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Is your pallet racking system Obsolete? If so, you need to read this:

Sep 12, 2023 | Pallet Racking

Learning that your pallet racking system will soon be obsolete or a “legacy product” is going to leave you with a predicament. When it comes to repair work, how will you source the components needed if they are no longer readily available? How will essential reconfiguration works be completed if the additional parts required are unobtainable? If you do manage to source the components, will they cost a lot more than they did as an active manufactured product line?

Having been in the industry for almost thirty-five years, WSL has seen the comings and goings of numerous pallet racking product lines, and we can safely say there’s no need to panic…….

Our capacity to implement solutions whilst navigating production line uncertainty is underpinned by our continuous preservation strategy so, whether its merging brands, design changes or a UK market withdrawal causing your pallet racking component lines to dwindle, we can ensure the continued success of your project. In addition, our Full SEMA Membership gives piece of mind when it comes to industry knowledge and expertise which aligns with our commitment to ensuring the utmost safety and quality criteria.

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Our approach is structured and long-term.

Regular component lifecycle analysis along with continual supplier monitoring and environmental scanning means we can stay ahead of potential issues. With plausible risk of the discontinuation detected earlier rather than later, our team can take steps to safeguard your immediate and future needs whatever the circumstances.

We stockpile common components.  

We stock it so you don’t have to. From our stockist warehouse which is situated on the same site as our offices and manufacturing facilities, we have access to a wide range of common UK manufactured pallet racking components, including some that are obsolete. Our quick stock levels allow us to carry out repair works and new installations without delay and given the rising number of manufacturers making their systems obsolete, our plan is to widen our stock range further.

Our next step is to increase the capacity of our quick stock warehouse and maximise accessibility to all pallet racking types and their components, including those that are critical, specialist or even obsolete. Work is already underway on the 21,000sq ft warehouse expansion that will enable us to do just that, sooner rather than later.

Pile of end frames

We use a diversified supply chain.

WSL has been a specialist in all types of pallet racking solutions since 1989 and this have given us almost thirty-five years of networking and relationship building. WSL is uniquely positioned as provider with a strong and thriving network of partnerships to deliver your project regardless of any product legacies on the horizon. Collaboration and effective communications throughout our supplier networks mean we are consistently aware of potential amendments to production, and this includes discontinuation. If it’s not a surprise to us, it won’t be an issue for your project.

We review industry trends and monitor market conditions.

With focus still on the strong relationships WSL have built over the last three decades, our long-standing industry associates provide valuable insights which allow us to stay abreast of trends and advancements that could lead to the potential discontinuation of pallet racking products. These early indications increase our own awareness enabling us to take precautionary steps to ensure the needs of our clients go unaffected.

Our team is at the forefront of industry creativity.

When working with the WSL team, you’ll sense the creative culture and mindset that sustains innovation, even when challenged by changing circumstances. Owing to the forward thinking and collaboration within our supplier network and internal creative teams, breakthrough ideas emerge, allowing us to meet all project needs, without product discontinuation causing a hindrance.

A Team Warehouse planning session

Our engineering capabilities can mean obsolete component longevity.

As a UKCA accredited manufacturer of a wide range of industrial storage products and components, our in-house engineering capabilities mean that a system consisting of obsolete parts can be preserved and maintained for longer. Our products include protection ancillaries which are designed to guard your structure from the impact of a moving forklift truck (FLT). The robust tubular barriers that run along the end frames or upright protectors that form a protective enclosure around the lower part of the upright are designed to take the impact should a FLT accidentally run into the structure, therefore the structure retains its robustness and integrity.

pallet racking protection barrier and upright guard

We can assist component lifecycle management.

One of the most vital services we provide is the annual pallet racking safety inspection which is pivotal to the safety of your employees and visitors. These inspections contribute towards a safe workspace and the compliance of specific UK regulations which are centred on health and safety within the workplace. In addition, racking inspections help you to preserve the condition of your pallet racking system which means that a discontinuation of components won’t result in an urgent need to source and replace them. Whilst discontinuation may be a good time to put a few components aside as spare, if your pallet racking system has been well maintained, its integrity could remain far beyond the discontinuation of its components.

So, what are your options if your pallet racking is being take from the production line?

Look into reserve stock………

The first thing we would advise, is not to be overly concerned. If the components are still in production or the end to production was recent, the chances are that they are still easily obtainable. Speak to WSL to find out whether we have stock quantities that will enable you to reserve components should a replacement be required at a later stage because by having the component in your possession, your already halfway to having the repair work done.

Consider the full migration option……

This is quite an expensive option, particularly if your system is still working well for your operation or is still considered as new. The costs involved will include a whole new system but also the possible disruption to the operation will be a cost to your business too. The positive for this option is the obsolete stock taken out of your warehouse will hold value and can be sold on to help towards recouping the costs of replacement.

Dismantle and rebuild progressively….

When new repair materials become difficult to obtain or much more expensive, the ideal solution is to gradually migrate your warehouse from an obsolete system to a current “front line” system………

One row at a time, you can replace your obsolete system without the concern of huge operational disruption or significant costs. Instead, you can replace the components at a pace that suites your operation and budget and still recoup some of the cost by selling the obsolete steel parts.

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Speak to WSL, we’re here to help!

If your obsolete pallet racking components are concerning you, get trusted advice from a member of our team. Call WSL on 0113 2045350 or email


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