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Carpet Racking

Simplify the storage and handling of long rolled goods in your facility with a carpet racking system.  Suitable for rolled materials such as carpet, vinyl, cloth or artificial grass, a carpet racking system helps you to organise your goods whilst storing them securely in a space saving configuration.

What is Carpet Racking?

The skeletal structure of a carpet racking system consists of the frames and beams used to create a standard wide aisle system. The difference is that the carpet racking system can incorporate deep tunnelling bays to enable support for rolls of a particularly long length. To achieve this, the skeletal structure extends out with continuous duplicates of the first row until the required length is achieved.

How does carpet racking work?

A pigeonhole configuration, but on a much larger scale, the gridded format of tunnelled compartments enables the horizontal storage of the tubular items. The entire lane of each bay is decked, typically using chipboard to create a smooth base rather than rough saw timber decks which can scratch and snag the delicate material. This boxed in arrangement protects the rolls from light, dust and accidental bending. You can store multiple rolls of the same product in one compartment, helping you keep stock organised whilst the open fronted configuration gives high visibility, aiding stock level management.

Placing and retrieving the rolled products is made easy with the use of a boom fork lift truck (FLT) attachment which enables the truck to switch between pallet handling to roll handling easily and quickly. The pole-like accessory will enter the centre of the roll in order to lift it from the position and transport it.

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Carpet Racking used with FLT Boom attachment
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Installing your carpet racking system

The simple components used to create a carpet racking structure makes is quick and easy to assemble. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, our friendly installation team will be on site ready to take delivery of all components before they begin preparing those parts for installation. The racking will be assembled in sections and our team will use the assistance of scissor lifts and fork lift trucks where required. The arrangements for these to be available for the installation process will be made in advance. On completion our team will leave your site clean and tidy, allowing you the opportunity to start using your new system without delay.

Carpet Racking storing rolled goods

Maintaining the safety of your carpet racking system

Like any other type of racking system, it is advisable to ensure the safety and integrity of your carpet racking system is maintained. As a business and employer, the obligation to ensure the safety of those working with or around the structure is both legal and moral.

Robust steel protection barriers and upright protectors will help prevent the structure suffering the impact of potential collisions caused by moving handling equipment. In line with the body of the FLT these are placed around the lower part of the structure, guarding the uprights and rack ends which are the most vulnerable areas when exposed to a moving truck. This will prevent repeated knocks to the structure which can cause weaknesses over time and could lead to catastrophic incidents.

An annual rack inspection carried out to SEMA Guidelines will also help ensure the safety of the structure is continual. Your WSL rack inspector can visit your site once a year to carry out these safety checks to prevent weaknesses from going unnoticed and worsening. The inspection entails a thorough assessment of each component and will conclude with a full report detailing any issues found and action advisories.

On the same note, internal checks can be carried out by your team in between professional inspections to help ensure safety is continually maintained. Trained by a WSL inspector, your team can learn how to spot areas of concern such as recent damage and take action accordingly, rather than it go unnoticed until the next professional inspection. Our WSL inspectors can train up to six delegates at your site in one session which will normally take around half a day to complete upon which a certificate will be issued. The regularity of the internal inspections will depend on the size of your operation with some operations requiring weekly or fortnightly checks and others which may require monthly checks.

How does carpet racking safe space?

When laid horizontally the height of a rolled item is minimal, something you can use to your advantage when using a carpet racking system. Although deep, the height of each bay is shorter than that of a pallet racking bay, allowing for more bays within the same surface area resulting in maximised storage capacity. Despite the large footprint needed for the deep running rack compartments and FLT movement, you can gain more storage by laying the rolls horizontally and making the most of your hight space.

Is Carpet Racking Expensive?

Carpet racking is a solution based on the wide aisle racking system which is renowned for its affordability. This is due to the simplicity of the structure which consists of frames and beams and no specialist components. Although decking is crucial for carpet racking the chipboard option is the most effective whilst being the least expensive, keeping the cost of decking to a minimum. Like the wide aisle racking system, the carpet racking system can keep up with your changing needs through its easy adjustable beams and as efficiency increases, productivity will too, resulting in a return on your investment.

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The design of your carpet racking solution

Your requirements to store and easily manage long rolled items in high volume whilst saving space can be easily met with a bespoke carpet racking solution designed and implemented by the trusted WSL team.  As a specialist solution with a bespoke design, the first step towards implementing effective support for your operation is to arrange a free site survey which will be carried out by a member of our expert design team.

During the visit on site, our Technical Designer will focus on gathering information and gaining an understanding of your operational and inventory needs. This combined with a thorough assessment of your space will enable the designer to create the most effective solution for your space and needs.

Following the site visit, you will receive plans created by our designer using computer assisted software to allow you to visualise your bespoke carpet racking solution in your space. This will be accompanied by a non-obligatory quotation.

Rolled goods stored on carpet racking system
The benefits

Why Choose Carpet Racking?

With a carpet racking solution engineered to meet your specific needs, the benefits to your operation and improvements to space utilisation will be instant.

Carpet Racking is a customised system, designed to meet your specific needs whilst promoting optimal use of space, precise inventory management, heightened productivity and workplace safety. Other benefits of a carpet racking system include:


Effective Inventory Support

A bespoke design suited to any type of long rolled product including carpet, rugs, flooring, vinyl, artificial grass, soft cloth materials and package wrapping


Direct Access to Stock

Every roll can be accessed directly and for longer and heavier rolls, this process is simplified further with the use of a boom FLT attachment


Meets Changing Needs with Ease

Highly adjustable to allow changing needs to be met quickly and easily


Store more within the same surface area

Optimal beam configuration, allowing for more bays in a single column to maximise height space


Improved stock management

Every roll is visible without the need to search through the stock, making stock management much easier and simpler.


Minimise risk of damage to goods

Protects the goods from the elements whilst in storage as the rolls lay within a secure deep running bay


Increased Safety

The ability to handle goods using the FLT boom attachment improves operational safety for employees.

Why choose wsl?

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We aim to fit our pallet rack systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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