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As a British Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer WSL is switching the CE for the UKCA marking

Dec 29, 2020 | Accreditation

As a UK leading mezzanine floor manufacturer, WSL stands tall when it comes to quality and safety assurances and this is reflected through our accreditation’s. The CE Making BS EN: 1090 which references EU guidelines and regulations became mandatory in July 2014 across all EU member states. Since then WSL has continually held the certification having undergone intensive annual audits and examinations to ensure our fabrication works meet the rigorous Construction Products Regulations outlined by EU legislation’s. The legal requirement of ensuring steel fabricated products whether paid for or free carries the CE Mark applies to all steel work fabricating across the EU states.

So what’s the effect of Brexit on the CE Marking Accreditation?

The 31st December marks the end of a major transition as the UK officially parts ways with the EU. As the UK will no longer be a member state, the regulations on product safety in the UK will now come under UK laws with products labelled in accordance with the UKCA marking rather than the CE Marking.

The UKCA Marking LOGO


How does the UKCA certification differ from the CE Marking certification?

Both the CE and UKCA Marking are similarly regulated and both carry the same weight in terms of quality and safety. The UKCA accreditation comes under UK legislation which represents UK designated standards all of which are no less stringent than the CE Marking standards. Under the new UK framework assessments will continue as scheduled by the same UK based bodies which are now confirmed as UK approved bodies

What does it mean for WSL as a British Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer?

As the first British mezzanine floor manufacturer to become a Full SEMA Member (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) whilst holding the CE Marking certification, WSL has always prioritised the quality and safety of our manufactured products and will continue to do so by undergoing the rigorous annual audits governed by UK laws.

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What this means for you as our customer

WSL can guarantee all our customers of the very highest standards of safety and quality and will continue to undergo very intense auditing under the UKCA regulations to ensure this. Our commitment to retaining only the highest standards remains and this will always be reflected through our accreditation’s which going forward will include the UKCA Certification as well as our Full SEMA Membership.

Our customers have always been in the receipt of extremely high quality and safety products and this remains unchanged. The UKCA label is a highly regulated and recognised safety accreditation which provides assurances that your mezzanine floor manufactured by WSL meets all UK products safety laws.

WSL’s Journey as a mezzanine floor manufacturer

Family owned, WSL was established in October 1989 as storage solutions provider designing bespoke systems to suite the operations of our clients. This includes storage solutions that support our client’s processes, inventory type and turnover whilst also ensuring our designs make the best use of all available space.

Our focus has always been to provide truly bespoke solutions for our clients without compromise which is why WSL opened our first factory in the spring of 2008 at Albion Business Park, Leeds. Here we began to perfect the fabrication of mezzanine floor components to enable us to manufacturer the exact solution our clients required.

mezzanine floor manufacturing


Mezzanine floors can drastically increase usable floor space within a building without the building itself being affected. It’s a semi permanent structure which fits between floor and ceiling and can be used in countless ways which is why it does not come as standard. A mezzanine floor is designed to suit the space it will be fitted into with the correct weight bearing to support its intended use.

Our manufacturing capabilities means we are able to offer our clients flexibility and a truly bespoke solution whist saving them the additional costs and time involved in dealing with third party suppliers.

Mezzanine floors were the first product we began to fabricate and since then, our manufactured product range has grown and continues to grow. Besides mezzanine floors WSL manufacture:

Mezzanine floor access staircases – Designed and manufactured to suit the environment and use of the mezzanine floor. A mezzanine staircase can be designed to create a featured part of your facility, or they can simple practical solution. With the right design, a front of house mezzanine staircase can entice visitors or customers tempting them to explore the upper level. The shape, accessories, colour and materials can be chosen to match your desired look.

Cantilever Racking – Designed and manufactured by WSL to suite the size, weight and length of your products that are unsuited to pallet racking or shelving systems.

Protection Barriers – Bespoke mezzanine column guards, end of aisle protection barriers and racking upright protection are just some of the warehouse protection products manufactured by WSL

In October 2019 WSL marked our 30th birthday by relocating to a much larger industrial space, just a short walk away from where we had been operating from since opening our first factory in 2008. At Branepeth Place, Leeds we operate from 37,000 sq ft of industrial space which consist of a large factory area and offices. Although sad to leave the factory in which our manufacturing journey began the much larger space offers is an opportunity to develop our manufactured product range further. It also allowed us to continue manufacturing during the recent national lockdown safely with plenty of space between our engineers. This meant that mezzanine floors were still being fabricated and were ready to despatch to sites for installation as soon as restrictions were lifted.

For more information on the use of the UKCA and what it means for British manufactured products from 1st January 2021 please visit the UK Governments guidance page and as always our team are always pleased to hear from you should you wish to contact us. We can be reached on 0113 2045350 or email us at

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