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The benefits of a warehouse mezzanine floor

Running out of usable space within a busy warehouse setting is a common problem which can have a negative effect on overall productivity. Are you faced with this dilemma? If so read on to discover the warehouse mezzanine floor and how it can transform your workspace by increasing usable floor space without extension, expansion or in many cases, additional rates.

What is a warehouse mezzanine floor?

Take a look at the space within your warehouse and focus on the whole cubic area. Consider the possibility of converting your un-used height space into another floor level or even multiple levels. A mezzanine floor will do exactly that with the added advantages of increased productivity, an improved working environment and space for future growth. The use of mezzanine floors in warehouse environments has become more widespread for these very reasons. A mezzanine floor is a cost effective and sustainable solution for warehouses looking to support their growing operations whist remaining within the current building.

mezzanine floor structure

Independent of the original building the mezzanine floor which is a self-supported structure can be integrated to match the look of the rest of the building interior. Made up of multiple components the mezzanine floor consists of steel columns, purlins, decking, access features and fire rating panels where required.

It’s important to note that mezzanine floors should not be used with the one-size fits all approach. They are uniquely designed and constructed to suit an individual building and intended use. If you are considering a used mezzanine floor we advise great caution for reasons outlined here. So what can a warehouse mezzanine floor be used for?

Warehouse storage mezzanine floor

A mezzanine floor is an ideal solution for those looking to integrate more storage applications into the warehouse. A storage mezzanine floor will support numerous storage options including racking and shelving allowing increased storage capacity within the same cubic area. Storage systems can be installed on the mezzanine floor level or bellow or both. For example you may require pallet racking bellow the mezzanine level and shelving on the mezzanine level.  The mezzanine can even be integrated with pallet racking to create a large, multi tiered storage structure.

storage mezzanine floor with pallet gate

Warehouse office mezzanine floor

If you’re considering a new office area within the warehouse and looking at your space from a footprint perspective,it can be quite a task finalising the location of the new office.  By viewing the cubic area of your warehouse you may not need to compromise on footprint floor space. You will actually gain more space because an office mezzanine floor will only add to your usable floor space on a newly created upper level without reducing space for the operations bellow.

Warehouse production mezzanine floor

The activity of production for many warehouses requires space for work benches, conveyors, machinery and storage. When specifically designed to uphold the weight of production, a mezzanine floor is the perfect solution.  It can create segregated areas, which will then allow the lower ground floor more space for its own operation.


Production mezzanine floor

However you wish to use your mezzanine floor, with the right design your mezzanine floor will undoubtedly transform your warehouse space and improve productivity. A well designed mezzanine has the potential to expand as your business grows. If future growth is on the horizon the potential expansion of the mezzanine can be included in the design. This will simplify the process of extending the mezzanine at a later date.

Mezzanine floor access

How people and items gain access to and from the mezzanine floor will be largely depend on how the mezzanine is used and its size:

Staircases: Used by all types of mezzanine floors the staircase is a quick and easy for people to gain access to the platform. The staircase can be styled to match, size, use and practicality of the mezzanine with fire safety, ground floor operations and structural columns taken into account as to where they are located.

Passenger lift – These are particularly useful for a multi tiered mezzanine floor or to assist any persons entering the mezzanine with physical disabilities

Goods lift – A goods lift will transport pallets, trolleys and heavy loose boxes to and from the upper platform. A goods lift will vary in terms of weight capacity, size and number of entries.

Chutes & Conveyors – In large, fast dynamic warehouses where speed is of high priority chutes and conveyors can swiftly transport your items to the lower level.

Pallet gates – Used to transport pallets on and off the mezzanine floor level using a forklift truck

Safety Regulations

Not all mezzanine floors require fire rating. Whether a storage mezzanine floor requires fire rating will depend on a number of factors including size, the number of people using it, whether members of the public will be using it, fire exits and whether it covers over half of the ground floor on which it is situated. This can be discussed during the design stage and if fire rating is required this will be incorporated in the final design.

Your warehouse mezzanine floor by WSL

Over the last 30 years WSL has built on our extensive knowledge and expertise as a mezzanine floor designer, manufacturer and installer.  A large proportion of the mezzanine floors we produce are for warehouse environments. WSL assist small start-up businesses and large organisations from multiple industries as well as architect, construction and property estate groups.

Quality Assurance

From our in-house factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire we can manufacture your mezzanine floor before we deliver the parts to your site and install it for you. WSL incorporate the stringent steel section standards of BS 5950-1:200 and BS EN 1993-1-3for cold rolled sections with load requirements specified in BS 6399-1:1996. Our work is certified to CE marking BS EN 1090 as well as being a full SEMA member so you can be reassured that your project will be completed to the very highest safety and quality standards.

Health Safety and Legal Regulations

WSL can take the role of both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and will ensure high standards of health and safety is upheld throughout the project. We will work closely with UK Building Regulations Officers and Fire Safety Officers from the very beginning who will attend the site on completion to ensure all regulations have been met as outlined in the plans. A certification and documentation will be issued to you once this has been carried out.

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