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WSL continues to deliver despite the current supply chain turbulence

To nobody’s surprise, mayhem is at the epicentre of supply chain around the world as businesses battle with disruptions, delays and price escalations. As we emerge into the post-pandemic era, the task of sourcing the products and materials we require has become more complicated, time-consuming and costly. Take the mezzanine floor for example. A fourteen week lead time for a mezzanine floor is way too long for many businesses, not to mention the rising prices, but given the current position of supply and demand you wonder if there’s really any choice. The good news is that although no business is exempt from risks posed by the current supply chain climate, some are in a much stronger position, so in truth there are better options. Enabled by our in-house manufacturing capabilities, strong supplier relationships and commitment to ensuring client-centric services, WSL remains competent when it comes to producing bespoke solutions within preferred time-frames. So how do we do it?

Strong Supplier Relationships

Amongst the hardest hit are the construction and manufacturing industries both of which rely on their supply chain for specialist material. Just a single break in their now fragile supply chain and the effects will sprawl, affecting the functionality of the business as a whole. Resilience during testing times such as these is generated by the strength formed within well established business networks. An industry leader since 1989, WSL has long standing relationships with our UK suppliers, many of which go back decades. Rather than scrambling to source materials, WSL is prioritised as a long standing partner by our suppliers with whom our constant dialog enables quicker access where possible to pallet racking, shelving and of course mezzanine floor steel components. As a British manufacturer of mezzanine floors, this faster route to sourcing material means that we can begin the fabrication process sooner rather than later, allowing us to reduce lead times by a number of weeks for many projects. Although the price of steel has risen across the board, WSL has a distinct edge for competitive pricing as a British manufacturer to limit those costs where possible. When sourcing directly from a mezzanine floor manufacturer, there’s no third party margin unlike supply only; and our steel is sourced at favourable costs so any savings we make can be passed to our clients. Our cost-effective and direct routes to sourcing pallet racking components enables WSL to continue on with pallet racking projects including the implementation of a pallet racking system for 50,000 pallets in a single warehouse. Without supply chain set backs, this particular project is almost complete and is on schedule allowing our client to begin operating as planned. All of our suppliers are UK based, highly reputable with quality and safety assurance, something we have always vigorously ensured, so even if choice is limited from each supplier, quality and safety isn’t. Steel delivery

Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

As a mezzanine floor manufacturer we pride ourselves in our ability to offer our clients flexibility and its times like these when this advantage becomes distinct. With the devised intervention of our in-house engineers, fabrication allows us to take full control of the mezzanine floor design, matching all materials to our supplier’s availability. The skills, ample creativity and effective talent o four fabrication team gives rise to engineering and problem solving with perfect results. As a British manufacturer we are UKCA certified with Full SEMA Membership ensuring quality and safety remain at the very highest level whatever the material sourced. mezzanine floor manufacturing welding image

A team that goes all out

When WSL receive an enquiry, our team anticipate the potential concerns around cost and lead times so every option is explored in order to improve this. During a free on site survey, our designers assess your space whilst taking time to understand your operational requirements. Creating the design during these times involves increased interaction with partners in our supply chain to assess material availability and timescales. In some instances, the material is less primed; however WSL fabricators undertake additional material preparation works saving even more time. An example of this could be when we can only obtain steel parts without the required drilled holes. Rather than wait for more stock, our fabricators will drill the necessary holes in our factory as part of the manufacturing process to help shorten the lead time. At WSL we prioritise your project and as a manufacturer with strong networks and a dedicated team we have the means to offer a cost effective solution within a more efficient time frame. Project Manager on site with the team

The rise in demand that has effected the supply chain

The pandemic saw many businesses close, some for a few months and others for over a year, so why did demand for industrial storage and space saving solutions rise significantly and why is it still rising?

Lockdown saw consumers lean heavily on certain industries:

With the shutters down on none essential shops the online retailer was forced to raise their game if they were to put the closure of physical shops to their advantage. The demand was still there even if the ability to shop in person wasn’t and this changed the face of online shopping. Buying online was the first time for many, and for others it was simply the case of making online purchases much more often. Even essential goods like food were being sent directly to customers from warehouse distribution centres having been purchased online. Supermarkets remained open, but for a large percentage of the population, buying food online was the safest option. Online sales were facing newer challenges with huge demand and customer expectations to meet. Warehouses needed to be equipped to deal with an almost entirely new way of operating and space utilisation with a streamlined operation was the way forward. Using our experience and expertise WSL was able to transform and improve warehouse operations up and down the county enabling them to manage their operations more effectively. Our bespoke solutions were designed to utilise space and rationalise processes in order to save time and money in each individual warehouse. Storage mezzanine L shaped

Businesses needed to prepare for re-opening:

During the first lockdown, demand for mezzanine floors began to rise because the upper platform is the redeemer of small spaces and businesses were seeking new ways to create more space whilst residing in the same building. Many gyms now have more space for gym members to work out safely, offices have been able to reopen with more space for employees and warehouses have been able to keep up with demand with additional storage areas and work spaces. The mezzanine platform has enabled countless businesses in different sectors to reopen safely with social distancing made easier and more space for future growth. Throughout the pandemic WSL fabrication has continued and as a result our clients now have work spaces that offer more capacity without the inconvenience or steep costs of relocating the business. Covid19 is still very much with us. These alongside the aftermath of Brexit, businesses today across varied industries are doing whatever they can to regain sustainability. The improvements begin within their premises where they can strengthen their operations by saving time, money and space. With WSL at the helm of their project, new structures can be created within the four walls of their facility that will help them achieve this. Mezzanine floors, pallet racking or shelving systems are all practical solutions that can be uniquely designed to suite the needs of the business and by using the extensive knowledge and expertise of our team, businesses and their operations continue to strengthen. View of retail mezzanine from lower level in open showroom

Our plan to further develop our already distinguished service

WSL like to be prepared for any eventuality, so with Brexit looming and growth anticipated we relocated to a 37,000sq ft site in October 2019. As well as our offices, factory and plenty of yard space, we have a separate on-site warehouse and to help combat supply chain issues WSL has begun to stock numerous parts and components and we plan to expand on this further with an extension of our storage warehouse. Soon, WSL will stock many parts needed to ensure our customers receive an even faster, more effective service. Keep a look out for more on this on our website or social medial platforms by following us on Facebook,twitter, Linkedin and instagram

Our commitment to your project

If you’re looking to implement a space utilising solution to improve your workspace, but lead times are a concern, why not speak to one of our Design Technicians. We may not be able to promise an immediate drastic cut in lead times every time, but we can promise to do everything we can to reduce lead times for every client. Once the design is in our control we can liaise with our supply chain network to obtain material within the shortest time frame for the best prices available to us. Call our team today on 0113 2045350 or email to find out how much time and money we can save you whilst implementing your bespoke storage solution.

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