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Mezzanine floors – Reasons to source directly from a manufacturer

Oct 22, 2020 | Mezzanine Floors

If you’re considering a mezzanine floor solution rather than extending your building or relocating to help you combat space management in your workspace, you’re already on route to saving time, money and stress. The mezzanine floor is a practical, cost effective solution developed within your current four walls that will support changes as a result of heightened demand or Covid-19 working practices. Releasing congestion on the lower ground, the mezzanine floor utilises vertical space by creating another usable floor overhead, or more floors where height space permits. The extra upper levels can support any use including office space, storage areas, retail product display and production. There’s no major construction work involved and the mezzanine floor installation can be carried out within a working facility with minimal disruption and in a timely manner.

warehouse storage mezzanine floor


As a specialist, bespoke product, your new mezzanine floor does not yet exist. Purpose-built and safety regulated, a mezzanine floor must fit the space perfectly, have the correct weight bearings to be used as intended and be incorporated with adequate means off access and fire safety provisions. The mezzanine floor will be designed before being manufactured in line with the design and then installed.

When sourcing a mezzanine floor directly through an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable manufacturer your project has distinct advantages right from the start. A mezzanine floor supplier can certainly design your mezzanine floor before using a third party manufacturer; however the unified approach of in-house design and manufacturing takes customisation to the highest level. WSL remodelled our service as a supplier in 2008 and entered fabrication enabling us to carry out mezzanine floor projects in-house from initial enquiry to completion. By removing the third party supplier our clients enjoy a personalised service at every stage of their project with flexibility and accuracy.

Mezzanine floor computerised design


The benefits of using a manufacturer to design and build your mezzanine floor:

Strong product expertise

Your project will be steered by extensive knowledge and expertise because genuine manufacturers specialise in their own product. With reference to mezzanine floors, there is no universal approach however there can be limitations, conditions and constraints which are eliminated by the proficiency and capabilities of the manufacturer. Here at WSL our fabrication process is completed to the exact specification of the design and the design is completed to the exact specification of the client resulting in a completely client-centric process. Having been designing mezzanine floors for over thirty years and manufacturing them for the last twelve years, our advanced knowledge and experience is a great advantage to our clients.


retail mezzanine floor


Customisation & Flexibility

Working outside the framework of supply only, a manufacturer has much more reign over customisation with the ability to meet even the most complex requirements. Creative and innovative, manufacturing presents more opportunities to think outside the box with more room to manoeuvre. WSL manufacture bespoke mezzanine floor accessories as well as the floor structure offering you a wide choice in staircase styles, hand rails and guide rails. We begin our process by meeting you during a free site survey, allowing our design technician to gain a detailed understanding of your business operations and your specific requirements. As the client, you have great influence on the design however we as the solutions provider and product producer will ensure that all, including complex, unusual or even changing requirements are effectively met.


multi tier warehouse mezzanine floor

Saves disappointment

Clear communication plays a huge role in ensuring projects are complete to the expectations of the client. The longer the supply chain the longer information must travel before reaching the intended recipient and can often be misinterpreted or even lost along the way. The factory-direct approach drastically shortens the supply chain so manufacturer and client can liaise directly with each other. At WSL we see this as being a very valuable advantage as a mezzanine floor manufacturer, because direct communication means we can adjust to changing circumstances quickly and effectively. Likewise our clients receive direct and accurate information on times, dates, specifications and other details from our team who keep them updated throughout the process.

Saves money

By cutting out the middle man, there’s no supplier mark-up to meet. At WSL we are proud of our ability to provide an individual tailored service whilst providing a premium product at none premium prices.

Faster lead times

WSL can categorically say we have saved many happy hours chasing suppliers since we began manufacturing mezzanine floors in-house. This means we can prioritise our clients and their projects completing them to the agreed timescales.

mezzanine floor in retail unit


The reputable mezzanine floor manufacturer

Knowledge and experience is highly important, however competence in quality and safety is a valuable attribute in a mezzanine floor manufacturer. As a semi permanent steel structure a mezzanine floor must be manufactured to the stringent CE Marking BS EN 1090 regulations. This assures safety and documentation of the CE Marking must be obtainable at any time throughout the life cycle of the mezzanine. This has been a legal requirement since July 2014 and requires a rigorous annual audit and inspection in order to maintain the certification once obtained. WSL is proud to be a structural steel manufacturer accredited to CE Marking BS EN 1090 (Now UKCA) and this is in conjunction with our Full SEMA Membership (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) means we can confidently guarantee our clients the very highest quality and safety standards. WSL manufacture to the stringent standards of BS5950-1:2000 for steel sections and BS EN 1993-1-3 and UK National Annexes for cold rolled sections ensuring significant strength and stability.

Mezzanine manufacturing to CE Marking BS EN 1090 standards by WSL


WSL’s Manufacturing Heritage

Having been in operation since October 1989 WSL became armed with the ability to create truly unique solutions for every individual site since entering fabrication in 2008. We opened our first factory at Albion Business Park, Leeds and its there we perfected the fabrication of mezzanine floor solutions. In October 2019 WSL celebrated our 30th birthday by relocating to a 37,000sqft factory close to our first factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire. As well as mezzanine floors,WSL fabricate accessories and ancillaries including staircases, hand rails, guide rails, protection barriers and cantilever racking.

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