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Looking for a pallet racking budget cost?

Feb 14, 2023 | Pallet Racking

It’s always advisable to have a good idea of the probable costs involved before embarking on a pallet racking project which is why obtaining a pallet racking budget cost is a sensible move.

Based on the particulars of your potential project, accurate estimations can be drawn up by a WSL Design Technician in order to produce a comprehensive pallet racking budget cost.

What is a pallet racking budget cost?

A pallet racking budget cost is an estimation of total project expenditure and is based on the cumulative costs that are likely to be incurred throughout the project.  The budget cost provides a clear indication of the level of funding required and is therefore seen as a tool that enables informed subsequent decisions. When creating your pallet racking budget costs, a WSL Design Technician will probe into individual cost factors including quantities, scope, labour and equipment before coming to a comprehensive projection of overall project costs.

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Why pallet racking budget costing is necessary  

If your prospective pallet racking project was to materialise, it would cost money. The question is how much?  Primarily a budget cost will help determine feasibility and is likely to be a key factor when deciding whether or not to move forward with the project. The estimation can also assist financial and effective project planning and enables you to get a handle on spending right from the start.

How to ensure the most accurate pallet racking budget cost 

The more detail, the better! Its worth remembering that when you turn to WSL for a pallet racking budget cost, you are actually turning to an expert team! This is an opportunity you can maximise by ensuring your WSL Design Technician is provided with key information which can be used alongside a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure the most economical yet effective pallet racking budget cost.

So what information will assist your WSL Design Technician in the development of a pallet racking budget cost?

Infographic checklist for a pallet racking budget cost

Space dimensions – With your space dimensions at hand, the most optimal pallet racking configuration can be reflected in your cost estimations. Making the very best use of space is a huge money saver and this is an area in which WSL Design Technicians are exceptionally skillful, so be sure to include both floor and height space dimensions!

Pallet details – In order to achieve the most accurate pallet racking budget proposal, your WSL Design Technician would need a sound understanding of your pallets. Specific dimensional details such as approximate height, depth and width of the pallets will help the designer to appropriately calculate beam and frame positioning. It is important to ensure the right amount of clearance between pallet and the surrounding framework which will range from 75ml to 150ml. The higher the rack the wider the clearance needs to be, particularly if the operator is loading from ground level where visibility of the space is limited during the activity.  So, of you have a rigid tape measure at hand, it would be useful to measure your pallets front to back, left to right and their height.

Overhang is another element to consider. What is the likelihood that the stock on the pallet would extend over the edge of the pallet? As an example, when a pallet is holding multiple bags of flour with one placed on top of another then bags are likely to spread into a wider circumference leading to the outer units extending over the edge of the pallet.

How much do your pallets weigh? Your WSL Design Technician will need this information in order to ensure an accurate calculation of weight load bearing, which will of course influence cost.

A loaded pallet being pulled by a manual pull and pump truck

Key inventory traits – To create a pallet racking budget cost which embodies a solution that will support your inventory needs, it’s important that your WSL Design Technician is aware of any key inventory traits that would need to be prioritised. An example could be the need to rotate stock therefore a system that operates on the First-In First-Out (FIFO) basis could become an option. Or it could be that your goods require a temperature controlled storage environment, for which a compact storage configuration could be considered to help keep energy costs low.

Other useful information

When would you anticipate the project starting? – This doesn’t need to be exact; however a rough estimate will help our designer as lead times on manufacturing and stock are being gauged.

Do you have any existing sketches? Whilst not essential, any existing plans or drawings of your space, current set-up or anticipated layout would be very useful. A sketch would make it much easier for our designer to visualise your space and in turn produce the most accurate estimations and optimal configurations.

Your contact details – Mainly being your email address to allow the designer to send your budget cost quotation to you and your contact number should the designer have any questions during the design process. Location would be very useful too! Particularly because it’s always possible that the technician drawing up your budget cost is in the same area whilst visiting other sites, therefore it would be the perfect opportunity to meet in person!

Receiving your pallet racking budget costs

On receipt of the relevant information, your WSL Design Technician will aim to return your pallet racking budget costs by email within 24 hours.  If you have any questions upon receipt or want to discuss further, you can contact the Design Technician direct using the contact details included in the budget cost email.

Turning your budget cost into a precise quotation

Your pallet racking budget cost has given you a strong indication of how much your project is likely to cost and has guided you to appropriate funding, however as it is a price estimate, it isn’t binding. The next step would be to obtain a precise pallet racking quotation.  When compared to the estimated costs, any variations in the actual quotation would normally be minor providing the estimate was drawn up on accurate information. Anything that could have been overlooked would be discovered during a site survey carried out by the Design Technician.

Site Survey

The purpose of the free site survey is to enable the Design Technician to produce an accurate sales drawing. Arriving on site in person, the technician will look out for, and take note of relevant details that are likely to influence the final sales drawing. These include space dimensions, exit doors including emergency exits, the lighting configuration, location of any expansion joints on the floor, possible obstructions such as permanent columns and the shape of the building. The Design Technician will also take the opportunity to discuss your requirements and understand your operational needs in depth.

It is always possible for a site survey to reveal additional options that may be worth considering. This could be taller racks, a specific pallet racking type or a mixture of different solutions that would meet the needs of your operation whilst making the best use of the space.  In such instances, our designer can draw up a plan and quotation from more than one alternative.

A sales drawing being produced

Your written pallet racking quotation

Your official quotation will be received by email and will consist of:

  • A specification of the proposed pallet racking system
  • A detailed layout plan
  • A break down of supply, deliver and installation costs
  • Terms of payment
  • Validation details
  • The contact details of your Technical Designer should you have any questions

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