Mezzanine Floor

Choosing The Right Staircase For Your Mezzanine Floor

A number of accessories need to be considered for your mezzanine floor – here we briefly consider the options surrounding staircases.

The world of staircases provides more options than you might think. Once you know your floor heights there are a number of things to choose to help you get the right look for your office or practical solution for your warehouse with a staircase that meets UK standards and your requirements at the same time.

Front of House

A front of house staircase can be designed to suit the look of your building and can have balustrades to match.

One of the most popular solutions we provide for front of house staircases is a channel steel which forms the stringer section. This is fabricated in house and supplied in a powder coated finish to colour of your choice.

designing a mezzanine
Mezzanine Staircase front of house

Next you can decide on what style treads you want.

This is usually dictated by whether or not you plan to put a floor covering on the stair. If the stair is to be carpeted or tiled a flat plate tread is provided. If the design is to have exposed treads, a durbar plate tread is provided with a powder coated finish and contrasting nosing.
hand railing

The final item to choose on your front of house staircase is the hand railing.

This is best fitted on site by one of our experienced fitters. This ensures the continuous handrail, which is a requirement of stair regulations, can be fitted from the staircase to the balustrades with seamless joints. This can either be mild or stainless steel. The in-fills are most commonly glass, but can be steel panels, mesh or even timber can be used.

designing a mezzanine
Back of house staircase for mezzanine floor

For a Back of House/Warehouse stair our standard is used, this is designed to be easy to install and hard wearing for industrial use.

The box section design provides a sturdy structure for high footfall areas and the durbar provides none slip surface to the treads.

Mid and Top landings are provided to suit the space and where regulations require them. These staircases can also easily be tied into our standard industrial hand-railing system.

Back of house stairs

Back of House stairs are provided in painted finish with contrasting nosing on the treads.

While you can have any colour you like, we recommend our standard, which is black with yellow high visibility nosings. We find this colour to be the most hard wearing and forgiving in a busy working environment.

Back of house staircase
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