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Fabricated This Week!

Here at WSL we have our own factory which enables us to make bespoke fabrications for our customers.

This week we have been busy making D Dividers for a vertical pallet racking storage system. These dividers are attached to the back beam on the pallet racking which allows for long items, such as timber and piping to be stored vertically. This makes picking easy and efficient as different items can be separated. They simplify display storage by allowing easier stock management whilst keeping a tidy presentation of products.

The D Dividers can be made to any size, which makes them ideal for securely storing a variety of different length products. They can be used as single or double sided storage and are also suitable for use outdoors.

D Dividers are most commonly used by builders, timber and plumbing merchant.

For more information about D Dividers please contact our team on 0113 2045350

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