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Warehouse Mezzanine Floors: Can They Be Practical and Attractive?

Feb 8, 2016 | Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors within a storage facility can often be seen as simply a necessary additional floor space. It is a practical solution for a practical problem, and as such, its visual impact can be approached as irrelevant. A budget mezzanine can be created quickly and efficiently as a simple, secure metal structure, in keeping with the rest of its warehouse style surroundings. It is certainly true that the primary feature of a mezzanine must be a practical structure that meets your requirements; whether an office area, additional storage, or a larger work space and in addition the mezzanine floor must incorporate the correct weight load capacity for its use. Engineers should ensure that access and layout conform with building regulations and health and safety requirements. On many occasions, companies are happy with a straightforward metal structure, with safety railings, fittings, and facilities for its intended purpose; be that storage racking, filing cabinets, desks or lockers.

More than just a warehouse mezzanine platform

But what if you are looking for something more sophisticated? A mezzanine office for meeting with clients and colleagues perhaps or a quiet area for staff breaks? Can a mezzanine floor within a busy storage or workshop environment be an attractive and relaxing area?

“Yes, absolutely!”

There are as many different mezzanine designs as there are individuals with ideas! At the design stage, your Design Technician should run through your options with you. There are lots of simple steps that can be taken to make your mezzanine more attractive, according to your chosen budget.

Walls and windows

Walls and windows can be added to a mezzanine level. Ceilings and walls of warehouse facilities can be insulated and plaster boarded to create a cosy, homely environment that can be decorated in keeping with the atmosphere you wish to create. Windows can be added to look out onto the work floor below, allowing managers or administrators to stay involved in the daily activities. These can be soundproofed, to allow quiet work to take place. In other cases, clients may prefer the mezzanine to be more a “part of” the workshop environment and instead of walls, elegant glass or wood railings can be put in place, rather than usual metal barriers. With some engineering expertise, it can also be possible to create outside facing windows, or even skylights, allowing natural light into the space. Its important to not that in most cases planning permission is not required for a mezzanine floor installation, however an external window will affect the elevation of the original building therefore planning permission would need to be obtained for this element of the project.


Decor is an effective yet very low budget way to affect the impact of your mezzanine floor and it’s completely down to preferences. You could choose feature wallpaper for one wall to make a bold statement or you could even choose wallpaper that keeps with your business identity!  You could keep it simple or experiment with wall art and if your looking to make the space feel airy and bright, light colours would help you achieve this. Psychologists suggest that colour can affect mood. Green is supposed to create a calming atmosphere, while yellow is believed to “stimulate the intellect. The colours of your mezzanine can be a refreshing diversion from the practical storage space or workshop below.

office mezzanine grey carpet, light walls and glass partitions


Decoration and furnishings are another potentially inexpensive way to make your mezzanine instantly look more elegant. Carpets add an element of comfort, and soft furnishings can create a contrast with the busy workshop below. Your furniture can be chosen within a vast budget range, providing whatever level of luxury your resources allow. At this stage it is important to spend some time thinking about the layout of the furniture; do you want office workers compartmentalised with multiple cubicle desks, or able to interact with a more open plan area? What will the layout be for your conference room? Will there be a reception / waiting area, and how will it be positioned?

Furnished meeting room


Once a mezzanine floor installation is complete the new upper level space can be divided into separate areas. Deciding how much of the space to dedicate to each department is entirely optional with choices mainly influenced by the amount of space needed to complete department activities. Rooms such as offices, meeting rooms, staff canteens, changing facilities and WCs will need to be considered. There’s a varied choice of material used to create the partitions including glass, aluminium and plasterboard with some walls created by a combination of materials. The material is important to how you want the area to look. Glass for example is extremely popular for allowing more light onto the mezzanine and more visibility, whereas plasterboard is ideal for creating private rooms.

mezanine with glass partition


You may want to consider natural lighting for your mezzanine floor, with windows or skylights. A report on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in offices states that “access to windows and daylight… bring consistent benefits in terms of satisfaction and health,” suggesting that access to windows reduces the amount of sick leave taken by an employee. Where it is not possible to facilitate natural lighting, you could consider LED lighting that can mimic natural light.


It is possible to install a visually interesting access point to your mezzanine floor (Read more about our guide to choosing mezzanine floor access). Aside from providing practicality, a mezzanine floor staircase can also become a featured part of the structure. Like the mezzanine floor, associated staircases are completely bespoke with practical and visual advantages. Staircase quantities, positioning, shape, material and colours can be chosen to make the best use of space and be attractive at the same time. This can all be achieved ensuring the mezzanine floor staircase meets the latest standards and regulations.

Our Technical Designer can provide expert advice on what access is required to fulfil health and safety legislations. As a mezzanine floor designer and manufacturer, WSL also create bespoke staircases and will go to great lengths to ensure you mezzanine floor and staircase match your desired look and practical needs.

office mezzanine staircase L shaped against a wall

Even a storage mezzanine floor can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing

Whilst serving its practical purpose, there’s no reason why a storage mezzanine floor can’t look good too! Of course, when considering the custom features of a storage mezzanine such as colour scheme, railing types, and lighting the function of the mezzanine and the business theme is a crucial factor, but there are opportunities for creativity. Even a simple storage mezzanine can look bright and visually appealing once the fire rating, railings, pallet gates and staircases have been fitted.

Attractive Storage Mezzanine Floor

Your smart warehouse mezzanine floor by WSL

At WSL, we pride ourselves on designing safe, practical structures that meet our customers’ requirements. We work together with clients to ensure that access, height and layout take their specifications into account, whilst ensuring that all building regulations, fire and Health and Safety legislation is met. We have expert designers on site, to create the perfect mezzanine floor solution for you! We can then manufacture your mezzanine floor to the exact design in our on site factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that constraints are eliminated when it comes to bespoke design and more flexibility is a great benefit to our clients. At every stage of the process we prioritise quality and safety as reflected in our accreditations including full SEMA membership and UKCA.

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