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WSL creates attractive office mezzanine floor in a Yorkshire flooring specialist showroom

The year 2020 was a busy year for our client Lunds of Otley, a Yorkshire based retailer specialising in all types of flooring. Having outgrown their premises where they would showcase their carpets, rugs and vinyl Lunds of Otley products space was becoming an issue so it was decided to move the business to new premises.

On finding their ideal new premises the company wanted to make full use of their new space by installing a mezzanine floor. The plan was to use the mezzanine upper level to accommodate office space and staff facilities so that the ground floor level could all be used to showcase their products.

The retailer then began looking for a reputable company to design the office mezzanine floor and process the project.

After contacting WSL, our Design Technician David arranged to meet the client on site where he was able to assess the space and get a real insight to the business and their requirements. Because the premises were to be used as retail space, visual impact was a high priority for Lunds who was looking to create an attractive and welcoming showroom. At the same time adequate office space was essential to ensure staff had a comfortable space in which to work.

With this in mind, David got to work and designed an attractive office mezzanine floor with a white central staircase and high partition walls which would blend in with the original internal walls of the building. Because the purpose of the mezzanine was to accommodate office staff, the design included fire rating and was overlooked by Building Control Officers whose purpose is to ensure the plans cover all aspects of safety including fire safety. For mezzanines that are accessed by members of the public, whether they are employees or visitors the law requires fire protection for up to one hour. This is achieved by fitting specialist fire proof tiles to the underside of the mezzanine, panels around the columns and fascia to any open edges. Fire rating will resist fire and heat for sixty minutes, allowing enough time for a safe evacuation.

Office mezzanine view from top level

Having contacted three other mezzanine floor providers as well as ourselves, WSL was awarded the contract as a result of the care and consideration put into the design of the mezzanine. Our ability to manufacture the mezzanine floor in house meant that David’s design had no limitations and there was room for flexibility.

On the design our Technical Designer David said

 “It was a pleasure to work with Lunds, whose requirements I understood, but also I could appreciate their apprehensions about visual impact once the mezzanine was installed. This is a common concern for clients looking to install a mezzanine floor in a retail setting because how the outlet looks has an effect customer experience. I used my expertise and knowledge to design an attractive mezzanine floor which would seamlessly blend into the original structure of the building. I included a featured central staircase, white in colour to enhance the look of the space and give it the open, airy feel the client was hoping to achieve.  I used computer assisted drafting to draw up the mezzanine floor plan so I could provide a vision of how the mezzanine would look once installed. This gave extra reassurance that the mezzanine design will create positive visual effect whilst supporting the businesses operational needs”

Mezzanine floor veiw from ground floor

Our office and manufacturing hub are based in the same building in Leeds, West Yorkshire so transitioning the plans to our fabricators were easy and straightforward. The mezzanine was manufactured in accordance to the CE Marking BS EN 1090 which for UK Manufactures has now been replaced by the UKCA marking and was ready to go to site within weeks. Meanwhile David passed the project to our Project Manager Oliver, who oversaw the project keeping the client fully informed throughout and managing the installation process.

Mezzanine floor weight load notice

Within weeks the fabricated mezzanine parts and components along with the staircase, handrails and edge protection were ready to leave our factory and go to site. As the components arrived on site on the back of an HGV, Oliver and his installation team were ready and waiting. The team offloaded the parts and began preparing them for installation.

office mezzanine top floor

The mezzanine floor installation took only two days for a team of just three installers to complete. There were no complications and the building was completely empty so there were no ongoing operations to work around, however extra precautions were taken throughout the installation process in line with Covid19 safety regulations. Whilst wearing the PPE provided to them at all times, the team worked at a safe distance to each other, washed their hands at regular intervals and avoided sharing equipment.

On Completion a Building Control Officer attended site to ensure the mezzanine floor met the safety regulations illustrated in the original plans. This was the final step of the project and as the Regulating Officer was satisfied as was the client; the project was signed off as complete.

Lunds new showroom has been transformed by the new office mezzanine. The white central staircase with white handrails gave the retail unit an attractive central feature. From the shop floor below where customers would be browsing, the mezzanine looks very much part of the building with the office partition walls nicely blended in from the edge of the mezzanine to the ceiling.  The office itself is to the left of the mezzanines white staircase and to the right is an open plan staff area with stainless steel and white edge protection.

Mezzanine floor in clients premises

Lunds of Otley said “The mezzanine looks great and has fitted into our scheme very well. We also completed reciprocal work for WSL during their office mezzanine floor project for channel 4 in Leeds, so it’s nice that have been able to assist each other”

If you’re looking to install a mezzanine floor in your business premises, call on the expertise of WSL like Lunds did. As a Full SEMA member, we don’t just stop at ensuing your operational needs are met with careful thought given to visual impact. We guarantee the very highest standards of quality and safety too.

All under one roof our Design Technicians, Fabrication Engineers and Project Managers work closely to ensure your project is prioritised with delays or complications commonly seen when using third party suppliers is eliminated.

A mezzanine floor can be designed to suit your particular space and accommodate your needs whether you require a mezzanine to support more retail space, office space or warehouse storage space.

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