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Is cantilever racking the right storage solution for your warehouse?

Cantilever racking has a unique ability to provide safe handling and storage for items which are unsuitable for pallet racking due to length, size, shape or weight.  If your inventory comes under this umbrella of characteristics then cantilever racking could be the ideal solution for your storage needs.

Distinguished by its strength, cantilever is traditionally used to support the weight of overhung structures such as bridges and balconies. In storage applications the strength of cantilever is harnessed with the added bonus of adaptability and versatility. Today thousands of warehouse environments across the UK and around the world use cantilever racking to support items of unusual size, length and weight. So how does cantilever racking work?

Robust structure

Cantilever racking is a steel structure composing of a robust central base on which cantilever arms are attached. The arms will hold long length products in place once laid horizontally across them and support the weight.

The benefits of cantilever racking

The most crucial advantage cantilever racking offers is the easy, safe and secure storage of items that have physical traits Cantilever rack storage which make them impossible to palletise or shelve.  Valuable products can be stored neatly, away from the floor which in turn prevents damage and hazards. In addition to safe storage, cantilever racking is an open structure with no up-rights at either side, giving you clear visibility and direct access whilst keeping your products well organized.

Fully adaptable and very versatile

Cantilever racking can be adjusted any time to suit your changing needs and is easy to dismantle and assemble. The arms can be rearranged according to the product you want to store and the structure can be single or double sided with adaptability here too. There is a wide variation of configurations and components, such as end stops to prevent items from slipping over the end of the arms.The structure can be resized at any point through sections being added or taken off.

Heavy duty and Light duty options

As well as length shape and size, cantilever racking is specifically designed to suit the weight load bearing of your particular products. The heavier your products the more strength will be designed into the structure. The system can be suitably designed to support any weight from bundles of thin light timber   to thick heavy steel components

Effective use of space

By stacking long load items horizontally, cantilever racking which can be built up to 10 meters high allows you utilise height space and save floor space. The slim tall structure, even when double sided will maximise storage capacity through its horizontal storage ability of particularly long items. Single sided structures are often placed along the walls so central area space is not compromised.

Access handling equipment

Where items are heavy and unsafe to handle manually a conventional forklift truck can be used for picking and loading or a side-loading forklift truck can be used if your aim is to reduce aisle space.

Perfectly suited for external storage

For many businesses the ability to store items External cantilever racking outside in a yard is essential. The robust cantilever racking structure can be galvanised making it resistant to all weather conditions. For additional protection of your products canopy shelters can be fitted above the structure.

Cantilever racking designed, manufactured and installed by WSL

Be certain your new cantilever racking system will meet all your present and future storage and operational requirements with WSL. We have been designing bespoke storage solutions for over thirty years and since entering fabrication over twelve years ago, cantilever racking has been one of our leading manufactured products.


Each cantilever racking system we produce in our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire has been specifically designed by our expert design team who begin the process by visiting your site to discuss your particular requirements.

Not only will we design and manufacture your cantilever racking system we will galvanise the structure for external use or powder coat the components to match your specific brand colour scheme. Once complete we will deliver the components direct to your site straight from our factory and install it for you.

Once your cantilever racking system has been installed we can provide spare parts, carry our periodic inspections and we are always on hand should your require help with future adjustments or re-configurations.

To learn more read our Cantilever racking FAQs

Alternative Racking Systems

Cantilever racking is just one of the specialist storage systems for oddly shaped and sized items that WSL design and manufacture. If you don’t think cantilever racking is quite right for your distinct products, take a look bellow:

D-Divider Racking Systems

Similar to that of cantilever racking, D-divider racking allows you to store long length items. The difference is that the items D-Divider Racking placed in D-divider racking are stored vertically. Components include a tall frame of up to 5 meters high with D shaped brackets of up to 1 meter long. The D-dividers separate the bays and act as stoppers to prevent the long length items which stand tall from falling to the side. The width of the compartments will vary depending on the product you will be storing.

This it ideal for the neat display of manually handled products and can be finished in colour or galvanised if used externally and can be single or double sided. WSL can design, manufacture and install your D-divider racking so why not give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail?

Coil Racking System

Not all oddly shaped items are long in length so let’s take a look at coil racking. This clever racking system is specifically designed to effectively store reeled or rolled items such as wire, plastic, paper and Coil Racking System cables which are unsuitable for both pallet, cantilever or D divider racking.

The single or double sided structure consists of a fully welded frame at each bay end with fixed diagonal bracing running in between.Horizontal bracing is fixed along the back connecting the frames and run parallel to the spindles within the bays designed to carry the reel or drum. For the base, floor fixing cleats are used to stabilise the structure and the bay distance between the frames will suit the size of the drum or reel. Once the drum is mounted onto the spindle it will rotate in a circular fashion as you un-reel the material when needed.

Coil racking is really simple to use. For coil wounded material the spindle allows you to wind and unwind so items such as carpets, electric wire cable or rolled paper can be unreeled to the amount needed very easily.

Like cantilever racking the system is designed to suit your particular product in terms of size, weight and quantity and can be powder coated in a colour to suit or galvanised to support external storage.

To discuss your warehouse racking project in more detail, call WSL today on 0113 2045350 or email

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