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Discover how a new mezzanine floor can be used to improve your business

Dec 2, 2020 | Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors really do have a way of transforming work spaces. They can take wasted airspace within the four walls of a room or building and convert it into a workable area. The self-supported steel structure is specifically designed to seamlessly fit within the internal space of the building, creating an additional floor level between the ground floor and ceiling and where vertical space allows, multiple mezzanine floor levels can be created

For growing businesses, the mezzanine floor is invaluable because it means they can embrace their up rise whilst remaining at the same premises with no extension needed to the building.

So if you’re beginning to outgrow your business premises a mezzanine floor is certainly an option to consider and here’s why:

  • It’s a cost effective way to enhance your existing space – In comparison to the cost of a building extension, a mezzanine floor is the least expensive option.
  • Hassle free – A mezzanine floor installation involves no major building works to the original structure of the building, therefore any disruption to your business operation will be very minimal and short lived.
  • Designed to maximise space – A mezzanine floor is a bespoke product and will be designed specifically to utilise your particular space and meet your business needs.
  • Future proof – Whether expected or unexpected, further growth in the future can be prepared for with a mezzanine floor solution that is designed to expand quickly and easily.
  • Adds value to property – A mezzanine floor provides more usable space, making the property more desirable.


The mezzanine floor is not exclusive to certain industries or settings so whatever your business type, if you have sufficient height space a mezzanine floor could be implemented to be used in any environment including:

Warehouse and Distribution – Good space utilisation is crucial to productivity in warehouses, distribution centres,fulfilment centres or any other similar type of storage facility. A congested warehouse can cost the business time and money with processes harder to complete, taking longer and becoming more complicated. Because they have no place to go, goods can end up being stored in unsuitable locations where they can become lost or damaged.

warehouse multi tier mezzanine floor


A warehouse mezzanine floor allows sufficient use of overhead space allowing more room for each department to operate effectively, resulting in a streamlined and organised process.

With integrated storage systems a warehouse mezzanine floor can be used to increase storage capacity. The configuration can be designed to suit your particular needs; as an example, pallet racking could be installed bellow the mezzanine level and shelving on the upper level. A warehouse mezzanine floor can also be used to house office space, staff facilities or canteen to free up the ground floor for the warehouse operation.

storage mezzanine floor in warehouse


Manufacturing and Production –To produce a product using various parts, components or ingredients adequate space is required. To be successful and gain a good reputation, manufacturing companies mustn’t stumble when it comes to meeting demand and deadlines even when they suddenly surge.

Relocating manufacturing processes to a new building can take time, involve high costs and cause huge disruption which is why manufacturers opt to improve the use of their current space with the implementation of mezzanine floor. A mezzanine floor can help ensure the production process is efficient and remains that way, even at peak times.

Creating more space to carry out production activities, a mezzanine floor can be used to support your processes and streamline your operations. Your production mezzanine floor can be designed to suit the needs of your business and can accommodate anything from heavy machinery to staff or office facilities.

Retail– The deciding factor on whether potential customers stay in a store long enough to browse and possibly buy is their experience from the moment they enter the store. An overcrowded, poorly configured shop can be off putting, encouraging customers to leave and buy from elsewhere. If your reputation for excellent value and great products has attracted more visits to your store, it would be real shame to then miss out on an increase in potential sales simply due to congestion in your store. Since the covid19 pandemic, social distancing has become a significant factor and many retail outlets have been able to create more usable floor space, allowing customers to shop in a covid safe environment with the mezzanine floor solution.

This retail mezzanine perfectly matches the unique theme and colours of the client's brand


If it’s generous, why not make good use of your vertical space by implementing a mezzanine floor in your retail outlet? This is a perfect solution because it’s much more affordable than relocating and you gain more floor space without extending the building or the stresses and strains of moving your business to new premises.

The great thing about a retail mezzanine floor is that it can increase your floor space whilst becoming a key feature in your store. You can accessorise and decorate the new platform to match your brand and colour theme with bespoke staircases shaped and accessorised to match your desired look with a wide choice of balustrades, flooring type, lighting and decor. So whether you intended to use the floor level for more product display, customer café, changing rooms or offices a mezzanine floor can give your store a new welcoming, airy feel which will certainly improve customer experience.

Retail Mezzanine view from upper floor level


Office based services – A great office environment will contribute greatly to a productive workforce so space and how you use it is vital. To carry out their duties comfortably, employees should have adequate space and not feel crammed and closed in. If head count is growing and floor space isn’t, then employee workspace is likely to be getting smaller.

An office mezzanine floor can create or expand office space for a fraction of the costs involved in relocating or extending the building. This can benefit your employees greatly whose working location remains the same whilst their working environment drastically improves.

You can accessorise and decorated your mezzanine floor so it’s the perfect way to create a modern airy and light environment for employees and visitors whilst matching your desired theme. Once the mezzanine floor is installed, partition walls can be used to create multiple office spaces. Partition walls come in a variety of formats including glass which gives the space a stylish and modern look finished with your choice of carpet or flooring.

Production warehouse with office mezzanine


Hospitality – The aim for restaurants, bars and theatres is to create an environment that customers can enjoy being in. Customers don’t want to feel crammed when eating a meal, having a drink or watching a show.

A mezzanine floor can create more space for more seating areas, giving customers more choice and more space to enjoy their time in your establishment. It’s the perfect solution if relocating or expanding the building is not an option due to costs and disruption.

A mezzanine floor can be integrated into your building with balustrades, handrails and staircases to match the look of your establishment. Not only can a mezzanine floor improve the atmosphere of your establishment, it will enable you to accommodate more customers comfortably at one time.

Health and Care – Hospitals, doctor surgeries, veterinary practices and dental clinics will always prioritise their standard of patient care. Enough space in which to treat patients is vital to ensuring patients are comfortable as they undergo their treatment.

An additional floor level generated by a mezzanine floor provides the perfect opportunity to create more space for patient care. This allows health care environments to improve and expand their care services without the need for new premises.

In the same way as office mezzanine floors, partitions can be integrated to create private rooms for treatments and assessments.

Gyms – As a place where customers go to exercise due to lack of space and equipment at home, it’s vital that a gym provides enough space to ensure comfort for their clients.

As memberships increase, mezzanine floors are becoming more and more popular in gyms.  This is an affordable solution in comparison to relocation which won’t be necessary if you have enough height space for a mezzanine floor. A gym mezzanine floor will provide additional floor space above the original surface footprint area, allowing more members to exercise at the same time.

A gym mezzanine floor can be used to accommodate changing rooms, gym equipment and exercise class studios whilst improving the atmosphere. The upper platform can be designed to match the gym brand and colours whilst making the space feel more open and welcoming


Gym mezzanine floor under construction

Gym mezzanine floor under construction


What are the mezzanine floor access options?

However you intend to use your mezzanine floor, there is a wide range of access options that allow people and goods to travel safely to and from the upper level or levels:

Staircases – For quick and easy access, a mezzanine floor staircase is a practical solution and in some environments and can also become a main feature. Like the mezzanine floor, the staircase is designed to suit the use of the mezzanine floor. For instance a back of house storage mezzanine staircase will be designed purely to provide quick, easy access therefore will be designed for practicality alone and would typically feature grip treading and yellow nosing. A front of house office or retail staircase can be finished to match the look of your premises and can incorporate glass balustrades, stainless steel handrails and silver nosing for example. If your space allows you can opt for a front of house Y shaped staircase to allow access from two directions whilst creating a central feature.

Warehouse mezzanine staircase


Passenger Lift – Suitable in any setting, the passenger lift offers disabled access which is highly recommended in workplaces of any type.

Goods Lift – A mezzanine floor goods lift provides effortless transportation of goods in large quantities during one trip. Goods lifts can vary in their specifications however they are heavy duty and can be wide enough for full pallets, trolleys and carts to be transported.

goods Lifts


Pallet Gate – Transport pallets to and from the upper mezzanine floor levels safely using pallet gates and the assistance of a fork lift truck.The pallet gate opens to allow the pallet that is being lifted by the fork lift truck onto the mezzanine. Once the pallet has been placed onto the upper level edge the pallet gate can close off the exposed edge.

Pallet gate shown as open and closed


Goods Chute – For fast paced environments the goods chute saves time by transporting singular items from the mezzanine level to the ground level quickly and easily. The goods can reach the ground level in seconds which is ideal if you’re looking for fast, effective despatch processing methods.

warehouse mezzanine floor chutes


Will a mezzanine floor safely hold the weight required for its use?

Your mezzanine floor will be designed to suit your space and intended use so whether you require your floor for light storage or heavy machinery the correct weight bearing will be designed into the mezzanine floor plan from which it will be manufactured accordingly.  If you foresee a change of use in the future your mezzanine can be made to suit the use with the heaviest weight bearing requirement.

Will my mezzanine floor require fire rating?

A mezzanine which is used by employees or members of the public will require fire rating. So if you mezzanine floor is used to provide gym space or office space it will require fire rating. If a mezzanine floor exceeds 50 per cent of your floor space or measures over 20 metres at all sides, it will require fire rating regardless of how it’s used.

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