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Push Back Racking

Achieve maximum storage capacity with this high density storage solution with increased speed and efficiency.

A dynamic space saving solution cleverly designed to provide deep storage and move pallets automatically. Push back pallet racking works on the first-in last-out (FILO) method making it an ideal solution where stock rotation not required but speed and efficiency is.

Pallet live racking

What is push back pallet racking?

Using automation this compact storage system allows a newly loaded pallet to push previously loaded pallets deeper into the lengthy lane. This can be repeated multiple times allowing more pallets to be stored within the compact structure which can be up to 6 pallets deep. The last pallet to be loaded will be picked first and once picked the pallets in line behind will then move forward towards the picking face.

Who uses push back pallet racking?

Push back pallet racking is used across many industries including manufacturing, cosmetics, home ware, pharmaceutical and food and drink. This cleverly designed storage system is suited to any warehouse looking to maximise storage capacity allowing them to store large numbers of product with high turnover that don’t require assisted stock rotation. 

How does push back pallet racking work?

Push back works in a similar way to pallet live racking but rather than two working aisles push back pallet racking only requires one. The structure has built in rails or rollers which are slightly inclined and slope towards the picking face. When a pallet is being loaded the rollers allow the loading pallet to push the other pallets further back. The first pallet to be loaded will move further to the back as more pallets enter the lane so the system works on the first-in last-out (FILO) method. When a pallet is picked gravity allows the remaining pallets to move forward, gently assisted by the rollers and breaks.

The benefits

Why choose push back pallet racking?


Easy to integrate

Push back pallet racking can be used for your entire facility or can be used in conjunction with other storage systems. As a deep racking system which only requires one aisle it can be placed in corners or against a wall so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your operation and there’s no need to adjust your handling equipment to suit.


No specialist handling equipment needed

The system is perfectly suitable for standard fork lift trucks so there is no need to purchase specialist trucks. This is useful for warehouses which currently use standard pallet racking systems and standard trucks.


High Density Storage

Push back pallet racking is one of the most popular solutions for those looking for a highly sophisticated compact storage solution for large volumes of SKUs. Loading and picking is carried out on the same single aisle so you can increase your storage by 75% by eliminating numerous aisles no longer required.


Easy and safe loading and retrieval

Loading and picking is simple and fast with clear visibility of the pallets. Loading beings on the top row with pallets kept central to the cart as it enters the system so it doesn’t lean on the push plate. Once all positions within the lane are taken the push plates disappear from view. Because the pallets ready for picking sit to the front of the picking face they are easy to locate and pick.


Increases safety

The work of the forklift truck is minimised with less travel, less manoeuvres with only one aisle to navigate on which pallets are clearly visible. This reduces the chance of collision and reduces the time spent on the working aisle. As the there’s no need for the fork lift truck to enter the structure, the chance of knocks and bumps into the structure is minimised 


Saves time and money whilst adding value and increasing productivity

With fewer aisles to navigate there’s less time spent searching for specific pallets saving you time and money on labour. The loading and retrieval processes become optimised and more time efficient which in turn increases productivity.  The ability to store more pallets with push back pallet racking within a specific area adds more value to your space and in turn reduces your per pallet costs.

Pallet live racking
Pallet live racking

What are the considerations for push back pallet racking?

To ensure suitability examine your space before implementing a push back pallet racking system. One side of the inclined structure will be higher at the top so it’s important that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate this. Take note of any potential obstacles including structural columns, sprinklers and heating systems. Consider your pallets in terms of size and volume, and whether you will require direct access to every pallet at any given time. Access is quick and easy with push back pallet racking however as a deep storage system this only applies to the pallets located at the frontal face of the system.

Is stock rotation a priority for your operations? Pallet live racking works in a similar way whilst using the first-in first-out (FIFO) method therefore provides assisted stock rotation. Alternatively, radio shuttle racking is another option that provides deep storage with the option to switch between the FILO and FIFO methods. Using a radio controlled shuttle pallets are transported deep into the lanes although the picking process takes a little more time as the shuttle is first used to bring the pallets forward to allow access.

Our design team here at WSL are highly experienced and would be happy to discuss your requirements and talk you through the options best suited to your operations. We will assess your space and take time to understand your business, how it operates and the specifics of your requirements to help us determine whether push back pallet racking is a viable option for your facility.

Key features

Maximise space whilst increasing storage capacity

Immediate Access and Visibility – Direct access to the frontal faced pallets with picking and loading made easy

Risk of Collision Minimised – Reduced risk of damage as fork lift trucks don’t need to enter the system

No need for Specialist Equipment – Compatible with most commonly used fork lift trucks

Cost Effective – Reduces the costs of physical labour and cost per pallet whilst streamlining the picking process which increases productivity

Pallet live racking
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