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Mezzanines with multi tiers

Apr 23, 2021 | Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are completely bespoke, meaning they are specifically designed and built to suite a particular space, so what’s a multi tier mezzanine?

Incorporating two or more floor levels rather than just one a multi tier mezzanine is an ideal solution for those looking to increase usable floor space by a considerable amount. Although storey numbers will depend on available height space, this is a solution that provides significant space utilisation and the cost is fractional in comparison to a building extension or relocation.

The advantages of the multi tier mezzanine floor

A multi tier mezzanine floor can incorporate as many floor levels as the building allows, harnessing the entire height space the building. All space within a building is valuable including over head space which can often go unused however the multi tier mezzanine floor give this space a productive use and can be installed in any environment allowing the business to:

  • Use existing space rather than relocate
  • Make the most of all the space its paying for
  • Increase property value
  • Expand operations comfortably
  • Future proof the facility
  • Ensure all departments have sufficient operational space
  • Be creative in how it uses space
  • Use the added space to create social distancing whilst Covid19 still poses a threat

Multi tier warehouse mezzanine

Making full use of warehouse space using a multi tier mezzanine

Warehouse mezzanines enable fast growing operations to expand comfortably within the same four walls of their existing building. Rather than trying to manage increased activity within a limited floor area, the mezzanine converts unutilised height space into usable floor space and this removes the need to move to bigger premises or extend the building.

The space gained through a multi tiered mezzanine can be double or even three times more than that of a single tiered mezzanine floor. The entire structure could house a single application or a mix of functions and these can be spread across the levels, including storage, production, office or staff facilities. Either way a multi tier mezzanine will dramatically transform warehouse space, giving the business more room to operate effectively as it grows.

The multi tier storage mezzanine floor

Commonly the largest space taker in a warehouse is the storage of inventory and when this begins to increase the floor space is often looked on in panic. Already full to capacity the area has very little left to give, but where height space permits a multi tier mezzanine provides the perfect opportunity to increase storage capacity by a significant amount. Although semi permanent, the structure of a multi tier mezzanine floor is extremely robust and sustainable and when used for storage purposes, additional weight bearings are added to the design. This means that on any level the mezzanine floor can safely uphold integrated storage systems and moving fork lift trucks.

Through bespoke design a multi tier mezzanine floor can incorporate multiple storage systems to support the flow of inventory and make the best use of the space. A multi tiered storage mezzanine floor with integrated carton live shelving on each level and tall pallet racking lining the edge of the structure resulted in a streamlined operation for our client who specialise in food distribution. Utilising height space meant three multi tiered picking systems could be implemented to support ambient, chilled and frozen inventory.

Mezzanine supported multi tier picking system


The multi tier office mezzanine floor

An office mezzanine floor is a common sight in today’s warehouse where office work space sits on the integrated platform between the ground and ceiling. Creating office space above the main warehouse or factory means the ground floor space is not compromised so it can be fully utilised for its operation. The office mezzanine solution has been adopted so frequently that new buildings tend not to include inbuilt office blocks. Instead the empty canvas is an opportunity for the occupier to adopt a bespoke office solution through mezzanine floor design and implementation. A multi tiered office mezzanine in a warehouse or factory setting is the optimal space saver. Apart from the great views of the busy operation bellow, the multi storey mezzanine creates a comfortable office work space and can be configured to accommodate future growth. The space can be divided into departments using wall partitioning before being decorated and furnished to match the desired theme. Its not just offices that can occupy the floors, meeting rooms, break out areas, staff canteens, changing rooms and WC’s can all be fitted on a mezzanine floor level.

The multi tier production mezzanine floor

As companies continue to extend their manufacturing activities, the production mezzanine floor has become increasingly popular. Space is crucial to production and is used not only to accommodate machinery and equipment but also to store raw materials and finished products. A multi tier mezzanine provides a generous amount of new usable floor space, allowing the expanding manufacturer to use the space it already has to increase production and grow the business. Like the storage mezzanine, the platform is designed specifically to take heavy weights so production lines, equipment, storage and machinery can be accommodated safely.

Making full use of retail space using a multi tier mezzanine

Today our physical retailers are working extra hard to regain customer confidence in physical shopping after being hit by the growth of online retail followed by the pandemic which saw stores close for months. The main benefit of a multi tier retail mezzanine at this time is that it allows the retailer to adopt social distancing measures more easily. The multiple floors provide more space to keep customers at a safe distance as they browse product displays that can be spread out more spaciously across the extra floor areas. To entice more customers to visit, some retailers have added extra facilities such as a customer café and a multi tier mezzanine is a perfect way to introduce this because it can separate the café from the main shop floor. More changing rooms can be fitted so there’s always availability when some rooms are being cleaned. Retailers can also use the multiple levels for back of house storage, staff facilities and WC’s.


Accessing a multi tier mezzanine floor

Whether its access for people or goods, here’s how a multi tier mezzanine floor can be accessed:

Access for staff, customers and visitors:

Staircases – A mezzanine staircase allows quick, easy access and for multiple levels a tower staircase with access to every floor is a great option. For the larger structures more than one staircase is installed with some fitted centrally within the structure to reduce travel times, however all staircases must be positioned in accordance to fire safety regulations. Staircase style can be chosen to match the environment with different shapes, colours and materials to choose from.

straicases - multi tier storage mezzanine

Passenger lifts – These are particularly useful for multi tier mezzanines because they save time climbing staircases and allow disabled access.

Access for goods:

Goods lift – An easy route for fully loaded pallets or multiple boxes the goods lift is a popular solution and there are many lift types to choose from in terms of colour, style and weight load.

Pallet gate – These are fitted to the edge of the mezzanine to create a safe area for pallets to be loaded to and from the mezzanine levels using a fork lift truck. The gate is designed to provide edge protection at all times even when pallets are being loaded and unloaded. For the higher levels some operators prefer a camera to be fitted on the truck to enable them to see better as the lift and load the pallets.

Chute – Enable singular or boxed items to reach lower levels quickly and safely with chutes that act as a slide, using gravity to move the items downwards.

Mezzanine goods chute

Conveyor – Move goods between floors with a conveyor system which uses rollers or belts to move the goods.

Is a multi tier mezzanine floor rateable?

A mezzanine floor will increase property value which is a factor concerned with rates, however a de-mountable structure such as a mezzanine floor is normally be exempt from chargeable rates because on removal, the property value would subsequently fall again. That being said a mezzanine floor can be rateable if seen as a permanent fixture that brings long term value. As rates are decided on a case by case basis within different local councils, your Chartered Surveyor can offer clarity on whether a rebate is achievable for your individual mezzanine structure.

Your multi tier mezzanine floor project by WSL

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