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How the ‘just in case` mezzanine floor could later champion your operation

Nov 25, 2021 | Mezzanine Floors

The interior scope of your new business premises may include partitions, furniture, lighting, décor, WC’s, and storage structures, but does it include a mezzanine floor?

Maybe a mezzanine floor hasn’t come to mind because the floor space alone will adequately support your immediate requirements; but have you considered the impact of growth? How would your current floor space situation fair in a situation of sudden growth?

Instrumental to future proofing your business, the ‘just in case` mezzanine floor provides immediate availability of usable floor space, so as business activities increase and your workforce grows, the capacity to accommodate is already there.

The early design and implementation of a mezzanine floor is an ever increasingly popular concept, giving rise to the large open industrial spaces we see being developed today. Without in-built permanent floor levels which can be limiting, business have more opportunity to plan the space around the needs of their operation with a bespoke mezzanine floor solution designed to accommodate immediate and future requirements.

empty warehouse

So if your new building has a generous offering of height space, here’s how you could benefit from a ‘just in case` mezzanine floor:

Be ready for the unexpected

Whether your new premises will accommodate a new start-up business or an expanding business, growth is a likely anticipation however unexpected, rapid growth can be extremely challenging if unprepared for. The sudden surge in business activity brings new challenges and one of the most troublesome is operating in line with growth whilst conditions become more and more cramped. Without warning your compelled to recruit more staff, however lack of adequate space will have a negative effect on both existing and new employees, risking poor retention rates and incurring more staffing and training costs. Its often not just more employees you need to accommodate, there could also be increased inventory volume to consider. Where can it be stored? Or additional machinery or production areas may be required, but where could these be placed?  Growth should be an exciting, profitable and strengthening time for your business yet failure to prepare could see the reverse effect.

With a ‘just in case’ mezzanine floor, you’re already equipped meet these challenges with little effort or expense, so you can focus on ensuring the growth spurt is lucrative. The otherwise wasted empty air space is ready to accommodate your growing business needs by way of providing more office, storage or production space. What’s more, the early installation of your mezzanine floor will have no effect on business activities prior to the growth spurt, nor would it blemish the appearance of the facility as mezzanine floors are completely bespoke and are designed to blend in with the rest of the interior.

Production warehouse with office mezzanine

Early implementation saves time and costs

Installing a mezzanine floor in advance allows for a period of time in which the upper level can be gradually fitted with equipment and fixtures rather than in one go and this spreads the cost whilst you have more time to consider the most suitable applications. Even if part of the mezzanine is used immediately, specific areas can be preserved and planned over time as potential needs transpire.

Grow without boundaries

A future proof mezzanine floor is specifically designed to enable easy enhancement if or when needed. Perhaps you have the height space for a multi tiered mezzanine floor, however you have decided on a single tier platform as the need for another level would be too far into the future. In this scenario the single tier can be transformed into a multi tier very easily at a later date with a future proof design that makes the additional tier possible and straight forward. This also applies if you feel there may be a potential need to extend the floor span of the mezzanine floor at a later date.

Weight load bearing is designed into the mezzanine structure in accordance to the intended use and should never exceed the stated limit however, if there is uncertainty about the eventual use of the mezzanine floor it’s a better option to future proof by incorporating the heavier weight load bearing. That way, what was originally predicted to be an office mezzanine floor can actually become a storage mezzanine floor and visa versa.

Warehouse mezzanine platform

The ‘just in case’ turned ‘vital’ mezzanine floor

Over the last twenty months the world has become accustomed to the ‘just in case` way of purchasing, resulting in cumulative inventory storage becoming a prime concern for businesses handling inventory instead of the usual ‘re-stock as and when` way of doing things. With the lingering threat of Covid19, Brexit, environmental issues and supply chain disruption it’s evident that businesses need to continue stocking in bulk, wherever they can, long into the future to keep in line with customer demand and expectations.

Although nobody could predict the situation we have been facing for the last twenty months, for those businesses with extra usable floor space made available by their ‘just in case` mezzanine floor have at least had the extra advantage of being able to expand their operation within the same four walls with no major disruption or costs.

With uncertainly still hanging around, there’s never been a better time to consider a mezzanine floor – just in case!

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