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Mezzanine Floor Installation: What’s involved?

Your mezzanine floor has been designed and manufactured to your specifications and requirements by our design and engineering teams, now it’s time to install the mezzanine floor. During this process you will see your mezzanine floor being constructed at your site as the component parts are assembled and fixed into place. By the end of this process your workspace will be transformed with new space ready to be used.

Who will install my mezzanine floor?

The mezzanine floor installation is carried out by our professional installation team and overseen by your dedicated WSL Project Manager

Our installation teams are highly experienced with relevant training and insurance and carry out mezzanine floor installations every day. They are a friendly bunch who will construct your mezzanine floor on schedule,safely and efficiently and will tidy up after themselves. If you have any questions duriing the installation, just ask our mezzanine floor installers whom you’ll find are all very approachable, knowledgable and always happy to assist.

Your dedicated Project Manager will be on hand throughout the installation process, keeping you up to date on progress and will be available to answer any questions you have at any point.  All of our Project Managers are proficient in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) and have a wealth of experience so you can be sure that your mezzanine floor installation is in safe hands.

What is the mezzanine floor installation process?

By appointing WSL to design, manufacture and now install your mezzanine floor, you have already simplified the process. Your project so far has successfully been transferred from stage to stage in-house and is about to be transferred onto the installation stage in-house too, without you needing to do anything.

Prior to the mezzanine floor installation your Project Manager will meet you on site to carry out some final checks. If the mezzanine floor is being installed in an active working environment the specified area will need to be temporarily sectioned off for safety reasons and provisions made to provide clearance to manoeuvre large steel component parts.  Meanwhile our fabrication engineers will be carrying out their quality checks and preparing to dispatch the mezzanine floor components.

Your mezzanine floor component parts will be delivered via HGV direct to your site from our factory where our installation team will be ready and waiting to offload the parts using a fork lift truck. These parts consist of heavy beams, columns, flooring, staircases, hand railing and fixings.

mezzanine floor delivery

First our team will construct the steel frame and this is done in smaller sections. By using drawings and part codes the team can identify where each part belongs and can lay the parts out accordingly.  For each section we begin by using a forklift truck to position the beams so the column can be fixed beneath.  With the first beams and columns into position and fixed into place the purlins are be fixed in-between them.  To complete this task at height safely and efficiently our team will use a scissor lift. This process is repeated as each bay is constructed. The decking is then placed across the floor levels by fixing the floor panels to the top side of the skeleton structure. If fire rating is required, this is when fire rated cladding is fixed to the underside of the floor and cased around the columns. Staircases, handrails and edge railing can now be assembled and fixed into place.

mezzanine installation preparation

How long will the mezzanine floor take to install?

A single tiered mezzanine floor of a smaller size which doesn’t require fire rating can be complete within days, however for those mezzanine floors which require fire rating,the process will take longer. The size and number of tiers will also contribute to the timing of completion. The timescale of your particular installation will be indicated to you early on in the design stages so you have the time to prepare.

Will the mezzanine installation cause disruption to my business?

If your mezzanine floor is being installed with an active working environment such as a busy warehouse or retail unit, WSL will work to install your mezzanine with minimum disruption by working within the cordoned off construction area, so you can freely use the rest of your facility. WSL can also install the mezzanine during none working hours or quieter hours over night. The area will need to remain sectioned off until complete to prevent accidents in the construction area.

What is snagging?

Post-installation your WSL Project Manager will conduct some final checks known as snagging. This is to ensure quality and safety and involves a thorough inspection of the mezzanine floor to eliminate any minor defects and highlight any necessary adjustments. Once complete and you are completely satisfied with our work the project can be finalized and signed off.

Do you provide an aftercare service?

WSL will continue to support you long after the mezzanine floor installation with an aftercare service which means you can enjoy continued value, quality and assurances. Your mezzanine floor was initially designed and installed to eliminate risk factors and ensure safety and quality from the very beginning.  Our aftercare services include regular inspections carried out by our qualified inspectors as well as repair works, staff training and spares packages which will help you maintain the intended high level of endurance and productivity throughout the life cycle of your mezzanine floor.

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