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Why a warehouse mezzanine floor is always worth considering

Jun 23, 2022 | Mezzanine Floors

Although a typical warehouse consists of a large open space it can be very easy to fill it, particularly because the floor space is mainly occupied by storage systems for inventory. As a business grows, the operation becomes larger with higher inventory, activity and workforce levels, yet the dimensions of the space remain the same. When further burdening the floor space is no longer an option, it may be time to consider the prospects of vertical space utilisation instead, and this can be achieved with the implementation of a mezzanine floor.

Where height space permits, this upper level or multi levelled platform is constructed within the existing four walls of the space, creating extra floor areas that can be used to accommodate operational activities. Made up of steel components the structure is inclusive of access staircases with the option to add lifts, pallet gates and even conveyors or goods chutes depending on your individual requirements.

mezzanine floor basic steel framework

The uniqueness of your warehouse mezzanine floor solution

As a tailored solution, your warehouse mezzanine floor will be designed to perfectly fit your space whilst supporting the specific needs of your operation. Warehouse mezzanines can support any activity so whether you are looking to create more space for office staff or storage areas for inventory, your new mezzanine level will be the ideal space to achieve this. At WSL we begin your mezzanine floor project with a site survey free of charge to allow our designer to assess the space and gain an understanding of your business operations and requirements. A good perception of your requirements enables our designer to advise and guide you through the best options with regards to the mezzanine solution itself as well as access features and ancillaries. This could include staircase type and location, goods and personal lifts, pallet gates, office partitions and storage systems such as shelving. The designer will then create your bespoke solution using computer assisted software before sending you the plans accompanied by a non obligatory quotation. Once the order has been confirmed, the plans are sent to our fabrication engineers who operate in our on-site factory which allows for direct communication between our engineering, design and project management teams. It’s our In-house fabrication capabilities that enable WSL to can keep the costs of your mezzanine floor solution as low as possible whilst eliminating the delays or constraints commonly associated with the involvement of third parties. However complex or whatever the size of your mezzanine floor structure, WSL have the design and engineering capabilities all under one roof to ensure all your needs are met whilst providing quality and safety assurance as genuine mezzanine floor manufacturer with a Full SEMA Membership and UKCA certification.

Large single tier warehouse storage mezzanine

The option to future proof your warehouse mezzanine

Whilst supporting your current needs, your mezzanine floor can be designed and implemented by the WSL team to ensure easy adaptability should your needs change and you discover that more floor space is needed at a later date. If you anticipate future growth we can design your solution in a way that supports your current needs, yet simplifies the process of adding another tier or extension to the platform at a later date which will save you time and money. The activities carried out on the mezzanine floor can even change, providing the structural weight bearing has the capacity to support a heavier activity if this would be the case. Forward planning during the design stage of your mezzanine solution will provide long term assurance.

Mezzanine in warehouse used to accomodate offices

No need to expand or relocate

The process of relocating your operation or expanding the footprint of your facility can he highly stressful, costly and time consuming whereas the mezzanine floor solution is inexpensive, faster and disruption is minimal, so, if you have sufficient overhead space in your existing facility this is a very strong reason to consider the mezzanine floor solution. The mezzanine floor solution can double your usable floor space or more, depending on the size and number of levels and its sustainability means it can’t be dismissed as a long term solution.

Ability to organise departments and manage them better

By providing an entirely new floor level of workspace, a warehouse mezzanine floor allows your departments to be allocated an adequate amount of space with better positioning to help each stage of your processes streamline into the next. It creates a new opportunity to assess your current layout and reorganise it in order to increase productivity.

multi tier warehouse mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floors have no need for planning permission

Although UK Building Regulations must be adhered to which is something WSL will take care of on your behalf, planning permission is not required as the mezzanine floor is an internal structure which has no impact on the external elevation of the building. This saves both money and time and it also means your project is not at risk of being held back by the planning process like it could for a building extension.  In the instance where new doors, windows or an external staircase is required in relation to the mezzanine floor, planning permission would be needed for those specific items only.

Gain more from the space you are paying for

Your warehouse space will cost the same however you use it so why not maximise it to gain optimal use for the money spent? A mezzanine floor can help you achieve this as it utilises over head space which would otherwise remain empty air space.  By putting this space to good practical use you gain more value from the space and as productivity improves, you’ll see a return on your investment.

Warehouse mezzanine

The warehouse mezzanine floor experts

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