Retail Mezzanine Floors

A retail mezzanine floor uses vertical space to create additional floor levels within a retail unit. The installation of a single or multi tiered mezzanine floor will allow you to increase your sales floor area without expansion, relocation and in most cases additional rates, making it a very popular and cost effective solution.

As a leading provider of mezzanine floors for over 30 years, we have a lot of experience of working with retail companies requiring mezzanine floor solutions. Our team has your retail mezzanine project covered from Design, through manufacture to installation

Retail Mezzanine Floor


Outgrowing your Retail Store? Consider a Mezzanine Floor for your Business.
If your business is outgrowing your retail space, you will need to start thinking about the best way to increase your space.

One option is to rent or purchase a new store. However, this can be expensive and if your business needs to move far, you may be moving away from at least part of your customer base. Extending is another option, subject to availability of land; but again, it can be expensive.

If you have sufficient space between your floor and ceiling, you can make use of this space by creating an additional working platform through the installation of a retail mezzanine floor. This is particularly popular in retail stores as it massively increases floor space; in some cases almost doubling it without the need for any additional land.

mezzanine floor in new retail unit

What is a retail mezzanine floor?


A retail mezzanine floor is a semi-permanent, higher level floor which provides extra retail or working areas above your existing ground floor store. Depending on your space and requirements a retail mezzanine floor can be single or multi-tiered and can be accessed via staircases, lifts or conveyor. A highly effective solution, retail mezzanines have become a regular sight in physical shopping outlets. Within the same surface area, retailers can introduce additional product displays, adopt more storage or provide customer facilities such as changing rooms, WC’s or even a cafe. The retail mezzanine improves the way in which the retailer uses space, enabling better use of the full cubic area, whilst creatively enhancing how the space looks and feels during a customer visit. 

Mezzanine floor building regulations

Mezzanine floors need to comply with building and fire regulations. Your mezzanine supplier should be up to date with all relevant legislation on mezzanine floors. WSL, in partnership with independent approved inspectors have full knowledge of all relevant regulations and are able to advise accordingly, incorporating all legislation into the design.

Mezzanine floors and planning permission

The mezzanine platform is constructed within a building and in most cases will not have any effect on the external elevations or the buildings original structure. For the mezzanine floor itself, planning permission is not likely to be required however planning will be required for any related works affecting the main structural building. For example if you were to add windows to the building to bring light to the mezzanine floor level, planning permission would be required for the windows.

How much height space is needed for a mezzanine floor?

The ceiling should be high enough to provide enough space beneath and above the mezzanine to function without restricting access or activities so it very much depends on how the mezzanine floor will be used and individual requirements. To ensure compliment with UK Building Regulations a minimum height of 8ft between the ground floor and mezzanine underside as well as mezzanine level and ceiling is required.


Retail Mezzanine use & Benefits

Retail mezzanines can enhance your retail space by allowing you to showcase more stock, without it becoming cluttered and untidy, therefore creating a pleasurable atmosphere for customers and employees. The extra space will make the store seem much bigger, with more room to display products neatly, which gives you a chance to increase your profits. There are so many options on how you could utilize your new additional space. You may wish to use the mezzanine floor to display a certain range of products, or use it to increase storage, or add staff areas and offices. Whatever the use of your required mezzanine floor, it will certainly give you invaluable additional use of floor space in place of what was once an open unused area.

Retail Mezzanine Floor Fire Safety

Because a retail mezzanine floor is used by the general public and employees, fire safety regulations must be complied with. The mezzanine floor will be designed with fire resistant panels, fascias and cavity barriers which protect the structure from the effects of heat and smoke for up to an hour. WSL work closely with fire officers who will ensure all fire protection in the design has been implemented before issuing documentation confirming all fire safety regulations have been met.

Would a retail mezzanine floor incur chargeable rates?

Additional rates are not applied to short term, temporary structures as they dont provide long term value to the property. A mezzanine floor is considered a none-permanent structure, however its always worth seeking expert advice from a surveyor as varients in local council regulations will need to be considered.

Can a retail mezzanine floor be multi tiered?

A multi tiered mezzanine floor is very possible, provided height space within the room allows. Multiple levels within a retail environment is the perfect way to further increase floor space, and for many retailers, a key benefit of this is the ability to enforce social distancing naturally. Covid still poses a risk therefore many retailers have implemented the multi tier mezzanine floor as a way to ensure customers feel safe as they browse. The different storeys used to scatter departments and facilities within the shopping space carries the additional benefit of a more spacious and airy atmosphere. To determine whether multi storeys are possible in your retail unit, a member of our design team can attended the site to assess the space and it’s potential. It is worth noting however that as well as staircases, a retail mezzanine should have disability access in the form of a lift to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part M.

Access considerations


The access will depend on what you are using the space for. In most cases stairs are the most sufficient means of access. The number of staircases, type, size and location will depend on such things as the size and position of the mezzanine floor. Whilst the detailing of treads, steepness, balustrades and handrails must meet mezzanine staircase UK standards, this wont deflect on the desired end look you envisage when working with a WSL Design Technician. Staircases are often a featured part of the mezzanine floor, designed to blend in with the overall theme. WSL will design, manufacture and install your staircase, hand rails and edge protection as part of the overall mezzanine floor project. In some cases a goods lift may be required or a conveyor whilst Part M of UK Building Regulations state the necessity of ensuring disabled access for which a passenger lift would be required. Should you prefer, WSL would be happy to advise and supply these using our strong trade relashionships.

Will it look good?

The great thing about a mezzanine floor is that it can be designed to suit the setting of your current store by choosing the style and colour of your necessary ancillaries. The structure is a basic metal platform. Storage floors are often left in this simple form. However, most retail or office floor users will choose to add carpet or other decorative flooring, as well as ceiling and wall panels. Lighting and décor can be chosen to fit with any theme you have in mind, creating your own unique atmosphere. Depending on the products you sell, you may wish to incorporate your produce into the design; for example, a tiling store may use tiles on the floor, walls and ceilings. Mezzanines can also be used to create a different atmosphere to the rest of the store. For example, a popular outdoor store uses faux grass on the flooring of its mezzanine, which is used to showcase camping equipment.

Retail mezzanine floor with unique bespoke staircase
Stunning retail mezzanine
Open retail unit with newly installed mezzanine floor

Your retail mezzanine floor design

Using the extensive experience of our design technicians WSL can design a mezzanine floor unique to your premises, business operations and of course your brand and colour scheme whilst ensuring the design complies with all Building and Fire Regulations. To guarantee the design meets your exact requirements, WSL begin the process with a visit to the site by one of our expert design team. This allows our designer to assess the space to ensure suitability, to locate fire exits and to learn about the business operations and goals. Using Computerised Aided Design, our designer will use the information gathered during the site visit to design the perfect mezzanine floor solution.  Retail mezzanine floor design incorporates client preferences on many aspects giving a broad choice on accessories and fixtures including access staircases, balustrades, handrails, edge protection, floor type, lighting and decor allowing you to create a specific look for your retail store. With careful attention given too the finish of a retail mezzanine floor, it becomes a decorative feature as well as a practical one.

Mezzanine floor installation

One concern for businesses building a mezzanine floor is how much revenue loss they may experience whilst the floor is being built. In most cases your store will not need to close at all during the project. WSL can work through the night so that the store can remain operational during the day. The mezzanine floor design plan will integrate with the requirements of the client, so building work is carried out within any constraints that they have. WSL can accommodate your requirements with much of the upstairs carried out while customers are on the ground floor. The time your mezzanine construction and installation takes will be dependent on the size, access and the detailing.


The price of a mezzanine is highly likely to be less than the cost of an extension. The exact price will depend on a large number of criteria, the size, load requirement, what access is required and what building regulations will apply to your project; as well as the detailing such as décor, lighting and electric requirements. With all these variables the best way to get an accurate quote is to call our highly experienced technical advisors, who are able to give you a no obligation quotation.

The manufacturing standards of your retail mezzanine floor

A mezzanine floor may not be a permanent part of the building structure, however it is a fabricated steel structure and it has been a legal requirement since July 2014 for all steel structures manufactured in the UK to carry the CE certification. Although this has been replaced by the UKCA accreditation for UK manufacturers, the same level of safety and quality standards continue to apply. Every year since 2014, our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire has undergone rigorous BS EN 1090 audit and each time we have been able to uphold our CE Marking Certification successfully. Now under the UKCA Marking, WSL is still audited as before, with the same intensity and regularity to ensure our manufactured products meet UK safety and quality regulations. We have always been proud of being the first UK mezzanine floor manufacturer to achieve full SEMA membership (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) whilst holding CE Marking BS EN 1090 certification. WSL is fully committed to ensuring the very highest of standards in everything we do and our design, manufacturing and installation teams work closely together to achieve this whilst providing the perfect solution for your business.

Is a mezzanine right for you?

A mezzanine could be the answer you have been waiting for, to solve the problem of cramped retail space. Contact us today on 0113 2045350 for a meeting with a sales representative who can show you how a design would work for your business.

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