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Canvasman Praises WSL Communications Throughout Mezzanine Project

Apr 5, 2018 | Mezzanine Floors

Founded by Chris Salisbury in 1996, Canvasman is a successful bespoke manufacturer of boat coverings, as well as a range of canopies and protections for a wide variety of applications – from vehicles to home, garden and public spaces.They have enjoyed growth over recent years and due to the level of interest in their products, they needed to expand their facilities. The company invested in new larger premises in Baildon, with lots of space for the machines as well as being able to bring a boat or vehicle inside for fitting.

With plenty of height to the building, it was decided that it would be an efficient decision to build a mezzanine to house office and sales staff, and avoid taking space away from the large factory floor below. Offices above a factory, rather than on different premises are highly beneficial. This allows management and administration staff to be on hand (rather than in a separate building) but avoids taking away from the factory floor space, while sound proof barriers mean that the staff can have a haven away from the noise of the workshop floor.

Canvasman Office mezzanine floor

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, Annette Ranton, was tasked with finding a supplier for the mezzanine floor,Canvasman commissioned WSL to install the office mezzanine. In addition, they requested specially built, high quality sewing benches. WSL fabricated the metal frames for the sewing benches in the factory, ready for joiners to add the wooden top. With the mezzanine being used as an office, fire regulations were integral to the mezzanine floor design. As per building regulations, two staircases led to the mezzanine, allowing access at both sides. Canvasman office mezzanine access staircase The fire rating required a suspended ceiling immediately below the mezzanine, a facia around the perimeter and column casings, all of which were supplied by WSL, giving the structure a one hour fire rating. WSL assigned a foreman for both the mezzanine floor and the fire rating work – with the installation as a whole being overseen by one of our experienced project manager’s, Dom Petrie.

With a deadline for moving into the new accommodation, WSL worked hard to ensure that the mezzanine floor manufacture and installation was completed within the agreed timescale. With approximately three trades on site at any one time, the site foremen and project manager facilitated excellent communication between the client, WSL and any other contractors accessing the building, to provide a seamless job. The site foreman was always on site in case of any issue or queries and to respond to any adapting requirements.As with all WSL projects, safety was a priority, with CDM regulations being closely followed, as well as general Health and Safety guidelines from the HSE. WSL enjoy the highest rating for all products including the EU regulated CE marking. WSL are the first manufacturer of mezzanine floors that are also full members of SEMA who enjoy the CE rating throughout all parts of the production and installation process.Within the mezzanine floor plan, WSL engineers carefully calculated the steel work so that if Canvasman wish to extend the mezzanine deck space at any point in the future, that will be easily possible without the need for extra columns.


Annette at Canvasman says “Communication was excellent. I was given one contact. If information was being sent to another colleague within WSL, I was copied in so I was constantly kept in the loop of the whole job. I was also able to communicate via e-mail and telephone. Both mediums were offered and I felt comfortable that if I needed a quick response I could ring and it was dealt with immediately.”

Through constant and efficient communication, WSL were able to offer complete peace of mind for the clients throughout the duration of the project. The end result was a top quality, fire rated mezzanine floor and specialist work benches, installed by the required deadline so that the clients could move into the premises with no disruption to their planned timescales.

Canvasman office mezzanie floor complete

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