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Your new mezzanine floor: Our design process explained

May 20, 2020 | Design, Mezzanine Floors

Your new mezzanine floor will undergo three significant stages before completion; design, manufacture and installation and it is crucial that each of these processes are strategically planned and carried out with deliberate emphasis. WSL provide all of these core services in-house which enables us to tailor our systems to suit your requirements. We do not expect you to have to tailor your requirements to suit our system.

All our mezzanine floors are designed using steel sections to BS 5950-1:2000 (not be confused with BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 which is a less stringent design code) and the cold rolled sections to BS EN 1993-1-3 and UK National Annexes. Every floor is bespoke, taking into account specific load requirements with loads as specified in BS6399-1:1996 and are fully compliant with current building regulations quality standard EN 1090-1:2009 (CE Mark).

Edge protection systems are designed to suit each unique environment be it, industrial, office or retail. We have a range to suit from a simple hand, knee and kick rail systems to fully glazed, with or without stainless balustrades. Decking materials to suit your needs, “standard” 38mm T&G HD particle boards, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Birch Plywood, Steel or concrete can all be supplied.

Industrial mezzanine floor

Bespoke Mezzanine Design: How we do it

Mezzanine floors are custom-specific and are designed exclusively to:

  • Fit the space of the individual business premises
  • Facilitate the intended use
  • Enhance business productivity

These factors will determine the size of the mezzanine floor, number of levels, weight load bearings and means of access. To ensure the perfect design for your mezzanine floor the process begins with a visit to site by one of our highly experienced design team members. This is a free site survey which allows you the opportunity discuss your requirements in person and have your immediate questions answered there and then.

Our designer will take the time to listen and understand your goals before going on to assess:

  • How much footprint area and height clearance the space has to determine whether a mezzanine floor will fit and whether its large enough to support your intended use requirements.
  • The condition of the floor slab to establish whether it is suitable for a mezzanine floor and whether it will hold the desired load
  • Obstacles that need to be considered such as building columns or operational restrictions including machinery  or any pre-existing shelving so we can design the column grid around these factors
  • Current fire safety procedures i.e. exits so we can design staircases to purposely fall near these if possible to shorten exit distances
  • Access points in and out of the premises and surrounding area to determine whether provisions would need to be made for getting large structural steel columns delivered by lorry and brought into the building safely. In most cases this is this is fairly straight forward however, in cases where access is narrow for example, we work around this by using a fork lift truck to transport the structural steel components into the building.

mezzanine delivery

Your mezzanine floor is strategically designed to support your intended use and operation so it’s vital that our designer has a clear understanding of this so that the following is factored into the design:

  • Weight load bearings – The mezzanine floor should be designed to uphold the weight bearings required to safely support your intended use
  • Access provisions – As well as staircases, there are other means of access to suit your desired use including passenger lifts, goods lifts, pallet gates and chutes.
  • Floor type –sustainability and durability can be achieved if the decking material is suited to the intended use.
  • Edge Protection – Hand rails and guide rails can be chosen to match the use, environment and look of the mezzanine floor

retail mezzanine edge protection

Fire Protection Regulations

Fire protection is required in situations where:

  • The mezzanine floor is multi-tiered
  • The floor level or levels are used by numerous employees or members of the public
  • The floor is not for the purpose of storage only
  • Size of the floor exceeds 10m or extends beyond half of the ground floor space bellow

WSL will consult with Fire Officers who will confirm the design meets fire safety regulations including adequate means of escape in the event of an emergency.

Building Regulations

Although in most cases the mezzanine will not require planning WSL will consult with Building Regulations to confirm the design covers all safety matters and obtain Building Regulation approval documents on your behalf.

Additional Safety Protection

Column guards will help protect the mezzanine floor columns from becoming damaged when accidentally bumped and knocked by moving equipment such as fork lift trucks. These can be factored into the mezzanine floor design of industrial settings where this is more likely to happen such as warehouses and manufacturing.

Column guard

Principal Designer

Your mezzanine floor project comes under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) because multiple contractors are required to complete the works. This means that by law you must appoint a principal designer to ensure health and safety is effectively managed and monitored throughout the pre-construction stage. Our highly competent designers are certified to proficiency in CDM 2015 and can take the role of principal designer eliminating the burden of appointing one yourself.

Once the project leaves the planning stage your WSL Project Manager can take the role of Principal Contractor which by law must be sourced to oversee, manage and monitor health and safety throughout the construction stage. Both our design team and project management team are highly competent in their field and have further proven their proficiency through certification in CDM 2015.

Turnkey Projects

It’s highly likely you will need more than just a mezzanine floor and turnkey project management is a key part of our services. Lighting, alarm systems, partitions, fit-outs, bespoke storage systems all designed to suit your mezzanine is included in our design.  WSL is well connected with all vital trades and this enables us to easily source additional skills on your behalf saving you time, money, stress and paperwork. We can reassure you that our trade connections are trusted and quality assured.

Future Proof Mezzanine Design

Although a mezzanine floor will ease your current space situation and improve productivity things can change so our design team factor potential change into the design. If you predict the possibility of future expansion we can design the mezzanine so it can be extended or additional tiers added very easily at a later date.

Once the design plans have been approved the project will move to the next stage: manufacturing. Keep an eye on our website for in depth details on our manufacturing process and installation process coming soon!

If you would like to speak direct to one of our experienced designers contact Brian Varley on 07587 035 034 or email him at

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