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Apr 15, 2019 | Mezzanine Floors

Warehouse Systems Limited is pleased to announce the successful completion of our annual CE marking audit.

Our Factory Control Procedure is ratified every year by an external, independent adjudicator who visits our premises and examines not only our working environment but our audit trail for each project. The standard of EN 1090 envelops a large scope of the production procedure and the annual audit report ensures that it is constantly maintained.

WSL is very proud of being one of a very select group of companies who successfully carry the CE Structural Steel accreditation whilst also being a Full SEMA Member. This allows us to reassure our customers that our manufactured products are of the highest of standards in terms of quality and safety.


The CE Marking is a legal requirement all manufacturers of structural steel must have, be it for Mezzanine Floors, Buildings or Bridges. Manufacturers must abide by the CE standards to ensure the products they produce can have a fully transparent chain of production. Because of this each mezzanine floor, stair or run of cantilever racking that goes through our factory is manufactured following CE guide lines, ensuring we can trace every piece of steel from our supplier to your door.

The benefits of using a CE Certified Manufacturer are as follows:
• Full traceability of materials, ensuring test certificates for all steel is readily available and that only top quality steel is used.
• Coded welders who are tested annually and specifically trained against WSL’s welding procedures.
• Fully bespoke systems which are designed to British Standards.
• Peace of mind – using a professional organisation.
• Most insurers and landlords require a CE certified supplier is used.

CE is a vitally important measure of a businesses suitability to provide a quality product that you know will be correct and suitable for your bespoke needs. No two mezzanine floors are the same and CE ensures that each floor is given the full attention of the manufacturer.

UK employers have a duty under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) to make certain that equipment employees are required to use comply with appropriate Essential Requirements under the PUWER 1998 Regulation 10.1. If the mezzanine floor is CE Marked by the supplier, and is being used as per manufacturer instructions then the obligation under PUWER has been met by the employer.

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