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Space Saving Design Doubles Picking Area for Growing Business

Warehouse Systems Limited has recently worked together with a fast growing British company to transform their new warehouse space. This client specialises in repairing and remanufacturing turbochargers from a wide range of vehicles; from road vehicles to boats and other water-based applications. They work with turbochargers made by any and all manufacturers and can repair all types – including obsolete turbochargers from vintage manufacturers. In order to maintain their reputation for quality and swift turnarounds, they have a 3000 sq ft factory facility, in which they carry out their work and store parts to use in repairs or for direct sale.

Important picking area

As a response to their continued growth and development, the company took over a building next door to their existing site. A large section of the warehouse was dedicated to accessible storage for picking. These items were stored on racks, available to go out for immediate shipping or to be used in repairs.

Picking areas are one of the most important parts of a warehouse and to make the most out of them they must include several vital features.
Most importantly, they must be safe, with easy access, in order to ensure the protection of personnel working there.

Items must be clearly marked and placed strategically. Easy product access can mean a much faster and more efficient operation.

To fully maximise the space, it is important to be able to fit as many items as possible within the space; but without compromising on safety or accessibility.

A WSL Space Saving Design

Initially, the company contacted WSL to produce an accurate drawing of their new warehouse, with the aim of understanding available free space. As well as producing the technical drawing, the designer was able to point out some issues with the existing storage system, which was impacting on the ability of the storage area to be fully efficient for the picking operation.
The designer offered a new idea for the picking area, which would allow the company to store double the number of components, without increasing the footprint of the area.

The new design was a two-tier pallet racking system made up of a fully boarded walkway between two runs of pallet racking, allowing staff to pick products from both levels. The total height of the racking was 5.25m, with the walkway at 2.5m, creating a huge amount of storage space; all available for picking by hand.

The client agreed the design, stipulating a bespoke red colour for the racking, in keeping with the rest of the factory.

Safety was paramount, in both the design and the installation. WSL are full members of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association; and as such are at the forefront of safety legislation within the storage industry. The design incorporated fully boarded walkways to ensure no product could fall through to the aisle below.

The work was completed by a team of three installers working on the project. Installation was overseen by a site foreman and the project manager, who liaised closely with the warehouse manager to ensure that all work went to plan.

WSL Results

The results of the project are a top quality, bespoke picking area that can hold double the number of components compared to the original storage solution. The Managing Director is delighted with the additional storage locations that have been provided by the new design.

The client states; “The walkway design saved a lot of space and the new racking looks excellent, the team considered the needs of our business fully whilst designing an entirely bespoke system which was built to our requirements. Furthermore the new system is great value-for-money compared to what would have been available from the pre-used market. The WSL team worked quickly and professionally, we are happy with the quality and service we have received.”

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