Case study

WSL delivers urgent mezzanine floor solution within weeks, despite seasonal period

On contacting WSL, initially for a simple price check and no hope of being installed before they had to be out of their existing, our client was pleasantly surprised to learn that WSL could deliver the mezzanine floor solution required on budget and more importantly on time.

Having spoken to numerous other providers, the possibility of a completed project by the end of the following month was looking unlikely. It was already mid December and on the 31st January, the client was to relocate business operations to a new Leeds site, however the new premises required a mezzanine floor solution to support production and light storage activities.

The space before the mezzanine floor installation by WSL

The space before the mezzanine floor installation by WSL

Relocating a business can be a very stressful undertaking, particularly where time is a concern which is why WSL Technical Designer Tim insisted on finalising the client’s design over the Christmas period which would enable the order placement before the New Year. This meant that manufacturing could begin on the first working day of the New Year, allowing enough time to install the fire rated mezzanine floor and complete the project in line with the relocation date.

This allowed the client to concentrate on other aspects of the relocation, whilst the WSL engineering team prioritised fabricating the component parts and Project Manager Jack put efforts into materials and labour calculations and arrangements. Everyone involved in the project were made aware of the time-sensitivity and all spared no effort in ensuring the tight deadline was to be met.

Mezzanine floor in Leeds Facility

The Mezzanine Floor Project Timeline:

23rd December 2021

  • As the search for mezzanine floors Leeds continues, the client contacts WSL and speaks to Design Technician Tim, with regards to the relocation and urgent need for a mezzanine floor solution by 31st
  • Tim speaks with the fabrication team who confirm that the project can be achieved in time through our factory.
  • Tim assures the client that the design will be finalised by the New Year, allowing time for approval and order confirmation before the next stage.

4th January 2022

  • The WSL engineering team begin the fabrication process and produces UKCA certified mezzanine floor component parts to the specification of the design.
  • WSL Project Manager Jack reviews the materials required and makes arrangements to ensure everything needed for the installation is on site ahead of time.
  • Jack meets with the installation team and ensures all are aware of the urgency of the solution

17th January 2022

  • The WSL installation team arrive on site to await the delivery of the component parts which they offload and begin to assemble. The installation of both the mezzanine floor structure and fire rating takes less than two weeks.

31st January 2022

  • The project is signed off and the client is able to move into the building

How is it that WSL were able to deliver an effective and timely solution whilst other providers couldn’t?

The success of this project was driven by the time-sensitive nature of the client’s requirements and the ability to meet those deadlines was owing to a number of factors, including:

  • The WSL team whose client-centric approach meant everyone involved dedicating their efforts to ensuring the deadline was successfully met.
  • The capabilities of WSL who carry out the manufacture of mezzanine floors, staircases, pallet gates, edge protection and much more in-house to the very highest quality and safety standards as a UKCA certified Full SEMA Member (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association). This allows WSL to be more flexible which in turn enables us to meet complex and time-sensitive challenges.
  • The fact that the entire WSL operation is under the same roof makes a corridor for fast and effective communication between the design, engineering and project management teams.

The final result

The client’s new facility is now fully operational and the additional 300 square metres of floor space the mezzanine provides has enhanced operational effectiveness from the very start. Complete with two staircases and a pallet gate, the fire rated mezzanine floor supports production and light storage whilst the space bellow is utilised for other vital operational activities.

Mezzanine floor in Leeds facility

Could WSL assist your project?

Whatever your requirements, whatever your deadlines and wherever you are in the UK, WSL has a dedicated team waiting to assist your project. Like this client discovered, your project potential could be much higher with WSL at the helm.  It’s not just the mezzanine floor requirements that WSL can meet more effectively. We may not manufacture pallet racking or shelving, but as a stockist our warehouse may just have the components needed to create your solution from stock. Why hesitate? Call 0113 2045350 or email today!


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