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Have you been searching Google for “pallet racking Leeds”? If so you’ve just landed on precisely the right page! Operating on the verge of Leeds city centre, Warehouse Systems Limited (WSL) is a national leader in the supply, stock and fabrication of industrial storage solutions. With over thirty years industry experience, excellent safety and quality accreditations and a highly equipped team of specialists, we guarantee a matchless, first-rate service for your pallet racking project, and we’re right on your doorstep.

Whether you’re looking to implement a brand new system or carry out some reconfigurations, WSL is your ‘go too` pallet racking Leeds specialist majoring in sustainable and effective solutions that are completely bespoke to the individual project. No two warehouses are the same and with so much variability in pallet racking systems it’s the extensive knowledge and experience of our team which enables the creation of a solution unique to your particular requirements and specifications.

With WSL you can always rely on our in-depth knowledge of all pallet racking types (briefly outlined below) and our extensive design experience.

pallet racking leeds
leeds pallet racking
Diagram illustrating height space utilisation
Diagram First in first out
Drive-in Racking System
New pallet Racking System Ready to Use

Your Leeds Pallet Racking Specialists

If you’ve recognised that your Leeds or Yorkshire based operation requires a supportive pallet racking solution, the next step is to determine the right type for your specific needs. As a healthy investment into your operation, you’ll likely have questions about various solutions centered on storage volume, optimal use of space, specific operational support, costs and lead times. As your local specialists, WSL’s technical design team is on hand to provide you with a personalised service. We’ll begin with a free site survey carried out in person and at your convenience, giving you the perfect opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail with an experienced technical designer. Bespoke pallet racking designs by WSL are produced using detailed knowledge and understanding of the individual operation. To achieve this, our designer will gather specific information on space dimensions, exit routes and locations, existing permanent fixtures, inventory characteristics such as size, volume and speed and both the long and short term operational goals. By convening this important information, our designer can go on to produce a solution which will meet all current and future aspirations, save time, money and space, and all within the specified budget.

Ongoing pallet racking installation

Pallet Racking Types

Standard wide aisle pallet racking

Having been around the longest, wide aisle racking is the most universal pallet racking type favoured for its simplicity, versatility and adaptability. The system can store any product type and even a mixture of different product types at the same time and is highly adaptable to changing needs. Every pallet is visible with direct access from the wide working aisle which gives plenty of room for fork lift truck (FLT) maneuver. Whilst this doesn’t provide storage capacity to the same degree as the more compact solutions, if you’re looking for more density, the racks can be placed back to back creating the double deep racking configuration which takes a percentage of aisle space to double your storage capacity. This is an affordable system offering great space utilisation whilst being simple to use, adjust and install.    

Narrow Aisle or VNA Pallet Racking

A configuration similar to that of wide aisle racking, however the racks of a narrow or VNA racking system are much taller in order to utilise generous height space. At the same time the aisle width is particularly narrow making way for additional rows which makes better use of floor space. Although the system can only operate using the very slim specialist narrow aisle FLT which is more expensive than the standard trucks, the return on this investment can be seen through enhanced productivity.   

Pushback and pallet live racking

These deep storage systems put the entire cubic area to good use by converting all available space into pallet racking storage. Even the fixed working aisles are taken away which creates a single large structure housing multiple rows and levels of deep running lanes of pallet locations. Once the pallet enters a tunnelled lane it is able to travel further into the lane on fitted rollers with the gentle assistance of gravity promoted by the slight tilt of the structure. On the push back racking system the pallets loaded push the existing pallets further into the lane and when picked those pallets move forward again, however this first-in-last-out (FILO) method would be unsuitable if your goods have a limited shelf life. The pallet live racking system however, does offer assisted stock rotation through the first-in first-out (FIFO) method simply by the collection of pallets from the opposite side they were loaded. The pallet live system requires two accessible sides rather than one which means slightly less storage capacity than the push back system; however the system still offers up to 80% floor space utilisation.

Drive-in/drive-through racking

This ultra dense storage system is again a single large structure housing multiple storage lanes, however rather than rely on rollers and gravity to move the pallets within the structure, the FLT travels the length of the tall, open lanes to place and pick the pallets. Rather than beams the pallets are aligned and placed onto rails which run the length of the lane and sit on either side and at every level. The drive-in/drive-through system is far less busy with specialist components than other high density systems, making it a more affordable solution. The drive-in system enables entry from one side and works on the FILO basis; however the drive-through system is entered from both sides and works on the FLFO basis and at a much faster pace.   

Shuttle racking

This high density storage structure is similar to that of the pushback and pallet live systems but without the tilt or roller because the pallets are transported through the deep lanes using a radio controlled shuttle. The operator simply places the pallet onto the shuttle which sits on the lip of the lane and then the shuttle takes it to where it needs to go, drops it off and the returns to the lane entry. Again, by incorporating two access sides the shuttle racking system can work on the FIFO method, however if the FILO method is preferred there’s an opportunity for even more storage. The shuttle does need a little time to travel so to help speed up the process, many who operate this system use additional shuttles.

Mobile racking

By using standard racking and placing them onto a mobile base you have mobile racking which means numerous rows can be closed together to form a compact system. To access a pallet the racks open to create a temporary aisle, however it’s important to note that only one aisle can be created at one time. Mobile racking is ideal when handling low turnover goods or those of high value or delicacy as the tightly closed structure protects the pallets from outside elements, risk of damage and even theft.

This useful chart indicated the capabilities of each pallet racking system:

pallet racking in leeds

Your Pallet Racking Leeds Design

Your bespoke pallet racking solution will be drawn up at our Leeds headquarters by the same designer who carried out the site survey. Using the information gathered during the visit our designer will use computer assisted software to produce a plan created to perfectly match your specifications. You will then receive your plans and enclosed non-obligatory quotation and when you do, you’ll notice that the plans incorporate the following:

  • Space utilisation

In the format of a floor plan, the technical drawing will portray the potential internal arrangement of your space with the pallet racking solution situated in accordance to the most optimum layout. The positioning of the racking rows are clearly demonstrated whilst pallet racking locations are quantified and clearly stated. The most crucial piece of information the plan relays is how much storage is gained within the same surface area and how those locations are cleverly positioned in a space saving configuration.

  • Positioning and layout

Using the carefully crafted drawing you can catch sight of an effective inventory management model designed to streamline your processes. You’ll notice that the designer has positioned the pallet racking system in accordance to traffic routes, directional flow and various departments to simplify daily functions and activities. This ensures inventory movement is straightforward and is an effective way to reduce congestion, operate in a timely manner and save money.

  • Workplace Safety is Prioritised

You’ll notice when reviewing the plans that all existing fire exits, doorways and other permanent fixtures have also been included and that the storage structures have been arranged to ensure maximum safety in relation to these. This is a crucial element to the plan as it illustrates that the design allows for fast, safe emergency routes to exit in the event of an emergency. Also included in the plan are protection elements. This can include safety barriers or segregated walkways for example, to ensure safety as operators carry out their duties.

Delivering Your Leeds Pallet Racking Solution

Although WSL’s installation teams operate all over the UK, we have a very friendly, professional team right here in Leeds ready to install your pallet racking system. The team will be on site ready to take delivery of the components as they arrive and will begin the process by organizing the parts before the parts are assembled. The team is very experienced and approachable so if you have any questions during the process, please go ahead and ask them. Also on site, during the process will be your WSL Project Manager who will oversee the installation process and keep you informed on progress.

pallet racking in leeds
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Pallet Racking Leeds, Yorkshire and Beyond

It was in Leeds where WSL was established in 1989 and despite numerous moves to accommodate continuous growth; we have always remained at the heart of Leeds from where our large customer base has grown, yet operate throughout the UK. Today we are Yorkshires largest pallet racking solutions provider with plans to expand our Leeds pallet racking stock warehouse. We began to stock the main components in 2021 in an effort to overcome supply chain issues and this has resulted in much faster lead times for our clients. Work is currently underway to expand our on-site warehouse space by the construction a 27,000 sq ft warehouse. This will allow us to stock much more vastly so we can meet any pallet racking need without the reliance of an uncertain supply chain.

Our FULL SEMA Membership guarantees safety and quality of the very highest levels so having WSL as your local pallet racking and storage solutions provider is very assuring. Not sure? Find out for yourself. Call our team today on 0113 2045350 or email sales@wslmail.co.uk to discuss your nest pallet rackinf project. 

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Our dedicated and experienced team will take time to understand your goals and asses your needs. Our extensive market knowledge and practical experience enables us to design and develop a bespoke system that is as unique as your business. Here at WSL we aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative and ‘outside the box’ solutions. Our commitment to excellence, our portfolio and our recommendations provide our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are not only superior, but very cost-effective. Our in-house services simplify the process from design to installation by giving you just one port of call. By continuing to remain independent across the whole market we commit to providing our valued customers with the highest quality and – wherever possible – British products, all at competitive prices. We aim to fit our pallet rack systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced fitters overseen by qualified project managers.

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