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Pallet Live Racking

What is Pallet Live Racking?

Pallet live racking has it all if you’re looking to simultaneously increase speed, boost productivity, improve inventory management and maximise space utilisation. As a single solution serving multiple purposes, pallet live racking is certainly innovative but without the complex technology. Instead it is powered naturally by gravity, allowing it to naturally support perishable inventory and speed.

The Dynamic Traits Of Pallet Live Racking

Movement – The movement of pallets within the structure without any human effort saves massively in terms of labour costs and time

Speed – The orderly flow of pallets and harmonised picking face contributes to an optimal retrieval process, resulting in a streamlined and cost-effective process

Stock rotation – The First-in First-out (FIFO) method which is naturally adopted by the pallet journey, eliminates waste to enhance profitability

Space utilisation – The compacted rows combined with deep running lanes, ensures that every inch of the cubic area is utilised, making your entire space work for you.

Pallet Live Racking System
Pallet live base rollers

Who Uses Pallet Live?


Pallet Live Racking is very versatile type of pallet racking and can be used in many industries, particularly fast pace environments with a high turn-over of products or where there is a need for failsafe stock rotation. Pallet live racking is found mostly in the food and beverage industries due the fast flow of goods and the need to rotate stock, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Because it’s so compact, pallet live is particularly useful in temperature controlled environments. This is because it can store more within a limited footprint area, saving money on energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Pallet live racking

Is Pallet Live Racking Expensive?

In comparison to a standard wide aisle pallet racking system, or even the non-dynamic but deep lane drive-through racking system, the initial investment may be higher with a pallet live system, simply because of the additional components.

That being said, pallet live racking does have continuous energy which will see a much faster and sustained return, allowing for anticipated long term profitability.

If you are interested to know the cost of a pallet live racking system for your operation, it won’t cost you anything to find out. Just contact WSL on 0113 2045350 or email sales@wslmail.co.uk and we will arrange a free site survey which will involve a visit from one of our Technical Designers who will assess your space and take time to understand your specific operational requirements. Following this you will receive a non-obligatory quotation with an enclosed plan of your potential pallet live racking solution.

How Does It Work?

Pallet Live Configuration

Pallet live is a compact system consisting of deep running racks creating lanes and two aisles located at opposite ends. One aisle is used for loading and the other is used for picking creating a fail safe stock rotation process which is ideal for storing and managing perishable goods. The number of lanes and height will depend on your space and storage requirements however, the space saved through this compact configuration can be significant.

Pallet Live Components

As well as the frame, beams and uprights of a standard pallet racking system other components on this include rollers to allow the pallets to gently move forward, pallet guides to assist the operator when loading to ensure the pallet is central, breaking system to control the speed of the pallets and backstops to ensure the pallet stops once it reached the picking face.

Pallet Live Movement

The structure itself is slightly tilted. This encourages movement once the pallets have been placed on the floor of the lane which is made up of rollers whilst built in breaking systems prevent the pallet from travelling over the edge of the rack

Design Options?

To increase space utilisation further you can implement the pushback management system. This only requires one aisle on which you load and unload so you can gain even more storage. This works on a First-in Last-out basis so if stock rotation is not a priority but speed, simplicity and space management is, this may be the design option for you.

Pallet live Racking System

Is a Pallet Live Racking System right for your warehouse

Pallet live Racking is a dynamic, high density storage solution which provides failsafe automatic stock rotation by using the FIFO (First-in First-out) method

Ideal for a continuous flow of high volume consumer goods and the FIFO method is the perfect solution when stock rotation is required for perishable goods. This cleverly organised system can increase your storage density by 70%, whilst providing direct access with a good overall view of stock.

To establish whether a pallet live racking system is right for your business speak to WSL. We can arrange for a member of our design team to visit your site to carry out a free site survey and whilst there, spend time understanding your warehouse operations and business goals. You can ask any questions you have and discuss your requirements in detail. From here our designer will produce a computerised plan detailing the layout which will best optimise your space and support your processes.  If pallet live racking is not the right solution for you, there are many alternatives including drive-in and drive-through pallet racking which offer deep storage and the option of automatic stock rotation.

The benefits

Why Choose Pallet Live Racking?

Pallet live is a dynamic, high density storage solution which provides failsafe automatic stock rotation by using the FIFO (First-in First-out) method


Maximise Floor Space

Only 2 aisles are required, one to load new stock and the other for picking stock at the opposite side, so at least 70% of your floor area can be used for storage


Increase Throughput Speed

With the separation of loading and picking aisles, forklift truck operators can carry out their tasks without the interruption of congestion or clashing making this a highly efficient system.


Rotate Stock Automatically

This system operates FIFO basis, ensuring automatic stock rotation.


Reduce Damage

MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) never enters the rack, so the risk of damage is reduced greatly

Why choose wsl?

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We aim to fit our pallet rack systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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