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Discover the undeniable benefits of a mezzanine floor solution

Feb 1, 2023 | Mezzanine Floors

If you’re wondering whether a mezzanine floor would be a worthy investment, then this article is for you. Prepare to be enlightened as we reveal the many ways in which this ingenious installation can benefit your business and discover how various businesses in a wide range of industries have gained tremendously from their own mezzanine floor installations. But before all of that, let’s start with the obvious question – What is a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine floor definition

The mezzanine floor is a carefully crafted solution designed to take inactive space that you already have, and convert it into practical floor space. The intension is to target the midway void between the ground floor and ceiling and transform it into a useful and productive area. A mezzanine floor is constructed using steel components which make up the core structure before a smooth flat floor surface is created using suitable decking material. The platform is then fitted with assistance features and ancillaries appropriately chosen to suite the environment and meet regulated safety standards, for example; staircases, lifts, pallet gates, edge protection and fire rating. This is a robust configuration built to last and although the structure is independent of the original building, a mezzanine floor is designed to seamlessly interconnect with the surrounding space.

Fire rated retail mezzanine floor with glass infill and stainless steel rails

For the good of the business!

And that’s any type of business too! Mezzanine floor suitability is without exceptions when it comes to industries and business types. Custom built; this is a solution with plenty of elasticity around its design once adequate height space has been confirmed. The installation follows a completely bespoke design based on your particular business requirements to ensure a fully supportive solution that will strengthen the whole operation. It can even be said that a mezzanine floor installation could well be one the best operational decisions you may ever make for your business, it certainly was for these businesses……

The retail mezzanine floor energises growth for Al Murad Tiles

In operation since 1985, Al Murad Tiles is a popular tile and stone importer with over 40 retail showrooms nationwide, and many of these have a mezzanine floor installation. Since 2012, our team have designed, manufactured and installed a retail mezzanine floor in over twenty Al Murad retail showrooms, with each one specifically designed to perfectly fit the individual space. Some mezzanine floor solutions were designed to improve the space in existing showrooms whilst others were implemented on acquirement of new units as they were being prepared to open as new showrooms. So, how has the retail mezzanine floor solution given Al Murad the upper hand?

Al Murad mezzanine floor

Expansion made simple and affordable

As Al Murad’s popularity grew, it became necessary to open more showrooms and the mezzanine floor solution made this both doable and affordable. The retailer was able to meet demand by opening more branches without the unnecessary cost of acquiring large units. Instead, they opted for a smaller footprint which could then be duplicated by the mezzanine floor solution, with no effect on the outer four walls. This very economical route to opening a new unit meant that Al Murad could accelerate the expansion of their geographical presence. Another smart decision taken by Al Murad was to cut out the middle man and source their mezzanine floors directly from WSL who were able to design, manufacture and install the solutions cost effectively and without lead time delays, confusion or limitations which are more likely when multiple parties are involved.

Showrooms with an aesthetically pleasing appearance

Whilst the retail mezzanine floor is a practical solution, installing one is the perfect opportunity to get creative. If you were in the market for bathroom tiles, and you were to walk into any Al Murad showroom with a mezzanine floor, you would immediately notice its welcoming atmospheric presence and there would certainly be a temptation to explore the offerings on the upper level. This is a beneficial influence inspired by a practical design with attached creativity. The gleaming tiled floors, attractive staircases, elegant lighting and décor have all been carefully chosen to keep the mezzanine floor aligned with the Al Murad theme, but they also promote a light, airy and welcoming atmosphere.

Better sales opportunities through a positive customer experience

Al Murad has taken the opportunity to use their mezzanine floor installation to improve customer experience. With an extra floor level, the showroom product display areas are evenly positioned with adequate distance between them which allows customers the space they need to move around and browse comfortably and for longer, instead of making an early exit and this has ultimately enhanced sales opportunities.

Al Murad showroom

Fat Face Ltd gained multi value from their multi tier mezzanine floor installation

In 2016, leading high street retailer Fat Face Ltd underwent major expansion and moved its logistical operation into a new custom-built Distribution Centre of over 7000sqm in Havant, Hampshire. This impressive new space meant that Fat Face could increase their peak capacity by 600,000 units of product. With such a high volume of extra capacity, Fat Face was to enhance their in-house inventory management and provide customers with a much faster service. But before opening the doors for the first time, this ample empty void was to undergo a complete transformation if it was to become the highly sophisticated operation that it is today.

One of the most prominent features of this successful Fat Face project is the impressive three tiered mezzanine floor installation. The immense structure sits alongside a vast VNA racking system with each 2000sqm floor level allocated to order processing, storage and offices. This multi tier mezzanine floor solution has injected the Fat Face operation with notable flexibility, enhanced productivity and room to grow!

multi tier storage mezzanine floor

An extra 6000sqm of multi functional space

A 2000sqm section of the ground floor area has been duplicated three times, providing Fat Face with additional production space of 6000sqm. This immense gain of usable space has given Fat Face the ability to prioritise all aspects of their operation and dedicate sufficient space to each crucial activity. Order processing, office based activities, IT server rooms and staff facilities are all housed on the mezzanine floor levels, leaving the entire ground floor footprint for other essential activities such as pallet handling and storage as well as goods reception and shipping zones.

Streamlined multi functional processes

Operating across multiple floors hasn’t slowed or complicated the Fat Face operation; in actual fact movement is simple, seamless and speedy. This is owing to a carefully designed layout and ancillaries which promote a smooth transition as one process meets the next. There are pallet gates fitted to each mezzanine level to enable the safe placement of pallets from the neighboring VNA racking system onto the platform whilst a heavy goods lift allows the transportation multiple items between the floors. Chutes were also installed to allow the speedy transportation of individually picked goods to levels below which then meets the boom conveyor system which was installed to transport goods towards the dispatch area.

Plenty of potential for further growth!

Opening this new state of the art Distribution Centre was just the beginning of a new chapter for Fat Face. With future growth on the horizon, the mezzanine floor has taken away the concerns of running out of floor space. This has already been demonstrated after WSL returned to extend the VNA racking system we had originally designed and installed with probable further growth in mind. With the mezzanine floor already accommodating other important activities, space on the ground floor could be reserved for this anticipated racking extension project, and there is still plenty of wiggle room left over on every floor level in this monumental Distribution Centre.

Fat face multi tier mezzanine and VNA racking

The production mezzanine floor proved to be a true gem for Rockshop Wholesalers!

Considerable growth resulted in British wholesaler Rockshop, who specialise in rocks and minerals, looking for a larger space close to their original headquarters in Huddersfield. The vision was to have a spacious wholesale and production area inclusive of staff offices and WCs and it wasn’t long before the perfect unit was found – well almost perfect. The 465-metre square space was ideally located but was it able to comfortably support the required operational activities? It certainly was with a mezzanine floor installation! By splitting the vertical space into two halves, one on top of the other, this almost perfect space became the perfect space for Rockshop Wholesalers……

Rockshop mezzanine

Two functions in one surface area

A careful plan created by our WSL Design Technician illustrated that a mezzanine floor installation of 200sqm would enable both wholesale and production activities to take place in the same building. The Rockshop mezzanine floor solution made it possible to create a brand new showroom in which a wide range of rocks and crystals could be neatly displayed. Above that, on the mezzanine level, operators could pick and prepare stones, crystals and jewellery to fulfill online orders. Within one location, both the physical and online wholesale trading of rocks, crystals, fossils, jewellery could be managed effectively.

Wholesale area beneath the mezzanine


The office mezzanine floor is the only overlay for carpet retailer Lunds of Otley!

2020 was a particularly busy year for Lunds of Otley who specialise in the retail of carpets and flooring and as a result, the business was on the move to a new unit. The new premises offered ample space and had a particularly generous ceiling height which was a significant advantage given that space maximisation was a priority. So, how did the mezzanine floor installation ensure that all aspects of the business operation could be prioritised whilst maximising the retail shop floor?

Offices without compromising retail space

Office space was an important factor; however this had to be achieved without compromising the retail space. The solution created by our Technical Designer was an office area which sat above the retail space on a mezzanine platform. This allowed the retailer to showcase their products in a nicely organised and spacious area that even allowed for further growth, whilst office personnel was provided with a comfortable space to work, away from the retail area but close enough to provide daily retail support.

Ability to mitigate spiraling energy costs!

Since the installation in 2020, the energy crisis began to hit businesses across the UK, but the Lunds of Otley mezzanine floor has its own advantage in this situation. The office mezzanine floor features enclosed workspaces having been fitted with partition walls. The individual rooms which are spaciously comfortable are also small enough to keep heat in. Where energy consumption is concerned, this is a bonus because whilst the main retail entrance may let the cold in, the enclosed offices remain unaffected and this helps to reduce the heating costs.

Apprehensions about visual impact were instantly eliminated

It was important to Lunds of Otley that the mezzanine floor did not overwhelm the retail space. The retailer was hoping to achieve a light, airy and attractive look for their showroom. With this in mind, our designer created an elegant mezzanine floor with an attractive white staircase and blue treading to match the retailers theme. The staircase was then carpeted using the retailers own product giving it a personalised finish. The end result was a mezzanine level that seamlessly blended into the space whilst providing a positive visual impact.

Lunds of Otley mezzanine

The mezzanine floor provides an extra layer of more than just chocolate for Moonpig!

In 2022, Moonpig opened there new 9200sqm Distribution Centre in Tamworth where all logistical activities would be brought in-house in order to enhance their hyper-personalised service. This was an exciting project for the WSL team who was commissioned to design and implement an effective storage and handling solution that would meet all operational needs and maximise the space. The Moonpig project consisted of VNA racking inclusive of 5760 locations, standard pallet racking inclusive of 232 locations, 2000 pick bin locations, 105 work benches, 12 fork lift trucks, and a 1672sqm warehouse mezzanine floor with two access staircases, three pallet gates and a goods lift. So what part does the mezzanine floor installation play in this highly energetic Distribution Centre?

Dual productivity without congestion

This warehouse mezzanine floor installation means that Moonpig can operate without congestion. The two floors have allowed the 105 workbenches to be distributed between both levels, injecting dual layer productivity into the operation. The workbenches have been positioned close to the 2000 pick bin shelves to enable a streamlined picking and packing process, and the three pallet gates enable the mezzanine level to receive multiple pallets at the same time without a fork lift truck traffic jam forming.

Increased capacity

With the mezzanine space accommodating production activities, the areas beyond the structure were relived of this and could be better utilised with 5760no. VNA pallet racking locations which enable Moonpig to store their pallets floor to ceiling, with rows positioned closer together to make the most of the footprint area.

The mezzanine created a cool dry place for chocolate racking!

The 232 standard racking locations were used to store chocolate, and what better place than beneath the underside of the mezzanine floor. This cool dry area is the perfect spot to keep this delicious but perishable stock in perfect condition.

Moonpig shelving system on mezzanine level

So, what could the mezzanine floor solution do for your business?

If we look at the versatility of the mezzanine floor projects completed by the WSL team this demonstrates how different businesses, in different settings with different operational requirements can always look to the mezzanine floor for space to grow and prosper.

More space within the same space!

As a suspended floor, the mezzanine solution enables a significant increase of square footage without the need for a wider footprint. Like the ones already mentioned, this is the key advantage to all of the businesses where WSL have implemented the mezzanine floor solution. Space is space and if it already exists, why not use it you your advantage? Channel 4 did! They now have a TV studio mezzanine floor that ensures the only thing Steph’s Packed Lunch is bursting with, is fun!

Steph's Packed Lunch Studio

Enhance physical flexibility

In order to continually satisfy a developing market you need physical flexibility and this is something that the mezzanine floor solution can provide. In order to meet demand across a much wider area, Al Murad certainly reaps the benefits of enhanced flexibility, and you could too. If you’re concerned about the costs involved in branching out, then perhaps a more affordable smaller footprint that has the potential for a mezzanine floor installation is the perfect option for you!

Support growth

Growth is something every business needs to experience if it is to gain and maintain stability in the market. Both pursued and organic growth can drive performance and profit, however the inability to facilitate growth can have the opposite effect. If space is becoming a squeeze, better utilisation of overhead space could save you the costs and headache of an extension or relocation. Just look up and tap into the empty airspace that sits above your head! Pavers Shoes did exactly this and without the need for a wider footprint, they have the capacity to store 2.1 million pairs of shoes using their mezzanine of multiple levels!

Pavers mezzanine platform shoe storage area

Supercharge productivity

Whoever is in your space, there is a much higher probability that their actions will have positive outcomes for your business if they feel comfortable. This could be employees who are provided with sufficient work areas, or customers who feel at ease. Take the gym mezzanine floor for example. This is a concept that has grown hugely popular in recent years with gyms turning to the mezzanine floor solution in order to create more space between members as they work out, in an effort to increase protection against Covid19. By promoting a gym environment with Covid19 safety measures in place, gym members and staff feel better assured and this encourages positive efforts. The other great advantage is that a gym mezzanine floor can be embroidered in supercharge colours, lighting and décor, making it a place where people actually want to be.

Utilse any type of business activity with a mezzanine floor by WSL!

Whatever you need the extra space for, it’s certainly doable with mezzanine floor and even more so with WSL at the helm of your project. Why? Because our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that your requirements, however complex can be met. This is owing to our experienced designers and talented engineers working together under the same roof to deliver your project, exactly as you would expect. By cutting out the third party supplier, there is immediate communication with attached knowledge and skills that enhance flexibility and our ability to be more creative when delivering your vision.

As a manufacturer with Full SEMA Membership and UKCA certification you can feel assured that your mezzanine floor solution will be produced to the very highest safety and quality standards

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