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How an office mezzanine floor can transform your warehouse

Aug 5, 2020 | Mezzanine Floors

Are you looking for a way create more office space in your warehouse without compromising space in your current operational area? You have come to the right place. Here you will discover how this can be achieved with the installation of a mezzanine floor. All you need to begin is sufficient overhead space within your warehouse.

When looking at the cubic area of your warehouse rather than the footprint area alone you may find that space is actually plentiful and this can be used to your advantage.

The installation of a mezzanine floor will create a new floor level which can be utilised for office space whilst ground floor operations continue beneath. More and more warehouses have been adopting for this cost-effective space saving method for decades because it allows them to increase warehouse capacity without physically extending the original building. Its common practice to have offices within the parameter of the warehouse because it allows office and warehouse staff to work and liaise with each other more effectively. The mezzanine floor makes this possible in situations where floor space is limited.

Warehouse mezzanine floor

The WSL approach

WSL has been implementing mezzanine floor solutions in warehouses to use as office space for over thirty years.

Our experience and capabilities allows us to:

Design your mezzanine floor –This will begin with a free site survey in person by one of our expert designers, presenting you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may have.  During the survey our designer will obtain a clear understanding of your operational needs, business requirements and available space.

Manufacture your mezzanine floor –This will take place in our highly accredited in-house factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  Your bespoke mezzanine floor will be manufactured to the certified standards of CE Marking BS 1090 as well as BS5950-1:2000 for steel sections, BS EN 1993-1-3 for cold rolled sections and weight load bearings to BS6399-1:1996 specifications, all of which are the most stringent of  guidelines. We can also manufacture many of the accessories including staircases, hand rails and column protectors all to your specification.

Install your mezzanine floor – The day your mezzanine floor is delivered to site, our professional installation team who are fully insured, trained and experienced will be ready and waiting to begin the installation process as it arrives.

Office mezzanine in manufacturing facility

Project Management

Your project will be managed throughout the construction stage by a WSL project manager who will be your point of call should you have any questions as the project progresses. Through regular visits on site and certified as a principal contractor your allocated project manager will oversee and monitor health and safety throughout the installation.


WSL has built long standing relationships with countless leading trades over many years which enable us to source quality and value tradesman ship for lighting, plumbing, electrical works, air conditioning, partitions, flooring and furniture. We can take care of everything, relieving you of additional stresses and complications.

Warehouse office staircase

Legal Requirements

These can be quite complicated when your new to the procedure which is why WSL can take care of this by liaising with building regulators and fire officers on your behalf. You will be issued with all legally approved documentation in relation to your mezzanine floor.

WSL will begin this process almost immediately to ensure your mezzanine floor design meets all relevant UK building regulations before any works begin. Once your project is complete the mezzanine will be further inspected by an approved UK Building Regulations Officer and Fire Officer. Certification will be issued once satisfied that the project was carried out according to the approved plans and fire safety standards have been met.

Principal Designers and Principal Contractors

All members of our design team and project management team have the experience and knowledge to act as Principal Designers and Principal Contractors meaning there is less pressure on you to source this yourself. It is a legal requirement to have these appointed due to the number of people working on the project. Their responsibility is to ensure health and safety throughout the design and construction process with close monitoring and acting accordingly to prevent any potential issues.

Your new workspace and how it will look

Once WSL have departed from your site, your warehouse will be transformed with a new airy feel and a substantial amount of space when compared with before. Your mezzanine floor may be a new significant feature but it will look and feel very much part of your warehouse. The great thing about your bespoke mezzanine floor is that it was designed and manufactured to match your desired look with carefully chosen accessories such as staircases, railings, balustrades, lighting, in-fills, flooring and more. With a wide choice available you can be sure that your new workspace creation will not disappoint.

Depending on the size if your mezzanine floor level, the number of staff using it and business requirements it can be divided into segregated areas using partitions so as well as offices your new floor can accommodate meeting rooms, staff WC facilities, a canteen or a reception area. All of which can be finished to match your specific business style and colour scheme with matching carpet, flooring, paint, and furniture.

office mezzanine

Future proof

If you anticipate future growth we can design your mezzanine floor so it is subsequently prepared for expansion be it an extension or additional floors. Moving forward the process will be much simpler and faster to complete at the later date.

An office mezzanine is designed for office use only so if you predict a change of use further down the line down such as production or storage then the mezzanine must be designed to meet the weight load bearing of the future potential use. If you store heavy machinery onto a mezzanine designed only to support the weight of office use the consequences could be disastrous.

Taking care of your mezzanine floor

WSL is a Full SEMA Member so you can expect your mezzanine floor design to uphold only the highest safety and quality standards. To maintain these standards long term we recommend periodic inspections of your mezzanine floor with one of our qualified inspectors. An inspection every 12 to 24 months will entail a detailed examination of your mezzanine components including columns, purlins, staircase and decking. At the end of the inspection we will provide you with a detailed report confirming the inspection has been completed and any potential risks which may have been found.

If you have further questions about mezzanine floors please see Mezzanine Floors – Your Questions Answered in this Complete Guide

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