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WSL is set to expand our Quick Stock capacity – and on a large scale too!

Jan 11, 2023 | Pallet Racking, Uncategorized

Here we are! Year 34 of successful operation, and there is absolutely no sign of deceleration for WSL! In actual fact, our plans for 2023 are all about expansion, growth and development!

After a lengthy wait, WSL have been given the green light to add a further 21,000 sq. ft. to our existing operational space which sits on a two acre site just on the outside of Leeds City Centre. In total our operational space will mount to approximately 50,000 sq. ft. once the expansion is complete.

Components ready to be installed

The basic notion of our Quick Stock expansion

This exciting new development follows the recognition of supply chain issues within the industry brought about by the pandemic and Brexit. In an effort to ease the pain of fragility in the supply chain for our customers, we began to utilise the space in our small warehouse which sits alongside our factory to stock as many components of pallet racking and shelving systems as possible. This has enabled our team to minimise the effects of supply chain restraints for many of our customers, particularly at a time where businesses are looking to adapt quickly to fast changing demands within their own industry. For many of our clients, the ability to proceed with their project without unnecessary time delays or costs has been a huge advantage and as the instability remains across our distribution networks our aim is to expand our Quick Stock capacity to bring the same level of advantage to every project, every single time.

Delivering a time sensitive pallet racking project

What this means for our customers

With additional warehouse space of 21,000 sq. ft., WSL will have to capacity to hold our Quick Stock on a much larger scale than present. This means that the volume and varieties of components we are able to stock will not be limited, so whatever the solution our customers require, we can follow straight from the approved design with immediate delivery and installation. In short, a turbulent supply chain will have no effect on the projects of our customers, whatever the size, location or type of storage solution being implemented.

On order placement, our warehouse operatives will pick and prepare the components for despatch, the parts will be delivered directly from our warehouse to site, and our installation team will ready and waiting to offload the delivery and install the solution.

With the WSL team at the controls of every aspect of a project from design, right through to completion, needless delays, costs and blunders will not be a concern for our customers.

Another great advantage is our commitment to ensuring we stock pallet racking components with relevancy, even if they become “legacy products”! So of your pallet racking becomes obsolete and you are worried about sourcing a part for a repair for example, just call WSL! We may just have what need!!

An acceleration of our in-house services

WSL began our journey in 1989 as a designer and supplier of bespoke storage solutions and this involved third party suppliers at many stages of a project. Fast forward to 2008 when WSL entered fabrication, we gained the ability to sidestep the need for third party involvement and obtained more control over specific projects. Our ability to fabricate the mezzanine floor solutions that we have designed under the same roof as our factory means we can avoid restrictions, delays and costs that can be associated with sub-contract manufacturing. Instead, our customers enjoy the benefits of more flexibility and ability to meet their needs, however complex because WSL have the talent and skills of our in-house design and engineering team to perfect each and every unique solution. Today, the product range which WSL manufacture in-house is vast. Manufactured in accordance to design, these items include mezzanine floors, staircases, edge protection in terms of handrails, guide rails, rack end tubular barriers, upright protectors, pallet gates, fork lift truck boom and snow plough attachments and cantilever racking systems.

All under the same roof, communication between all team members and departments have a direct route, leaving out the risk of misinformation which is often associated with chained communications amongst multiple parties. This is an advantage which will extended to our Quick Stock warehouse services, with our in-house teams using the same integral interactions corridor to communicate directly. The process for selecting and picking the right components for projects will follow a very simple and streamlined process which will go towards the efficient delivery of your project.

In addition to having the ability to design, manufacture, stock and deliver bespoke storage solutions promptly and without hindrances or mark up costs, another aspect to our services will be to enable our customers to have access to our Quick Stock online. In the form of an online catalogue, our customers will be able to purchase individual components and storage products directly through our ecommerce website – details of which will be released in due course – so look out for announcement on our website!!

Why go the long way round when you can choose a straight and simple road with WSL?

Project Timeline benefits of WSL in-house service

One site – multiple essential services

The WSL office accommodates a spectacular workforce with many specialising in Technical Design and Project Management. The open plan office allows for direct collaboration between the teams whose communication is essential to ensuring a client-centric service from start to finish.

Leading from the office is our factory where you would find a number of talented engineers fabricating bespoke solutions to the exact specification of the design.

Extending from the factory will be our new quick stock warehouse, which will replace the smaller warehouse which currently stands in the corner of the yard. Working in this new space will be our stock management team and operators who will manage the stock and ensure outgoing goods are properly prepared and despatched.

pallet racking end frames

The exciting road ahead for WSL and our customers

This will be a significant expansion for WSL and our team are very excited to be part of it, and are looking forward to welcoming new colleagues as our fantastic company grows! But the most importantly, this expansion will benefit our customers who can rely on us as a Full SEMA Member and UKCA certified manufacturer, a designer, a stockist and an installer with proficient Project Managers to deliver their project entirely.

Please keep a look out for updates on our expansion and how it progresses over the coming months! And don’t forget we currently stock in our existing warehouse, so if you have a project that your looking to get underway fairly quickly call our team today on 0113 2045350 or email


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