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Is a live storage system right for your business?

Live storage systems are an ideal solution for fast paced warehouses where stock volume is high and space is critical. Using built-in gravity controlled rollers the system can swiftly move your loaded units to its picking destination without human interaction, allowing a continuous flow of goods and simplifying the picking process. Built around your inventory characteristics a live storage system can be used for palletised or boxed items and can work on both the first-in first-out (FIFO) and Last-in First-out (LIFO) methods

Types of Live Storage Systems

Pallet Live Racking System

A pallet live racking system offers high density compact storage for palletised goods and because it works on the First-in First-out (FIFO) method it ensures failsafe stock rotation which greatly benefits industries supplying consumable goods such as food, drink and medicinal items. For such businesses the swift streamlined process with high productivity and excellent stock control that pallet live racking can provide, is key to ensuring a clear logistical operation.

How does it work?

When a pallet enters the structure it is placed on rollers at the starting point of a slightly sloped, deep lane in which the pallet will gently move forward towards the picking face. The pallet stops and rests when it meets the picking face or meets the pallet in front and forms a queue. The speed of the moving pallet is controlled with speed connectors and brakes fixed into the system to prevent pallets from colliding. When a pallet is removed from the picking face, the following pallet will automatically move forward and this creates an automatic stock rotation.

You can increase storage density by up to 70% as pallets are stored deep within the compact structure. Only two aisles are required, one for loading and one for picking and both are external to the structure, running parallel to each other at either end of the racks. Being located in separate areas the risk of collision and hold-ups whilst in operation is greatly reduced. The structure itself is similar to that of standard pallet racking only much more compact therefore conventional fork lift trucks are perfectly suited with no need to purchase specialist handling equipment.

Key advantages:

  • Provides failsafe automation
  • Maximises floor space
  • Increases throughput speed
  • Reduced damage to both stock and structure
  • Suitable for conventional fork lift trucks
  • Bulk storage
  • Direct access
  • Streamlines the picking process
  • Reduces costs of human labour


Pallet Live – Push Back Pallet Racking

Pallet live can also be designed to work on the Last-in First-Out (LIFO) method and is often referred to as push back racking. Used across a wide range of industries including those who store consumable and none consumable goods the push back pallet racking is ideal for fast paced environments with high numbers of SKU’s. The compact structure allows you to double or even triple your storage when compared to a standard APR system whilst providing direct access and reducing the need for physical labour.

How does it work?

A combination of deep lanes on all levels with rollers and a slight incline to the framework enables pallets to move deep within the structure without effort. Once a pallet is loaded the rollers will assist the pallet as it meets the previously loaded pallet and pushes it back deeper into the lane. The activity of loading and picking pallets is carried out on the same aisle so essentially all available space can be optimised for storage with the exception of just one working aisle. The pallet most recently deposited

will be picked first so where stock rotation is not a priority but an increase in productivity and speed is, this really is an ideal solution.

Key advantages:

  • Maximised full cubic area
  • Direct Access
  • Increases speed and efficiency
  • Suitable for conventional fork lift trucks
  • Reduced damage to both stock and structure
  • Reduces costs of human labour
  • Ideal for fast turnover of stock without the need for rotation


Carton Live Shelving

A carton live shelving system supports the fast flow of inventory in high volumes which are picked and loaded by hand.  The system provides automatic rotation by working the first-in first-out (FIFO) method and is suited to a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals, electronic items such as phones and computers, cosmetic items or small part items. Very versatile, carton live shelving can handle multiple varieties of stock at the same time and can adjust to your changing needs.

How does it work?

Small or medium sized boxed items are manually placed directly onto the rollers or in trays before moving down the gentle slope toward the picking aisle. Some items may be delicate or heavy so an automatic breaking system is fitted to protect your products and employees. The system can also be adjusted to support changing product types and lanes can be separated to suppor

t products of varied size, weight or other specifics. Like the pallet racking systems above, carton live shelving ensures speed and accuracy whilst maximising storage space.

Key Advantages:

  • Operates an automatic stock rotation
  • Maximises storage space
  • Reduced handling time
  • Faster and streamlined picking
  • Can handle multiple lines of different products



A live storage system can be designed to fully support your operation and accommodate your inventory needs. Whether you require live storage for palletised goods, none palletised goods or even a combination of both WSL has the expertise, knowledge and experience to create the perfect solution for your operation. Call our team today on 0113 204 5350 for further information on how WSL can help support the flow of inventory in your facility.

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