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Why WSL’s site surveys are free, thorough and truly beneficial to your storage solution project

Jan 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

Before introducing new physical structures to your industrial or commercial building, it’s important to assess the physical state of the space you intend to develop. Structures such as pallet racking, shelving and mezzanine floors are reliant on the stability of their surrounding in order to safely uphold the weight and activities required of them.

Before to the design of your solution, a site survey will determine whether and how the space can be safely developed to meet your requirements…….

Prior to your site survey

Being at the very early planning stages of your project, the first thing you’ll want to know about is feasibility and the likely costs involved so you can budget properly. Your WSL Design Technician can draw up provisional plans accompanied by a budget cost fairly quickly using information provided by yourself including your operational requirements, pallet and inventory details and approximate space dimensions, all of which can be discussed during a telephone or video call. Any current plans or sketches you might have would be quite useful too.

On receipt of your budget cost and provisional plans, you will have a clearer understanding of feasibility and likely costs, giving you good grounds to look further into your potential project. The next stage is to obtain a more detailed plan and quotation, and possibly more options! Its time to meet your WSL Technical Designer in person during a site visit arranged at your convenience!

What is a site survey?

Meticulously carried out by a member of our experienced design team, a site survey is an inherent element of the design process and can be described as an investigative examination of the space. The purpose of the survey is to look closely at the interiors present state and record not just dimensional information, but also any complexities and potential obstacles.

The same consultant completing the survey will then go on to design your solution which is why the survey also incorporates in depth discussions about your operational requirements and goals. From the consultants perspective this enables a great understanding of factors which will largely influence the design and for yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to address any concerns or go over any specific details you’re looking to clarify. Referring to all information gathered as well as the findings of the survey will help guide your unique design.

Empty warehouse assessment

What is the importance of a site survey?

A site survey is the first stage of the pre-construction planning process which is crucial to ensuring a properly ‘marked out` project, bringing coordination to every stage and removing the risk of costly delays. As far as stumbling blocks go, the site survey eliminates the risk of sudden difficulties or obstruction through the early detection of potential problems.  A site survey is also a way of:

  • Confirming project feasibility – Having your site assessed by one of WSL’s professional consultants will eliminate any doubts or uncertainties you may have about the potential project and instead give you assurance of what is actually possible.
  • Ensuring a strong foundation for the design – By basing the design on the findings of the survey and your particular requirements, you can be confident that nothing has been missed or overlooked and that the design produced is a real possibility.
  • Feeling assured that your requirements are understood – At WSL our site surveys involve much more than just a physical assessment of the site. Our designers want to ensure the perfect solution for your needs, which is why they take time to understand your operational needs and goals during the visit.

What does a site survey involve?

The physical examinations carried out during the survey will include the following undertakings:

  • Measure the space – This is to ensure the space will adequately house a new solution which will also be designed to maximise capacity within the space.
  • Check the floor is level – A level floor is crucial to ensuring the new solution remains solid and stable.
  • Record the location of any floor saw cuts – Any fixings need be at least 100mm away from existing saw cuts, therefore the position of these will be recorded to ensure the design implements this.
  • Check the lighting – Adequate lighting contributes to the safety and wellbeing of your workforce, visitors or customers therefore our designer will check the current lights to determine whether they will require any adjustment.
  • Locate fire exits and doorways – Particularly in the event of an emergency, clear exit routes are crucial to ensuring safety is prioritised therefore the design will be in accordance to the positioning of exiting exit routes.

The tools or equipment required to carry out the survey are very minimal and these include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – including hi-visibility vests, steel toe capped boots, hard hat and a face mask.
  • Tape measure – for small measurements such as distances around floor saw cuts
  • Laser measure – a very small hand held tool which records distances simply by pointing it in the direction you want to measure
  • Clipboard, notepad and paper – to make notes throughout the survey.

Site Survey

How long does a site survey take?

This very much depends on the scale of the project and size of the building. A multi-solution requirement within a large space for example will require more time spent during the site survey than that of a smaller project, however regardless of project size and complexity, your designer will ensure all information needed is gathered before leaving the site.

How much does the site survey cost?

WSL include a site survey as part of our service at no additional cost and no obligations, therefore this is a service which offers incredible value! Wherever you are in the UK and whatever the size of your project, our free site survey’s are hugely beneficial to your project because they provide our team with the information needed to design your unique solution whilst you can be assured that your design is in accordance to your needs and space.

What takes place after the site survey?

On completion of the survey, our consultant will have the information needed to design your safe, effective bespoke solution. The plans will be sent to you along with a non-obligatory quotation and only on your approval of the plans and confirmation of order will the project proceed to the next stage.

To discuss your potential project in detail, contact WSL today on 0113 2045350 or email to arrange your free site survey.

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