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Carton Live Shelving

Carton live shelving is perfect for the fast handling of stock on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis reducing order preparation time. It’s a fast moving, gravity fed automated system designed to move stock at speed with the advantage of automatic stock rotation.

Carton live shelving for food storage warehouse
Carton live shelving loading aisle side

Carton live shelving is particularly well-suited to:

Fast-moving stock with a predictable turnover. A wide range of products, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, computer goods, car parts and more.

How does it work?

The activity of loading is carried out on one side and picking is carried out on the other. The shelves are made up of slightly sloped rollers and items are loaded at the highest side of the slope so they can make their way down and will stop at the picking face. This process increases the sufficiency of both replenishment and picking creating a streamlined operation. The first items placed onto the shelves are the first in line be picked so stock is rotated automatically so this is an ideal solution for high volumes of small perishable goods. The guides and rollers can be adjustable to accommodate items of varying sizes. You can also add a braking system to ensure the safe handling of heavy or delicate articles.

An organised solution

Carton live shelving reduces travel time and human interaction which in turn simplifies the duties of your employees. It streamlines order preparation and picking through speed and automatic stock rotation, saving you time and money.

Space saving advantage

Carton live shelving offers high density storage which can be designed to suit your space as well as your operational needs. The shelves can be configured according to the size of your loads making full use of your available space.

Who uses carton live shelving?

Carton live shelving is suited to any environment looking to increase speed, maximise storage capacity and optimise the replenishment and picking of small items. The added feature of automatic stock rotation greatly benefits operations handling perishable goods of smaller size such as medicinal items, food products or cosmetics.

The benefits

Carton Live Shelving

There are many benefits to Carton Live Shelving – here are just a few of them…..

Operate automatic stock rotation

The first carton to be loaded is the first carton on the picking face so first in, first out (FIFO) stock management is automatic.

Reduce order preparation time

Loading and picking are in separate aisles, so one doesn’t interfere with the other. The gravity-fed system also means cartons are always easily accessible at the front of the shelf.

Quickly handle a variety of product lines

You can dedicate each loading lane to a different product if need be – the reduced density of SKU faces improves picking times considerably.

Maximise storage space

Typically, the track length on your shelves can be up to three metres and the separate loading and picking aisles enable you to keep them full constantly. Although shelf height is limited by hand loading and unloading, you can incorporate order pickers or access platforms to enable the height to be increased.
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