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Wide Aisle Racking

Wide aisle racking also known as adjustable pallet racking (APR) is a highly versatile storage option. You can easily adapt it to suit your needs, even if you’re storing a broad array of items. It gives you direct access to individual pallets without the requirement for specialist handling equipment. 

As well as versatility, wide aisle racking is extremely cost effective, making it a very popular option for those looking for a simple yet dynamic solution. 

Wide aisle pallet racking system

Who Uses Wide Aisle Racking?

Wide Aisle Racking is extremely versatile making it a popular choice across all types of industries. The uniformed configuration, clear visibility, immediate access and better control of inventory are all attributes many business types favor, as it the quick assembly and ease of adaptability. This makes it difficult to pin-point a single business type or industry that will likely use wide aisle racking, however at WSL we have designed and installed wide aisle pallet racking solution for operations in the following industries:

  • Food and drink industry
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Ecommerce
  • 3PL/Transport

Our wide aisle solutions have also increased efficiency and space utilisation within ambient, cold and frozen chambers.

Design Options

Wide aisle racking can be designed and configured to suit your space and inventory. This includes the height of the racking, number of rows, aisle width and weight bearing. To increase storage capacity further you can place two rows back to back, forming a double deep racking system.

Wide aisle racking can also be designed incorporate other solutions such as carton live shelving for example. This creates multiple solutions within one system, supporting both palletised and non-palletised inventory at the same time


Is Wide Aisle Racking Ideal For Your Inventory Type?

When it comes to product suitability, wide aisle racking is highly resourceful making it the most extensively used system across a vast range of industries.  Well-built using robust components and the simple configuration make storing any type of palletised goods easy and not just standard pallets either. Smaller loads can be stored on wide aisle racking structures which have been decked in order to close the gap between the front and rear beam.  Smaller load examples could include smaller pallets, barrels and crates. There are even ample options when it comes to decking material, so depending on the durability required chipboard, timber, wired mesh or steel decks are all possibilities.

Not only can wide aisle racking support almost any product type, it is unrestricted to how many different product types it can accommodate at the same time, making it the most effective solution for those operations handling a varied product range. The easy adaptability makes supporting products of various sizes and volume much easier whilst ensuring capacity remains optimal at all times.

Although a standard system, wide aisle racking can be configured to support a mixture of palletise and hand loaded goods with the incorporation of shelving in the place of some of the bays. This can streamline the process of breaking up pallets into individual items which are required for individual picking. The distance from pallet to shelf is minimal and the picking process can be further optimised with the most appropriate shelving choice. As an example, long span shelving is ideal for bulky hand loaded goods whilst carton live shelving is ideal for the fast paced picking of lighter, perishable goods.

tubular barrier
chipboard decking

Why use wide aisle racking?

Wide aisle racking, also referred to as standard pallet racking and adjustable pallet racking (APR) is the most common and simplest form of all pallet racking systems due to its basic yet robust design. The component parts of which the system is made up are minimal whilst being arranged in a conventional format making wide aisle racking affordable, easy to use and quick to assemble. These are strong reasons why wide aisle racking is the obvious choice for many as budgetary, urgency and efficiency needs are all met through this one simple solution.

But that’s not all; wide aisle racking is utilised within a variety industries where flexibility is a primary consideration. As a highly versatile storage option – you can easily adapt it to suit your needs, and you can even store a broad array of items at the same time. The beams can be un-clipped and repositioned with ease should you need to adjust the height to accommodate any changes to your inventory. This is ideal for those managing variable inventory types or seasonal peaks.

Another reason why many opt for the wide aisle racking option is the direct access to individual pallets without specialist handling equipment. Every pallet is visible and can be picked directly from the working aisle which is ideal in operation requiring picking with efficiency of any given pallet.


Wide aisle racking structural components

This is an uncomplicated pallet racking system consisting of simple yet robust end frames, uprights, beams, pallet stops and a choice of decking including mesh and chipboard. The wide aisles allow room for the fork lift trucks to manoeuvre between rows however, accidents can still happen and although the structure is very durable you can add protection from constant knocks and bumps by using upright, corner and end frame protection barriers.

Is Wide Aisle Racking right for your business?

Discover whether wide aisle racking is right for your business with WSL. We provide a free site survey with plans and quotation without obligation. During the site survey our designer will sit down with you so you can discuss your requirements and ask whatever questions you may have.

See our pallet racking guide to help you compare other pallet racking types agiant wide aisle pallet racking.

Wide Aisle Racking Syste
Wide ailse racking with integrated shelving

Accessories for your wide aisle pallet racking system

With the right accessories, a wide aisle racking system can be modified to further enhance safety whilst adding more specific support to your individual needs. From a wide range of pallet racking accessories, wide aisle racking can benefit from a number of variations such as decking, upright protectors and end of aisle barriers.

Decking is a solution which enables you to store loads that are not quite at big dimensionally as a pallet. The decking board creates a solid shelf to enable the load to be placed safely without the risk of falling through the gap between the front and rear beam. Decking can vary with some offering more durability than others, some being more resistant to fire and water whilst some are more prone to collecting dust than others. Your chosen decking type will depend entirely on your individual needs and budget given that they do vary in price with chipboard being the least robust yet is the lest expensive whilst withed mesh is highly durable, fire resistant, offers high visibility and less prone to dust gathering, however it is more expensive.  

Uprights will protect your structure from bumps and knocks as the FLT operates between the racks, preventing the uprights from weakening whilst rack end batters protect the end of the racks which may be exposed to traffic.

The benefits

Why Choose Wide Aisle Racking?


When you have the right wide aisle racking system for your storage facility, it will allow your warehouse space to be optimised and efficiently managed.


Efficiency & Accessibility

Wide Aisle Racking removes the need for specialist equipment to access the racks as the wide aisle provides access for all types of fork-lift trucks.



Due to its versatility & efficiency, it is the most commonly used racking system within warehouses throughout the UK.


Store Different Items All in One Place

If you have a range of products, wide aisle racking enables you to store them easily and efficiently, all in one warehouse.


Simple & Flexible

It is the simplest of racking storage solutions to install and provides a very versatile option for storage requirements.

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Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We aim to fit our pallet rack systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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