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10 things to ask your mezzanine floor installers

Mar 24, 2021 | Mezzanine Floors

The mezzanine floor installation is the most exciting stage of your mezzanine floor project. After weeks of planning, the fabrication of the components parts is complete and the HGV carrying those parts has arrived to your site. Now you’re about the see the mezzanine floor installation process as your new platform is constructed and begins to take shape.

This short video shows a mezzanine floor structural steel installation:

Mezzanine floor installers play a crucial role in your project which is why WSL take pride in the professionalism, experience and friendliness of our installation team who wouldn’t hesitate to go the extra mile for our clients. That being said, you’re likely to have a few questions as with any project and here are a few of the common questions we come across:

1. How does the process of a mezzanine floor installation begin?

The first day or your mezzanine floor installation will focus around receiving the component parts and preparing them for assembly. Our installation team will be ready and waiting on site to meet the HGV which will deliver your mezzanine floor components directly from our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The team will offload the parts before organising them in accordance to the installation sequence using drawn up plans of the structure with each part coded for reference. This saves time during the construction and will streamline the overall process.

Steel components being off loading from the HGV


2. How many installers will there be working on my project

This depends on the size of the mezzanine floor itself. The larger the structure, the more installers are needed. A mezzanine floor is made up of heavy steel components and our installers work together in numbers to ensure these steel parts are moved and assembled into place safely.

two installer lifting a beam into position


3. Will there be a project manager overseeing the installation process?

On placing your initial order with our Design Technician you will be assigned your own WSL Project Manager who will make introductory contact and keep you informed on progress as our engineers manufacture your mezzanine floor. Your Project Manager will arrange a date for the installation process to begin and will meet with you on site prior to this date where all necessary checks can be carried out. Along side the installation team, your Project Manager will be on site at the start of the project and will be present periodically throughout in person and continually available throughout via phone. On nearing completion your project manager will be present and will remain on site to carry out an inspection of finished product.

Project Manager on site with the team


4. How disruptive is a mezzanine floor installation?

In comparison to a building extension, a mezzanine floor installation is far less disruptive however that’s not to say their wont be any disruption at all so at WSL we go to great lengths to limit any inconvenience during the build. If your operation is a working one our team can work during closing hours and over night to install the mezzanine floor so your operating hours are unaffected. As an example, this is particularly helpful when installing a retail mezzanine floor as it limits restrictions within the open shop area. If your facility operates twenty four hours, our teams can work during less busy times. A mezzanine floor is constructed in sections so any situation where the facility is in operation our team will only segregate sections where necessary to limit any affect on your operation.

mezzanine in retail unit


5. How quickly can mezzanine floor installers complete the project?

The time it takes to complete a mezzanine floor installation will depend on the size of the structure as this will affect the number of beams, columns, decking boards and also the number and style of the staircases. If a mezzanine floor is to be fire rated, extra time will be needed to fix the heat and fire proof panels and fascias during the build. These are fitted to the underside, columns and any exposed edges. The design of your mezzanine floor will give indication of the expected timescale, however once the project has been passed in to your Project Manager who will organise the installation, an official timescale will be agreed and our team will complete the installation within this time frame.

complete mezzanine floor


6. Is handling equipment needed to assist the mezzanine floor installers?

A mezzanine floor installation involves working at height and to do this safely our team use a fork lift truck to not only off load the parts from the HGV but also lift them into position during the installation. A scissor lift is then used to allow our team access when fixing to component parts into place using power tools. You Project Manager will hire all equipment necessary for the build and ensure the equipment is off-hired as soon as it’s no longer needed.

two installers lifting beam into position using scissor lift


7. Will my completed mezzanine floor be inspected by an official body?

During the design stage of your project, the mezzanine floor plans will be checked by a UK Building Regulations Officer who will then visit the site on completion to ensure the installation itself meets all required regulations. This will be documented and all associated paperwork will be handed to you for safe keeping.

completed mezzanine top level


8. Will the mezzanine floor installation leave a mess behind?

At WSL, we want you to have the ability to use your mezzanine floor as soon as possible, which is why our installation team will leave your site clean and tidy. All packaging, tools, hired equipment will be taken off site and the area will be cleaned of any debris or dust on completion.

completed mezzanine left clean and tidy


9. What experience do your mezzanine floor installers have?

Our mezzanine floor installers are highly experienced with an in depth knowledge of the industry, accumulated over many years. They are equipped to carry out all aspects of the mezzanine floor installation from fixing the beams into place, fitting the decking, constructing the staircases as well as safely using all handling equipment and power tools needed. The team are extremely professional and have the ability to tackle any unexpected issues that may arise independently.

mezzanine installer using power tools


10. Once the mezzanine floor installation is complete, do you offer an after care service?

At WSL our offered services don’t stop once the mezzanine floor installers have left your site, we are on hand to assist with the continual safety and maintenance of your mezzanine floor. Our services include periodic mezzanine floor inspections that are advised to be carried out every twelve to eighteen months. Although the mezzanine floor is a robust steel structure, these inspections provide peace of mind that any weaknesses due to repeated knocks and bumps have been addressed.  As well as the annual mezzanine floor inspections, you can contact our team for further advice or assistance even long after the mezzanine floor has been installed.

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