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Jun 25, 2021 | Cantilever Racking

As a specialist storage solution, cantilever racking systems designed and manufactured to the specifications of individual inventory types and operations provides a higher degree of sustainability. All cantilever racking systems produced by WSL is unique to each client having undergone prestige design and fabrication by our in house design and manufacturing team.

Cantilever racking: a brief overview

If your inventory is unsuited to pallet racking storage due to its particularly large size, weight, length or shape, cantilever racking is a viable option. Whatever the characteristics of your inventory a cantilever racking system can support your needs whilst providing maximal use of space. With the right design calculations, a cantilever racking system can support extreme weights safely and if your storage needs change the system is easy to adapt without much effort. The structure can stand up to ten metres high and can be positioned along walls or back to back if multiple structures are adopted. Cantilever racking is mostly found in facilities managing items such as timber, pipes, white goods or furniture and can also be used for external storage. Galvanisation strengthens the already robust structure further allowing it to withstand all weather conditions. Open faced, there is no obstructions to view enabling easy stock management and direct access.

Cantilever racking used to store pipes

Your cantilever racking system, your unique solution

At WSL we often mention the fact that every operation is unique. This is because it’s true and it’s the very reason why we fabricate bespoke solutions rather than just design and supply them. We develop cantilever racking in accordance to inventory type, shape, quantity and size whilst prioritising space utilisation to ensure a cost effective, space saving solution that offers sustainability. WSL’s fabrication capabilities allow for great flexability so even the most complex storage needs for none palletised goods can be met.

Designing your bespoke cantilever racking solution

The process of a new cantilever racking solution begins with a site survey carried out by one of our experienced Design Technicians with no cost to our clients. During the visit our designer will gather relevant information including:

  • Inventory type –This includes size, shape, volume and quantities to ensure all inventory needs can be met with the right design calculations in terms of weight bearing, size and length.
  • Available space – Cantilever racking is a space saving solution that can be configured to utilise as much space as possible. This would involve examining height space and floor space to ensure the most space saving configuration.

Our designer will then determine the characteristics of the structure of which the components include:

  • Uprights – Vertical posts connected from the base
  • Bracings – Connecting the uprights, the X shaped bracings help create a single, sturdy structure
  • Base – Ensures the structure is balanced and stable through even weight load support
  • Arms – Extending out from the uprights, the cantilevered arms support the inventory being stored.

During each design, these components are carefully calculated in accordance to the client’s individual requirements and inventory needs. The designer will consider the required:

  • Upright height and capacity – Inventory size, shape and quantity will determine this as well as available height space.
  • Arm lengths and quantities – This is to ensure that the width and weight of the loads are fully supported and there’s no risk of buckling or items overhanging the arms.
  • Bracing dimensions – This depends on the required space between the uprights.
  • Arm quantities and spacing – Determined by the length of the items being stored, a gap too wide between the arms can result in product delectation, causing damage.

Cantilever racking can successfully store a wide range of inventory types and is proven to be a sustainable solution if design calculations are carefully implemented. This is why your WSL Design Technician will spend sufficient time getting to know your inventory characteristics and your operational requirements. This information alongside a thorough space assessment will ensure a cantilever racking solution that meets your exact needs in not just the short term, but in the long term too.

Warehouse with cantilever racking installed

Manufacturing your bespoke cantilever racking solution

Once approved by yourself our designers will pass your plans to our fabrication engineers located at our in-house Leeds factory. Within a 37,000 sq ft manufacturing space our talented engineers with extensive experience are able to manufacture your cantilever racking solution to the exact design specifications whatever the size and however complex.

All cantilever racking solutions manufactured by WSL are fabricated to the inflexible standards of BS 5950-1:2000 – Structural use of steelwork in buildings: Part 1 – Code of practice for design, rolled and welded sections. This alongside our UKCA (Previously CE Marking) certification and our Full SEMA  Membership (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association), WSL can assure our clients of the very highest standards where safety and quality are never compromised.

Having our entire team working in collaboration within the same building benefits our clients greatly in terms of accuracy, flexibility, speed and costs. There’s no mark up cost to meet, no third party incompetence or delays and there’s the ability to make amendments right up until the latest stage. WSL will create your cantilever racking solution in Leeds before delivering the parts to your site, wherever it is in the UK and will install the solution for you.

WSL welding image

Installing your bespoke cantilever racking solution

On the back of a HGV your cantilever racking components will leave our factory and head directly to your site where our installation team will be ready and waiting to off load the parts. Our installers are all highly experienced and professional whilst being friendly and approachable. Cantilever racking is quick and easy to assemble so the process wont take very long and on completion, the area will be left as found with all packaging and any rubbish taken away.

Cantilever racking by WSL

There’s nothing compromised when you adopt a bespoke cantilever racking system designed, manufactured and installed by WSL. An established and trusted UK manufacturer of various bespoke storage solutions, WSL holds Full SEMA Membership and UKCA certification reflecting our commitment to providing high quality, safe solutions.

From the initial enquiry to project completion you will be met with a high level of attentiveness at every stage by our team.  Beyond installation WSL is always on hand to provide further support and assistance including regular safety inspections.

Call the WSL team today on 0113 2045350 to discuss your cantilever racking solution.

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