallet racking with an element of selectivity retained versus very high density storage solutions.

Diagram illustrating how double deep pallet racking works

Why Choose Double Deep For Your Warehouse?



A double deep system is composed of the same components as a standard APR system and can be taken down and repurposed quickly and with minimal disruption to your operation into a fully selective system without the addition of any further components.


Higher density than conventional pallet racking for lower cost than other increased density systems such as drive in and pallet live. By using only standard APR components to create a dense storage system (unique amongst the solutions for higher density) it keeps costs low and build time to a minimum.


Double deep doesn’t require any specialist plant to operate except for a set of fork extensions, meaning that initial expenditure is kept low for plant to operate the system. Additional driver training for operators is not required and speed for access is higher than many other deep storage systems such as drive in.
Double deep racking system
Double deep racking system

Sought After for Second Hand

The basic components of double deep are often in demand by second hand racking stockists as they are compatible with standard APR (which is the most common product for sale by companies that repurpose storage solutions). This is a huge boost for companies that are on a trajectory to outgrow their premises as, when moving out of a warehouse that you have outgrown, a double deep system in that warehouse will often be taken out for free by a second hand stockist (or potentially for a cash reimbursement) – taking you a big step of the way to completing your delap commitments on a rented property that you are vacating.

Almost Selective High Density

Double deep offers a higher density solution than standard APR but also gives you a greater selectivity than true high density systems such as drive in or radio shuttle. As the only obstruction to the pallet behind is a single pallet in front (see diagram above); it is ideal for products stored and delivered in pairs of complementary pallets. It is also very useful for warehousing operations that have too much commonality of stock to justify the wasted space of a fully selective APR system but not enough to justify a higher desnity system such as drive in which requires at least four products of the same type to be stored in the same lane and removed in an exact order.

Stock Rotation

The double deep system allows for items with an expiration date to be placed at the front section of the bay and therefore encourage their use before that of a fresher pallet of produce that has been placed behind. This system is relatively easy to implement with most WMS (Warehouse Management System) software.

Why Consider Another System?

Double deep racking system

Floor Print


The overall stamp of double deep is high relative to its storage density when compared with truly high density system such as drive in, pallet live or powered mobile. Warehouses already badly needing space and looking to convert from a standard selective pallet racking system will not see a huge benefit from the conversion of their existing racking into a double deep configuration and would be better off organising stock management to account allow for a high density system to hold goods in or bulk quantities and dispersing on standard pallet racking for picking and order fulfilment.

Short on Space? Consider Drive InPallet LivePowered Mobile or Radio Shuttle

It’s a Camel

Double deep is only a half way house between a fully selective system and a high density system while not fully accomplishing the aims of either. Double deep is a suitable midpoint for those with specific stock keeping requirements and a strong WMS and can definitely be an attractive proposition for those looking to increase density, keep an element of selectivity and keep costs low (I.E. every single warehouse manager ever to have lived). However, the reality of the situation is that it takes a lot of work implement successfully and can end up as being a good idea that doesn’t achieve the desired objective by trying to do too many things; a camel.

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Double deep racking system aisle view

Aisle Space Versus Adjustable Fork Extensions

A double deep system either requires a lot of aisle space to accommodate the manoeuvring of MHE (Materials Handling Equipment – A forklift or reach truck for example) fit with drop-over extensions or it requires a high initial cost outlay for plant with telescopic forks. This will either cost in terms of floor space utilisation or cash for MHE that has little application elsewhere. A telescopic fork setup can be used as a conventional forklift elsewhere but the telescopic element will only come in useful in the storage environment for the operation of double deep and the loading/ adjustment of pallets onto wagons (but in that case it is a luxury in terms of cost versus usefulness).

Want to keep MHE costs low? Guarantee you can use your existing plant with Standard Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)


Whilst it may not seem a big deal to ensure that items of the same type are kept in the location in front and behind each other in the same bay; it can quickly get out of hand without a strong WMS and is especially vulnerable to pallets getting lost or trapped during floor clearing at the end of the day or the end of shifts.

Want to access every pallet? Consider Standard APR or Powered Mobile

The benefits

Why Choose Double Deep Racking?


Maximise Storage Space

As the number of aisles is reduced, the amount of floor space you can use for storage is greatly increased.

Reduce Damage

The upper storage levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist drivers in locating pallets and reduce the risk of error and accidental damage.

Maintain Good Selectivity

You’ll have immediate access to 50% of your pallets.

Double Deep Racking Gallery

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Achieve High Levels of Productivity

Pallets can be loaded and unloaded reasonably quickly.
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