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How to Maximise Your Shelving With the Best Layout

May 10, 2017 | Shelving

Maximise your Shelving Space with the Best Layout

Though businesses are limited in the amount that they can store in any given area, a sensible use of space can increase your storage capacity way beyond what, at first glance, may have appeared possible! Thinking logically (and in some cases, creatively) about the way you arrange your storage solutions can easily double or even triple the number of goods that you can store.

Think Mathematically

Logical placement of shelving can dramatically increase the storage you have in your warehouse. For example, if we consider 50cm deep shelves, in a hypothetical 6 x 12 metre room, there are a number of different ways that the shelves can be configured. You will see below that the way in which the shelves are placed has a big impact on the amount of storage available.

Make sure each aisle serves two sides of shelving.

Always put shelves back to back to make the most of your aisle space. In figures 1 and 2, you can see that putting the warehouse shelving back to back in this small space has increased the storage area from 41m to 61m. That’s an extra 20 metres for each tier! That saving of space can be multiplied by the number of tiers you have on each rack. In the same vein, ensure that you utilise your walls. Do not use a wall as an aisle space, with only one side of racking available.


Put shelving across the longest side of your room

You can see from the diagram below that an additional 6 m of space is made available by putting the shelving across the length of the room, rather than the width of the room. It saves space because less aisle space is needed.

Think Creatively

Think about ways in which storage solutions could be creatively adapted to better utilise the space. Do you have an area that is rarely accessed? Consider dedicating that area to mobile shelving. This isn’t right for every circumstance, but mobile shelves are excellent at efficiently storing products or documents that are usually accessed by one person at a time. In figure 4 you can see that with mobile shelving, our 6 x 12 m space now has 100 metres of shelving per tier!

Shelving Height and Depth

Standardised, “one size fits all” shelving can create wasted space, both behind and above your products. This is particularly true if you store a variety of goods. It is a good idea to have a variety of different depths of shelves in your storage space, so that you can use the shelving with the correct depth for each product. In addition, ensure that there are enough apertures to create shelving heights that just encompass the smaller products; levels can be removed to store taller items, and placed back in when there is a need to store small products, ensuring no wasted height space between items.

As you can see, a bit of planning before assembling your storage can have a huge impact on the amount that you can store.

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