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Multi tier racking system: Do you have tall warehouse space?

Are you looking to increase storage capacity in your near full warehouse facility but have limited floor space? It may be time to consider vertical space and discover how it can be used to maximise your cubic area.

What is a multi tier racking system?

A multi tier racking system is a tall structure which converts empty overhead space into valuable storage areas. A combination of racks and shelves with dedicated access points such as staircases, lifts and pallet gates as well as built in floors and walkways, the multi tier racking system is the ultimate system which maximises storage capacity. Visually the structure could be perceived as complex and costly but in truth it’s quite the opposite and can actually save a lot of time and money.

Multi tier mezzanine picking system

Key Features:

  • Improves picking speed and efficiency
  • Ideal for high volumes of SKUs, archive storage, small items and garments
  • Effective use of limited floor space
  • Choice if shelves and racks to suit individual requirements

Space Saving

A multi tier racking system can increase storage capacity by up to 100% or even more in some cases whilst generating more floor space within the same surface area. Product storage can go as high as the building physically allows and provides direct access to inventory through the incorporated floors and walkways constructed at upper levels within the system. Determined by the height of the structure the number of levels can vary as can the type of storage within the framework which depends largely on inventory type and processes. For one particular client WSL is currently on site installing a multi tier racking system which consists of 8,500m2 of carton live shelving across three floors and pallet racks at either side with mesh decks. Pallet gates are being fitted to allow pallets to be loaded safely onto the upper levels.

Muti tier racking aisles

Who uses multi tier racking?

A multi tier racking system is best suited to businesses who want to improve and create a streamlined picking and packing processes for their high number of SKUs whilst saving space, time and money. Garments, boxed and loose items are ideal candidates for multi tier racking although it can accommodate large heavy items when the appropriate safe handling features are put in place. Because it effectively utilises height space to maximise storage a multi tier racking system uses space economically therefore reducing energy costs for cold store warehouses.

Bespoke designs by WSL provides flexibility

Every warehouse is different so the height of your particular warehouse, your products, your operational methods, your future forecasts and goals will all play a part in the design of your multi tier racking system. A tailored system will maximise the full potential of your facility and given our 30 plus years of industry knowledge and experience you can trust that WSL will design your multi tier racking system to perfectly suit your unique business and space. To ensure this we take time to understand your business and requirements, we assess your space and inventory needs before we draw up any potential plans. WSL recently completed a multi tier racking system for a client, who as result of growth, acquired extra warehouse space dedicated to the storage and picking of the turbo charger items they repaired and remanufactured. The new two tier racking system instantly transformed the space and the client now has double the capacity.

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