Warehouse Shelving

Short Span Shelving

Short-span shelving can be set up for storing a wide variety of small items, and can be adjusted easily as your needs change. It’s an ideal solution for smaller hand loaded products. It comprises uprights and shelves, which are fully adjustable to suit products of different heights and weights.

Short span shelving in wholesale warehouse
Short span shelving displaying wholesale products

Simple Storage

Short span shelving is a straight forward easy to use storage solution suited to hand loaded products, products with split turnover and smaller products in a variety of quantities.

It gives great visibility and direct access and with a choice of various upright and shelf resistance

and can store anything from light weight to heavy bulky items. Not only is it simple to use, it’s very quick and easy to install with minimal disruption so you can be storing your items in no time

Co-ordination for even the smallest of items

Bin fronts, dividers, door fronts and back and side cladding can be incorporated to ensure smaller products of numerous quantities are stored safely and neatly. With uniformed shelves, sizing and colours you can create a grid like appearance keeping your items in order and easy to locate with shelf edge labels or you can even incorporate drawers.

Space Saving

Short span shelving is a slim structure and as there is no handling equipment required you can install the shelves with narrow walkways between them and position the shelves back to back, which is ideal if you’re looking for a vast amount of storage within a limited footprint area.  If you’re looking for a smaller amount of shelf storage in addition to other storage structures, the shelves can be placed along walls

The benefits

Short Span Shelving

There are many benefits to Short Span Shelving – here are just a few of them…..

Adapt your storage to suit your needs

Short-span shelving can be set up for storing a wide variety of small items, and can be adjusted easily as your needs change.

Improve security

Most short-span shelving can incorporate drawers and door fronts to improve the security and protection of your products.

Maximise your storage footprint

Multi-tier short-span shelving with integrated walkways and stairs enables you to maximise the use of your vertical space and so reduce your storage footprint.

Incorporate a sprinkler system

Shelves are usually solid, but you can use mesh or tubular shelves if you want to incorporate a sprinkler system.
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