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Supporting A Leading Fishing Tackle Retailer Through Expansion

With over 30 years in the trade, Angling Direct is at the forefront when it comes to specialist fishing tackle supplies in the UK.

After acquiring new premises in Guildford for the purpose of opening a new store, Angling Direct contacted WSL to discuss the potential installation of a fire rated mezzanine floor with a view of increasing the floor space.
During the initial consultation our design technician was able to meet the client face to face and on site, allowing the opportunity to discuss their requirements and assess the site. As a leading retailer in the fishing tackle trade, Angling Direct stock a large variety of merchandise and wanted to create more space to display their products whilst allowing customers to see and access them easily. The installation of a mezzanine floor would provide that much desired additional sales display area, and customers would be able to see the highly popular products on display as they entered the store.

Armed with measurements that were taken during the consultation and a clear understanding of what they were hoping to achieve, ideas were formulated and plans were drawn up to enable visualisation of the mezzanine floor as it would appear in the unit. Angling Direct were happy with the plans and accepted our proposal to manufacture and install the mezzanine floor, access staircase and handrails all specifically designed for their retail until.
Manufacturing began at our in-house Leeds factory where excellence in terms of safety and quality is demonstrated. All of our manufactured products are accredited to the CE Marking BS 1090-1 and as a full Member of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufactures Association) we were able to provide added reassurance to Angling Direct.

On completion the manufactured mezzanine floor along with its component parts were ready to leave our factory and head to the new shop in Guildford to be professionally installed by an awaiting team.

Once installed, the mezzanine floor which measured at around 15×20 meters immediately transformed the space making it practical yet spacious with an airy feel. Angling Direct were now eager to implement their own unique colour scheme and décor making the store recognisable to their customers. The mezzanine floor is now a key feature in the shop, fully decorated with an array of products neatly displayed enhancing customer experience.

WSL were subsequently commissioned to assist in further new shop openings in various locations where each required a mezzanine floor, of similar size and specifications. With the same attentive service, new shops located in Peterborough, Nottingham and Sutton-in-Ashfield were successfully fitted out with their new retail mezzanine floors, whilst the new Leeds store is close to completion. To further enhance the mezzanine feature our team introduced Angling Directs corporate colours into the design of the staircases to further match their unique theme. The design includes wire mesh handrail and red nosing on the stairs and these will be fitted in the Rotherham and Milton Keynes stores where installation will begin in the coming weeks.

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