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Multiple Storage Solutions Project Delivered Safely by WSL

WSL recently completed a multi storage solution fit out whilst complying with Covid-19 safety guidelines for our Yorkshire based client who specialises in plumbing, heating and bathroom products.

Significant growth has lead to several new branches being opened across Yorkshire over the last decade each of which has been fitted with essential storage systems by WSL to allow each branch to excel in productivity.

David, our specialist design technician has been producing unique storage solutions for this particular client for several years. This strong relationship represents the knowledge and understanding of the business and how WSL can best support its operation.

Although this particular branch didn’t require a mezzanine floor like the previous branches fitted out by WSL, each one consists of similar specifications with corresponding storage solutions.

The fit out for this branch required a large arrangement of multiple storage solutions which included:

  • Long span shelving providing 96 shelf spaces to store a range of hand loaded items with incorporated bins to keep multiple smaller items organised and safe.
  • Pallet racking to house up to 47 pallets loaded with plumbing and heating related products.
  • Anti-collapse mesh to add extra protection around the back-end areas of the racking, preventing products from falling.
  • D-divider racking was implemented to enable the easy storage of hand loaded pipe products
  • Cantilever racking was designed manufactured in our factory to the specifications of the client to enable the safe storage of their long heavy timber products

Long span shelving system

Plans were drawn up earlier in the year, however the lock-down imposed by the government due to Covid19 meant the project was slightly delayed.


WSL strive to ensure health and safety is prioritised in everything we do and this is reflected through our Alcumus SafeContractor and other quality, health and safety accreditation’s however, new precautions needed to be taken which were imperative to protecting the health, safety and even the lives of others.

The project required other trades to be on site along side WSL’s team so together with our client and all contracting companies involved we reviewed the plan of activities in preparation to deliver this project in a way we had never done before.

All parties involved in the project were briefed and prepared in advance for new additional safety measures which would be implemented on site and adhered too throughout the duration of the project.

side view of shelving system

How did we do it?

There were three WSL installers and our Project Manager attending site along with other contractors from various trades. As a team everyone on site played their part in ensuring the safety of themselves and each other by following the newly implemented measures. This included:

Staggered start times – A start and finish timetable was produced and followed by everyone from WSL’s team and other contractors. The staggered start times meant one person entered the building at one time.

Segregated Areas – A plan was drawn up to clarify the location of different activities being carried out. Temporary routes and walkways were implemented to ensure distance was over two meters as teams made their way to their working areas. The project stages were scheduled so that different activities were separated at all times. Our installation team could then carry out their duties without breaking the two meter rule.

Reduced task and equipment rotation – Normally our team would rotate duties and share equipment, however this posed the risk of breaking the two meter rule and would involve touching equipment previously touched by other people, so instead, specific tasks and equipment was assigned to individual installers and this was strictly adhered to and worked really well.

Personal Protective Equipment – All installers and contractors as well as our Project Manager wore gloves and masks, changing them at regular intervals.

Regular cleaning of hands – The singing of happy birthday could be heard throughout the day, every day as all WSL and other team members regularly washed their hands for twenty seconds each time.

Staggered break and lunch times – Short breaks and lunch times were staggered to prevent multiple people gathering or coming and going at the same time.

Site introduction amendments – When attending a new site a full introduction must be carried out to ensure safety during their time there. To ensure the new guidelines were being met the larger part of these inductions were completed outside the building with fewer people attending at one time.

Although the start date was delayed we succeeded in completing the project on the original completion date despite the very new and unprecedented way of working.

WSL is pleased that the newly fitted branch along with the others has since been able to open safely with new measures in place to protect the safety of visiting customers.

Our Project Design Technician David said “I have worked with this client for several years. His forward thinking and work attitude is a pleasure to work with”

D-Divider racking system


Progress on other projects!

A large scale project in the south of the country is nearing completion for an expanding and evolving food supplier specialist. This project involves the fitting of various sophisticated storage solutions including a multi tier pallet racking system with mezzanine floor levels, pallet gates, lifts, internal and external staircases and carton live shelving.  Whilst the project was temporarily paused to put in new measures under the new strict covid19 guidelines, this project has made real progress as we work through the final stages. We will bring you more on this once complete!

Multi tier pallet racking system with mezzanine floor and pallet gates


Meanwhile in the north of the country, WSL returned to site once safety measures were put in place, to begin the third and final phase of a multi tier mezzanine floor combined with staircases and pallet gates. Now almost complete the new space provides an additional 54’000 square meters of floor space across two levels on which we installed rows of shelving. Our client who specialises in the retail of shoes with over 170 shops located throughout the country and more abroad, now has the space to accommodate 1.2 million pairs of shoes. More about this project coming soon!

Large scale mezzanine floor view from first floor

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