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Looking for a genuine mezzanine floor manufacture?

If you’ve ever gone ahead with a mezzanine floor project with the perception that your chosen provider will design and manufacture your mezzanine floor, only to discover that their manufacturing is in-fact outsourced and that your project is not actually being handled by the same team throughout, it’s understandable that you may feel somewhat mislead.

Through a very client-centric approach, at WSL our team demonstrates reliability and honesty because we believe it’s what our clients deserve. So, if you’re looking for a true manufacture who’s highly accredited with a fully operational factory, a team of qualified talented Engineers, experienced Technical Designers, professional Project Managers and installers then WSL will not disappoint.

Why does WSL manufacture mezzanine floors in-house?

WSL began operating in 1989, and later incorporated mezzanine floor fabrication as part of our service in 2008.The reasoning behind such a serious modification to our existing services as a designer and provider of industrial storage solution was to ensure our clients receive:

A much tailored service – At WSL your project is our priority and with an entire team operating within the same large space, direct communication ensures your specific requirements are understood by all specialists involved.

A truly bespoke solution – Owing to the capabilities of our skilled factory engineers whose independent creativity is unrestrained, we have ways of meeting even the most exceptional or complex requirements.

A mezzanine floor solution without constraints or complications – At WSL, you’ll never hear us say we are unable to meet your needs because of third party restrictions or miscommunication.

More flexibility– There’s nothing more frustrating than when circumstances change and because the production process is in the hands of the outsourced manufacturer, it’s not possible to make a few last minute changes. At WSL we have total control over the fabrication process and as we operate all departments under the same roof, there’s more room to maneuver should your needs change.

A more affordable option through the elimination of mark-up costs – Sourcing directly from WSL as your designer and manufacturer means there will be no accumulation of mark-up costs.

A simplified and professional one-stop service for: Design, manufacture and install so you can rest assured that the same high level of care and attentiveness remains throughout the project.

multi tier mezzanine floor

How does WSL make mezzanine floors?

A mezzanine floor is a bespoke solution made up of numerous steel components all of which are fabricated in accordance to the design specifics,prior to being assembled on site.

To the very strict codes of UK Annexes, BS5950-1:2000 and BS EN 1993-1-3, WSL’s engineers fabricate the following elements of the overall structure.

Columns – Positioned vertically the pillar-like columns support the weight of the floor level and are quantified in accordance to the size of the platform which ensures the weight is spread evenly.

Base Plates – Given that the columns will take the weight of the platform, the base plates spread the load and will be size and thickness dependent on the load through the columns and the strength of the floor slab.

Beams–Creating the platform framework and core joists, the beams are laid horizontally across the top of the columns.

Purlins – The final sections of the main structure, the purlins are bridge between the beams giving the structure extra joists and a level on which the decking is fitted.

Mezzanine floor fabrication

Mezzanine Floor Accessories Manufactured by WSL

Once the parts for the main structure have been fabricated, our engineers will move on to fabricate associated access and safety features in accordance to the design. These include:

Staircases, Hand rails, Edge protection, Column guards and Pallet gates

Retail Mezzanine view from upper floor level

What else does WSL manufacture?

WSL’s manufactured product portfolio goes beyond the mezzanine floor and associated features. Other bespoke solutions manufactured in our factory include:

Cantilever racking, Coil Racks, D-divider Racking, Upright Protection, Warehouse safety barriers, Fork Lift Truck Accessories

The scale of WSL’s Manufacturing Facility

In Leeds, West Yorkshire WSL operates from a two-acre industrial site consisting of offices, a warehouse and factory. The factory alone equates to 30,000 sq ft accommodating specialist equipment and machinery used in the fabrication of mezzanine floor components and other manufactured products. The wide open space within the factory walls allow for the movement and handling of the components as they travel through various fabrication stages.

Who is behind WSL’s talented engineering?

On opening the factory in 2008, the mezzanine floor was prioritised as the product WSL would focus on and perfect before introducing additional fabricated products. This was when Factory Manager Steve joined the company and he’s been here ever since. That’s fourteen years of mezzanine floor fabrication and because Steve has been here right from the beginning, it’s certainly safe to say that there’s nothing about mezzanine floor production he doesn’t know about. Steve and his team are not just experienced, they are highly qualified and undergo periodic rigorous assessments to ensure peak competency remains continual.

mezzanine manufacturing image

A dedicated team, all under one roof

It’s not just the proficiency of our engineers you can rely on to deliver your perfect mezzanine floor solution. Adjoining the factory is our offices which accommodate a large team of experts all of whom spare no effort in perfecting your solution. Within our multi-operational headquarters our team is able to communicate information effectively to ensure perfect results without any concern over third party obstruction. This gives the team full control of your project with plenty of room for flexibility should anything change at the last minute or to meet time-sensitive deadlines.

UK Manufacturing Accreditation’s

As a British manufacturer of structural steel components WSL takes pride in our accreditation’s because they demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the very highest standards: Our full SEMA membership and UKCA certification is how we set your mezzanine floor project apart.

UKCA & SEMA Accreditation LOGO's

Discuss your mezzanine floor project with WSL as an expert designer and manufacturer

To discuss your individual needs in detail, call our team on 0113 2045350 or email to arrange a site visit from one of WSL’s highly experienced Design Technicians.

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