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Many Pallet Racking Components Stocked by WSL

Oct 19, 2021 | Pallet Racking

WSL now stock pallet racking components allowing us to provide greater support our clients as supply chain issues continue. We stock essential elements of industrial pallet racking in common capacities/dimensions including:

  • Frames (in component form)
  • Beams
  • Row Spacers
  • Column Guards

With periodic replenishment of the stock WSL’s priority is to ensure that time-bound needs can be met in line with the operational requirements of our clients. Having stock readily available means WSL can deliver bespoke pallet racking solutions within one to two weeks, solving storage problems within an acceptable time frame in many cases.

VNA racking system created using stocked components

Why WSL is choosing to stock pallet racking components

WSL’s continuous evolvement over the last three decades has allowed client-needs to drive projects, rather than constraints caused by the surrounding environment. By grasping real opportunities to develop, WSL has purposefully extended the range of services we offer over the years for the benefit of our clients.

Our entrance into fabrication in 2008 for example, meant we could begin to manufacture bespoke mezzanine floor solutions in-house to the exact specification of the client without risk of potential hurdles that often occur when third party suppliers are involved. Today WSL’s growing manufactured product range includes staircases, handrails, guide rails, cantilever racking, pallet gates, protection barriers, coil racking, column guards and many more.

Our decision to stock pallet racking components has been largely influenced by the concern for businesses working to regain efficiency after the pandemic, yet many are being faced with prolonged storage issues due to supply chain disruption.  For some, just a single replacement beam that can’t be delivered for two months means two months of reduced storage capacity because the racks can’t be used safely. For others, their inventory needs have changed and without efficient pallet racking in place to support those needs, service levels will decline.

At WSL our clients rely on us as a supportive business to enable their business to operate effectively and it’s through sustained relationships with our own suppliers that we are able to source in bulk to better serve our clients as and when they require. Improving the odds of a more time-effective and efficient solution to hindering storage issues has huge benefits to our clients who can operate productively sooner than expected. WSL recently started a project using already sourced components which enabled the ultimate creation over 30,000 new pallet racking locations in our client’s distribution warehouse. The toy retailer’s goal of ‘complete readiness’ before the start of the Christmas rush has been achieved through their now fully stocked and operational warehouse.

New pallet Racking System constructed using stocked componenets


Where do we keep our stock of pallet racking components?

WSL relocated to a two acre site in October 2019 just as we were celebrating 30 years in operation. The move to the new site in Leeds enabled us to accommodate the growth we were experiencing and anticipated growth with office and factory space totalling around 40,000sqft readily available. Also on the site is a 5,000sqft warehouse which is currently being utilised for the bulk reserve of pallet racking components, but that’s not all……………

Our plans to drastically expand as a stockist

WSL has plans to replace the 5,000sqft storage warehouse with 24,650sqft of industrial space through a carefully planned three phased extension. The new space, in addition to the existing offices and factory will provide a total of almost 70,000sqft of operational space across the two acres of land. The new industrial space will be dedicated to stocking all types of pallet racking parts and components, allowing us to dramatically increase our on site stock levels and variations.

What this will mean for our clients

Currently, the ability to stock a number of basic pallet racking components enables us to provide many clients with their bespoke solutions in a timelier manner. By expanding our facility, we will have the capacity to intensify the range of components we stock and the volume, allowing us to directly meet any unique requirement. We will be able to widen our range of components and include specialist parts so even the most complex solutions can be sought without delay.

Whether it’s a case of supplying a single replacement part, or a whole new racking system, by serving our clients as a stockiest in addition to our existing services, we look to enhanced lead-times, flexibility and simplicity even in times of difficulties such as these.

Stocked racking componenets being used to create vast pallet racking solution

An ever expanding in-house service

We recognise the value our in-house service brings to our clients who appreciate not having to deal will delays, confusion or errors that can frequently arise when multiple suppliers are involved in a single project. In 1989, WSL started out as a supply only storage solutions provider and now offers a very flexible, person-to-person service where our clients can rest assured that their project is being managed by the very same team who designed their solution.

Although investment in physical space has influenced our ability expand our in-house services into manufacturing and stocking, it’s the talent, experience and knowledge of our team that has made it possible. All under one roof, WSL has a strong team of Technical Designers, Project Managers, Engineers, Draftsmen and Warehouse Personnel who interact closely and lean on each others expertise to ensure the efficient conduct of every project. It’s the high levels of competency within our centralised operation that enable WSL to enhance and expand to new undertakings

What’s next?

Keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for further updates on the expansion plans, and in the meantime, if you’re looking to source your pallet racking solution, call our team on 0113 2045350 or email and we will do whatever we can to meet your specific and time-bound needs.

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