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A gym mezzanine floor – discover the how’s and why’s!

Jul 21, 2020 | Mezzanine Floors

There are countless benefits of a mezzanine floor installation and with the right height space a mezzanine floor can establish itself in any setting so it shouldn’t surprise you that gyms are no exception to this. Like any other environment including warehouses or retail units, a gym mezzanine floor is an excellent alternative to moving or expanding the building. Usable floor space can be doubled or more depending on how generous your existing space is, making room for additional gym equipment and increasing accessibility for your members. It’s a cost effective solution which many gyms are now adopting.

Gym mezzanine floor structural safety

A mezzanine floor is not an off the shelf product, instead they are specifically designed to ensure stability and safety. Developed to fit the space in which it is being installed its essential that the mezzanine floor has the correct weight load bearing to safely use as intended. For these and countless other reasons WSL urges great caution if you’re considering a pre-used mezzanine floor.

If heavy gym equipment is to be used on a mezzanine floor, WSL will incorporate point loads into the design to allow for the equipment footplate; floor deflection will also be considered to allow for as little bounce ensuring floor sagging is prevented.

Climbing Gym Mezzanine (2)

Climbing Gym Mezzanine

Fire rating and building regulations

Because members of the public will use the mezzanine floor, fire rating using specialist fire resistant panels to clad the underside, edges and columns will be required. This as well as sufficient means of fire escape including staircase locations  to enable fast escape in an emergency will be factored in as part of our design process and overseen by fire officers whom WSL will liaise with on your behalf. Before the project has been signed off on completion, WSL will arrange an inspection by a Government Buildings Regulations Officer to ensure the mezzanine matches the safety standards previously signed off in the plans.  You will then be presented with relevant documentation as proof it is safe for use.

Gym mezzanine floor appearance – the wow factor

Your new gym mezzanine floor will not only become an integrated part of your gym, it can be the focus of attention as members enter the space. An intriguing new space which members are unlikely to resist exploring, a mezzanine floor can give the gym a new airy feel whilst adding character to the space. Beyond the main structure the mezzanine can be accessorised to match your theme and colours and can be positioned to not just blend into the existing structure but also become a featured centre-piece. WSL can offer you a wide choice of flooring types, balustrades, colours, lighting, staircases and how their positioned to help make your gym mezzanine floor match your brand and improve the look of your gym.

Gym Mezzanine Access

As well as staircases which can be designed to match your desired look, lifts suitable to transport both people and heavy gym equipment to and from the mezzanine can be incorporated into the design. This supports the physical needs of your members whilst making it easy to move equipment easily when needed.

Gym mezzanine under construction - staircase

Gym mezzanine floor under construction

Why a high quality manufactured mezzanine floor matters

Although it is a separate configuration to the rest of the building, a mezzanine floor is a steel structure and must always meet specific safety and quality regulations.  As a mezzanine floor manufacturer accredited to CE Marking BS EN 1090 now UKCA a Full SEMA Member (Storage and Equipment Manufacturers Association) WSL guarantee extremely high quality and safety standards in every mezzanine floor we manufacture. Manufacturing takes place at our in-house factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire where our professional and talented engineers follow the stringent BS 5950-1:2000 standards for steel sections and BS EN 1993-1-3 for cold rolled sections. Communication between our factory and design team is made easy with our teams working under the same roof and this gives our clients extra flexibility. Once manufactured the component parts are delivered directly to your site where ever it is in the UK and our professional installation team will be ready and waiting to construct the mezzanine floor.

Installing a mezzanine floor inside an actively open gym

Many gyms are open long hours to accommodate the needs of theirs members with some gyms open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so the process of installing a mezzanine floor in a gym actively used by its members may sound a little daunting. WSL can put those worries at ease as we can work around these issues making the installation as simple as possible with minimal disruption. Our professional installation team can carry out the mezzanine floor installation during closed or quieter hours so even if your gym is open 24 hours a day, we can install the mezzanine during the night when it is less busy. The installation will take place in sections with the area being worked on safely cordoned off and we can plan around your situation to ensure the project is complete as efficiently and quickly as possible.

How a gym mezzanine floor can help protect your members and staff against Covid19

As gyms are looking for new ways to adhere to the new social distancing guidelines, a mezzanine floor is the perfect solution. Providing your gym has sufficient height space the installation of a mezzanine floor can allow more members to use the gym at one time, whilst keeping them safe.  You can use the mezzanine floor to not only segregate members as they work-out with more space for machinery, you can add more changing area facilities, wash rooms or WC’s to prevent crowding. As mentioned above there is a great choice of accessories: some of which will make cleaning easier. You may opt for a vinyl floor making it easy to clean away any risk of Covid19 transmission quickly and regularly. Easy to wipe down and disinfect, stainless steel handrails can be implemented along staircases and along the upper level edges. You can choose easy cleaning accessories and fittings which will keep your gym safe and match your desired look.

Mezzanine floor stainless steel and glass edge protection

Gym mezzanine floor with stainless steel hand rails under construction

A gym mezzanine floor by WSL

WSL is currently fitting out a new gym in Glasgow with a new mezzanine floor which will accommodate an array of work out machines, staff areas and member facilities. It will also allow the gym to provide its members with more personal space in which they can work out safely. This project is going really well and we are excited to see the final look of the gym. We will bring you more on this once the fit out is complete.

Climbing Gym Mezzanine (1)

If you’re considering a mezzanine floor to increase usable floor space in your business premises be it a gym, office, warehouse or retail units why not call our expert team today on 0113 2045350. If you want to learn more about mezzanine floors, useful information can be found in our mezzanine floor guide.

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